Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas presents under the tree

The need for games fast and the ghost of Christmas games past

If you haven’t eagerly waited to get your Christmas mitts on a new game, you needn’t read on. The “wait” can be synonymous with video games, and not just in the sense of patience testing load times. But in the … Continue reading

Keep your private conversations private

Keeping your private correspondence private!

Maybe you’re planning a surprise party. Perhaps you’re involved in a plot to take back the internet for puppies because those damn lolcatz are just getting too much airtime. Or maybe you’re having a steamy affair that will lead to … Continue reading

Avoid bill shock

Avoiding ‘bill shock’

Receiving an invoice for a large amount of money is never fun for anyone – and why would it be? One of my own personal tragedies has been to try to explain a large phone bill to my seriously ticked … Continue reading


Christmas giveaway – win with Samsung and Paul Kelly!

This month, we’ve got a pair of great giveaways for our customers. Multi-task much? 40% of US smartphone and tablet owners use their device daily whilst also watching TV, according to the latest Cross-Platform-Report published this month by Nielsen. The … Continue reading

Wreck-It Ralph

What’s new on Freezone?

Boxing Day in Australia means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it’s simply the day after Christmas, a day where they take stock and nurse their aching bellies. For others it means the cricket from … Continue reading