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HFC Cable is Now Unlimited

HFC Cable is NOW Unlimited

If you haven’t already heard, Westnet’s very own ultrafast, state-of-the-art Cable broadband network in Geelong, Mildura, and Ballarat now has even more value on offer. Although we simply call it “Cable”, our network utilises Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cabling to … Continue reading


Don’t be a Cyberchondriac

The internet is a beautiful thing – access to virtually all the information in the world right there at your fingertips. Although this is convenient most of the time, when it comes to subjects such as your health, it can … Continue reading


Instagram vs. the trolls – Blocking Bullies

You might have been surprised to hear about cyberbullying ten years ago but these days it’s a well-known risk of participating on virtually any social media site on the internet. We all know the drill: there are nasty people out … Continue reading


iiLove Playing Slime Rancher

Our staff love gaming, but we thought we’d let you hear it from them. Title: Slime Rancher Platform: PC (Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu) Developer: Monomi Park Get it from: Steam or XBox ($19.99 USD) Suitable for: All ages! I think … Continue reading