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It’s not just about screen size: Tips on how to choose a tablet

Posted on February 19, 2015

I remember eagerly awaiting any news relating to the Apple iPad before they had first gone on…



Xbox Live quota-free gaming with the iiNet Group

Posted on December 24, 2014 is the gaming portal for all iiNet Group customers. Visit for all the latest news…

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The Story of iiNet: an Australian icon since 1993

Posted on February 18, 2015

iiNet is proud to sponsor Channel 7’s TV series “Australia: The Story of Us”. This landmark TV…

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Looking for a Valentine? Try these dating apps

Posted on February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And while some of us don’t mind whether we’re single…


Evolve: Why You Should Play It, And What Turtle Rock Need To ChangeEvolve: Why You Should Play It, And What Turtle Rock Need To Change

Tomorrow marks two weeks to the day since Evolve arrived, and one thing is clear: it seems to be doing pretty well. Not insanely well. Not blockbusteringly well. But just, you know, well. It’s chugging along. There haven’t been any server meltdowns, or last-minute patches. There haven’t been any emergency nerfs or unforeseen exploits. It’s just… doing okay. Except, it seems, in the Court of Public Opinion -- where Evolve is still struggling on a number of fronts. As one of the lawyers in that court, I’m going to use this article to tell you why you should be playing Evolve. I’m also going to have a bit of a go at Turtle Rock and 2K, because I think there’s some things getting in the way of Evolve really being that breakout success.

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