Monthly Archives: May 2016


nbn speeds for the end user

Sign up to NBN today What is the first thing that you do when your shiny new nbn™ service is activated? You run some form of speed test to determine if it is really as fast as touted by the … Continue reading


iiNet adds two new nbn plans to the mix

Sign up to NBN today What could be better than iiNet’s great value nbn™ plans? More of them of course! On the 28th of April, we were proud to unveil two new nbn™ plans, available across residential nbn™ Fibre To … Continue reading


Out with the old, in with the new ADSL2+ plans

Sign up to ADSL2 today If you’ve been enjoying one of iiNet’s on-net ADSL2+ plans, you might have noticed a change recently. Our plans have been refreshed to give them better value than ever before, and we’re in the process … Continue reading


iiLove Playing Chrono Trigger

Our staff love gaming, but we thought we’d let you hear it from them. Title: Chrono Trigger Platform: Super Nintendo (Now available as an Android app!) Developer: Square Enix Get it from: Google Play $12.99 USD Suitable for: Everyone. In fact, I’d go so far … Continue reading


The evolution of memes

Pepe the Frog, Bad Luck Brian, Grumpy Cat, Forever Alone, Overly Attached Girlfriend – the Internet is full of memes. They make us laugh, we share them around until they go viral, but where does this phenomenon come from? It … Continue reading