Find out why some ACT residents aren’t moving to the NBN™


Crank up the speed

The name says it all! Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, or what we like to call VDSL2 for short, is iiNet’s very own superfast network. It’s made up of part fibre and part copper and provides a faster connection than ADSL and most NBN™ plans.

The network is completely independent from the Telstra copper network and differs to NBN™ FTTN technology as NBN™ FTTN uses old Telstra copper lines whilst iiNet’s VDSL2 network uses its own, newer copper lines to provide you with improved performance.

How fast is ultrafast?

The average download connection speed on our VDSL plans is around 60Mbps – that’s over 5 times faster than the average connection speed in Australia according to the Q1 2017 Akamai State of the Internet Report.

iiNet’s highest speed VDLS2 plan delivers ultrafast maximum potential connection speeds of 80 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload. Actual speeds you experience can depend on various factors such as network load and equipment.

That’s not all!

iiNet offers unlimited data plans at affordable prices backed up by industry-leading customer service and unlike on the NBN™, we control the process end to end so we’re not reliant on third party providers allowing us to offer better value plans to our customers.

On top of this, you’ll get the flexibility of no lock-in contract or you can take up our 50% off offer halving your monthly cost for the first year on a 24 month plan.

So if you’re living in the VDSL2 footprint in the ACT, you don’t need to switch to the NBN™ , instead join iiNet’s VDSL2 network and get ultrafast speeds for just $39.99 a month for the first 12 months on a 24 month plan! * Min charge $1,509.75.

Quick! Find out if you’re eligible to get VDSL2 today!

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* Offer only available to new customers on 24 month contract. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Min cost includes $59.99 standard installation fee + $10.00 freight charge. 

Plan changes during Contract Term not permitted. Available in selected coverage areas.


  1. Angela Tapara says:

    Why do the Act get the nbn cheaper than us here in Western Australia?????????

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Angela,

      Any differences in cost come down to connection types available. For instance, the ACT has access to a variety of different connections, depending on what is in the location, including our own VDSL2 network. this stems from our purchase of TransACT several years ago. As for WA, we’re retailing what services we can and from the NBN.

      – Leo

  2. Alllan Calvert says:

    Can we have this system here in Oakey QLD. We live in an pocket of Oakey that NBN Co has forgotten to do. Calls and mail to them reveals that they have no forward planning as cannot tell us when it will be done, instead the website says Dec 2020, the date by when all of Aust is supposed to be done. I would not employ them to project manage (what’s that ?) anything.

  3. Alan Goulding says:

    Hi, I’m Alan from Nanango 4615.

    Had the cleaning lady in today, who has NBN. And complains about the number of interruptions, slow speed and loss of service.

    I’m already getting most of what I need, but find the new service relying on your own new copper more interesting that the fibre to the node, substandard service telstra is apparently rolling out.

    And if available, know what I’m going to buy myself for christmas.
    Cheers Alan

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