Monthly Archives: March 2017


What’s shaking up in the NBN this month?

Sign up to the NBN™ today We are now 3 months into 2017 and so far this year has flown by! With a rollout as big as the NBN™, a month can feel like no time at all. Take a … Continue reading


A backup today keeps the tears away!

We all have important data on our computers, phones, and tablets. There’s photos of our family and friends, contact information, important documents, and much more. No matter how careful you are, it’s very easy to lose that data. Accidents and … Continue reading


Shake up your screen with these TV shows

When the iiNet team were preparing for the launch of Netflix down under, there was definitely a lot of excitement in the air… Netflix was finally here! A massive rotating catalogue of TV shows and movies available cheaply over the … Continue reading


The future of doing things differently

Technology is incredible. From wearable fitness monitors to highly versatile gaming consoles, we already have gizmos we would have thought impossible just ten years ago, so what can we look forward to in the future? We’ve rustled up some weird … Continue reading


You don’t have to call us when you can do it online in Toolbox

You don’t have to wait on the phone when you need to make a quick change to your account – thanks to Toolbox, managing your account online is easy! If you’re not familiar with Toolbox, here’s a handy guide on … Continue reading