Monthly Archives: June 2012

Learn more cybersafety tips in our Online Safety Series

Online Safety Series – Beware of Malware

I recently spent a lazy Sunday afternoon poring over an online clothing store, purchasing a dress (okay, it might have been two dresses) for upcoming social events. While browsing the web the next day I was displayed banner advertisements for … Continue reading

Interviews, celebrities and more this month on the iiNet Freezone

What’s new on Freezone

One of our favourite channels on Freezone is Noise11, your home to interviews and performances from some of the best musicians from home and abroad.  It’s been a busy month on the Noise11 front with copious amounts of content added … Continue reading

AFL have launched a digital version of Record

The AFL Record – Physical or Digital?

If you have a keen eye on the print industry as I do, you’d be well aware of the doomsday talk which has existed for a number of years, telling us that newspapers and magazines are on the way out … Continue reading

Microsoft launch new social network

Microsoft jumps on the social media bandwagon with

Companies with big bucks paying for great SEO will soon be pushed down the list in Bing searches in favour of sites that friends and followers have rated. Jumping on the social media bandwagon, Microsoft has recently launched its own … Continue reading

Stan Lee is one of the key highlights of Melbourne's Oz Comic-Con

Top 5 reasons to visit Oz Comic-Con

Taking the crown once again for the iiNet TopGeek Staff competition, I’m headed to the Oz Comic-Con event over in Melbourne! I’ll be flying over on the 29th of June, staying until the 1st of July – which will give … Continue reading