Protecting your privacy: Our stand against ‘mandatory data retention’

One of the features of the iiNet Copyright Trial was our strong stand against monitoring our customers. The Hollywood Studios believed we should data-match information provided by third parties who were monitoring our customers, and then send warning notices to … Continue reading


Site blocking: Does it work?

To preface this blog, let me point out, yet again, that we think piracy is wrong. This blog is not a ‘how to’ session on copyright infringement, we don’t do that. This is more of an attempt to educate people … Continue reading


What’s the issue with Piracy in Australia?

Another news cycle, and yet again we see the recycled claims suggesting Australia is the worst nation in the world for Internet piracy. This may not actually be the case, but there can be no debate that work still remains … Continue reading


Introducing the new kid on the block: Budii Lite

Budii Lite is iiNet’s brand-spanking new modem and he’s ready to come home and help your household enjoy all the benefits the Internet has to offer. This modem is not only packed with the latest technology, but is easier than … Continue reading

NBN-copy copy

Don’t understand what’s happening with the NBN? Trust the iiNet NBN experts

If you’re confused about the National Broadband Network (NBN) you’re not alone. iiNet commissioned independent research into the NBN – a report called Familiarity & Understanding of the NBN*. It revealed that only 15% of people surveyed have a good … Continue reading