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How safe is your password?

Posted on March 17, 2014

Of all the things that make me jump up on my security soapbox, having my parents tell…



DVD Giveaway – Disney’s Frozen

Posted on April 16, 2014

Be whisked away to a magical winter wonderland with Disney’s Frozen, releasing on Blu‐Ray, DVD and Digital…

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Get mobiilised with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and win!

Posted on April 16, 2014

They wowed us with the S3… they knocked our socks off with the S4 and now, Samsung…

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The Next Big Thing – Television, and its rocky road to evolution

Posted on April 9, 2014

Television as we know it has been constantly evolving ever since it first graced our living rooms,…


enteredDiablo 3: Reaper of Souls reviewed: Change is a good thingDiablo 3: Reaper of Souls reviewed: Change is a good thing

I’m not ashamed to admit that I ragequit over the state of Diablo 3 at launch. After finishing the game once, I’d had enough. The regular and inconveniently-timed-for-Australians server maintenance, latency, and the fact that I couldn’t choose to play offline all led to me coming away from one of my most anticipated games of all time with a sour taste in my mouth. I was frustrated that the sequel to a game that I had played almost exclusively offline came with a whole slew of features that I didn’t care about, which explicitly precluded me from playing the game the way I wanted to play it: offline, with no latency, and with local network multiplayer only. Not quite two years later came the release of Reaper of Souls, the new expansion to Diablo 3. I was drawn in by the conversation surrounding the new content, I was tempted. Nearly two years of learned lessons, patches, and improvements to a game that I had so sorely wanted to love. Perhaps this was the time for forgiveness, for a second chance? The news that Australian servers had been rolled out was enough to push me over the edge. I was going back to Sanctuary.

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