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Top tips to start or grow your own business

Australia is a nation of small businesses. In fact, nine out ten of Aussie businesses are small businesses, employing over 40% of our nation’s workforce. If you’re thinking of starting up a small business and have a business plan ready … Continue reading

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Organise your home office

According to the 2016 Census, 431,000 workers (that’s 4.1% of Australians!) work from home. This number has increased by 67,000 since 2011 and a whopping 99,000 since 2006. Whether they work from home or not, many Aussies have a home … Continue reading

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Academy Award winners coming soon on Fetch

With the Easter long weekend coming up you may be looking to hop onto the couch and snuggle up with a movie or two. Why not sit back and relax with an award-winning title? The 90th Academy Awards took place at … Continue reading


FTTC: The new NBN technology

The NBN™ landscape continues to see exciting changes with a brand new technology joining the mix: Fibre to the Curb (FTTC). Why is it spelled that way, you ask? Here’s the answer straight from NBN Co’s blog: “If you’re wondering … Continue reading


Get more out of your Westnet mobile with our new plans

Have you heard the good news about our mobile plans? If not, here it is! Our brand new range of SIM-only mobile plans brings you more mobile data, more calls and more SMS than ever before at great monthly prices … Continue reading