Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Nintendo Wii U

Wii U

Thinking about buying a Wii U? Not even sure what a Wii U is? Well, we’ve got you covered. What is it? The Wii U is Nintendo’s new gaming console, and basically the next generation of the family-favourite Wii. It’s … Continue reading

Extra long battery

More battery for your smartphone buck

I admit it. Some days I miss my old brick of a Nokia phone from the early noughties. True, it only had enough storage for about two and a half text messages before the flashing little envelope icon arrived in … Continue reading


Meet Piix™

Meet Piix ™, the newest addition to our fast growing family of awesome iiNet products. Bringing together our love of photography and for technology, Piix™ is our first ever digital photo frame (DPF). It’s also the first 3G DPF in … Continue reading

iiHelp Toolbox

Making the most of Toolbox and MyAccount

  As part of our iiHelp series, we thought we’d take a look at iiNet’s Toolbox (or MyAccount for Westnet customers), a place where you are given the tools to customize your account details. Toolbox is a great place to view … Continue reading


Pheed – Twitter with a business plan?

There’s a new social media challenger in town. Meet Pheed, the social platform that allows you to ‘express yourself’ by sharing text, images and videos. So far so samey? You’re probably asking yourself what exactly you were doing with all … Continue reading