5 IndieGoGo projects to keep an eye on


Who says the creativity well has run dry? We’re still seeing a number of innovative entrepreneurs making waves in 2017. You’ll find a lot of them pitching their ideas on crowd-funding websites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, where anyone can pledge some money to support new products and business ideas.

If a campaign reaches its funding goal, it can typically take a year or two (or three!) of development before the products are ready to be made available to the public, and supporters are usually the first to get their hands on it. It’s a serious case of delayed gratification with the risk that the project will never actually reach completion, but when a business case you believe in is backed by a hard-working team it can really pay off by making you one of the first lucky few with the latest cool thing.

We’ve asked around the office and picked out five of our favourite funded projects from IndieGoGo which you can look forward to in the near future!



At first glance, Signul is just a doohickey that takes two AA batteries. Yet it’s what this doohickey can do that makes it so interesting. This device is actually a personal beacon system which you can use to create ‘zones’ in your home, car or workplace. Once you have the Signul app installed on your smartphone, you can program it to trigger certain actions whenever you enter or leave one of these zones. You could set it up to send texts whenever you leave work, turn on your smart light bulbs as soon as you get home, open apps on your phone whenever you get into your car (Spotify, anyone?) and more. A lot of tech-savvy people are bound to have some fun with this gadget!



I bet you didn’t know that there’s never been an independent Cuban video game. Well, no more! Savior is all set to be a fully-animated 2D platformer with an interesting cast of characters and a great sense of atmosphere. Although it’s heavily influenced by retro games from the nineties, Savior puts a unique twist on the old ‘hero-saves-world’ formula. In the absence of the Great God, the world of Savior is beginning to crumble and reality pulls apart, leading his followers to believe their very existence may be little more than a deteriorating video game. There’s nothing like a little bit of breaking the fourth wall to spice up some classic gameplay!



It was only a matter of time before someone came up with this great use of augmented reality: Father.IO is a smartphone accessory that will allow you to participate in a massive multi-player game of laser tag. To play the game on your smartphone, you’ll need to plug in the INCEPTOR accessory which will give you roughly 50 metres of shooting range thanks to six infrared sensors. Father.IO goes beyond the basics of a first-person shooter – even when you’re not in an active laser tag battle, you’ll still need to claim territory and gather resources to build stuff that will help your faction come out on top! You can have a look at some beta testing of the resources and territory aspects of the gameplay on YouTube.



Indivisible is another indie video game from the creators of Skullgirls. It’s a side-scrolled RPG full of beautiful environments and creative character (and monster!) designs inspired by the folklore of Southeast Asia. You’ll play as Ajna, a young tomboy whose town is attacked by warlords. It’s then that Ajna discovers that she has a secret power; she can absorb the ‘incarnations’ of people to summon them to aid her in battle and grant her new weapons and abilities. You’ll need to find as many incarnations as possible to grow stronger as you quest your way across a massive fantasy world. If this all sounds good, you can already download the free prototype and give the game a try.



Hot on the heels of handhold gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, SMACH Z aims to be a portable gaming console with a difference – it will be roughly as powerful as a desktop PC. That means it will be able to run virtually any title on Steam including popular series such as Borderlands, Portal and The Witcher. The control designs are worth mentioning too, with haptic touchpads functioning just like a computer mouse. You can even switch these out with add-on D-Pads or other button schemes, which is great news for fans of retro console emulators. The best part is that you won’t be limited to games on Steam – SMACH Z is just like a PC, which means you can install any game you please on your choice of a Windows 10 or Linux operating system.

Are you eagerly awaiting any upcoming projects? Tell us in the comments.

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