9 photography tricks for better smartphone photos

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Cameras on phones are no longer just a cute gimmick to take blurry pictures of your pet: they are considered an absolute necessity for many consumers, capable of high quality photography.

With the rise of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people have put their lives on display. We live a digital life where every high and low can be broadcast through our uploaded photos.

Our obsession with documenting our everyday lives isn’t a new thing, but the way we go about it has been completely transformed.

Gone are the days of carrying around a separate camera in addition to your mobile, and smartphone cameras have become advanced enough to rival many digital cameras in the market. But are you getting the most out of your smartphone’s camera? Here are 9 tricks to make sure you are.


Long-distance love


Despite vast improvements in the zooming quality of smartphones, they still struggle to snap objects far in the distance. You can improve your smartphone’s picture power by combining it with the lens of a telescope or binoculars. Just hold your smartphone between your eye and the viewing lens of the telescope or binoculars and click away for great long-distance photos.

Mode matters


Smartphone cameras have come a long way in terms of shooting options, giving users an amazing amount of flexibility. Explore your device’s choices for distance and setting before taking your shot. This will save you from having to do extensive touchups in various apps that can sometimes detract from the natural beauty of your pictures.

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Colourful world


You don’t have to settle for one of Instagram’s filters or another app to get some crazy colours into your photography. Instead, put a piece of coloured plastic between your smartphone case and your camera lens. It will tint your shots without completely altering the subject matter.

Click for pics


Lining up that perfect selfie angle to show off your best side can be difficult. Once you hit the sweet spot, it can be a delicate balance keeping your smartphone tilted just right without dropping it.

To avoid the expensive repair fees for a smashed screen, you can make things a little easier on yourself. Instead of trying to hit the button on your phone’s screen to take the photo, simply hit the volume button. That way you can keep a firmer grip on your phone. Even better is that this trick extends to many volume controls built into headphones.

Panorama fun

Perth panorama

Taking wide-angle, all-encompassing photos can be a great way to capture breathtaking scenery. Usually you do this by starting at one end of the desired image and either taking multiple shots or panning as smoothly as possible on the way to the other end. This panning concept also translates to cars and other vehicles. Next time you’re staring out the side of a car or train, use the panorama setting to capture the views.

Panorama fun part two

Another fun panorama trick is to drop several versions of yourself into the same image. Have somebody hold your camera and slow pan across a location. As long as you stay out of the field of vision of the lens while moving, you can run around and pop up in different locations.

Underwater action


Smartphones can obviously take photos through glass. This ability can be used to a limited extent to take pictures underwater. Next time you want to take a below-surface shot in some shallow depths, put your phone in a glass and put the bottom of the glass in water. As long as water doesn’t come up over the top of the glass you will be just fine. This trick can also be a bit dangerous, so proceed at your own risk and don’t get your phone wet!

Clear things up


This is less of a trick and more of a simple tip for taking the best possible pictures on your smartphone. If you want to enhance the focus on a specific part of the photo you’re lining up, simply tap that part of the screen. An icon will pop up and that section will be sure to be crystal clear.

Awesome apps

Unsurprisingly, there are a mountain of apps available that interact with your camera to make sure you can maximise its use. Google has released apps that allow you to search images by taking photos of them. There are also programs for scanning traditional camera film, as well as determining colours and fonts.

Do you have any smartphone photography tricks that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mike Lee

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