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Spreading the message of Cyber Safety across Australia

When we started our Learn with iiNet Cyber Safety Series back in 2011, parents welcomed our expert advice on what they should look out for, and how they could help their kids stay safe online. It wasn’t long before schools … Continue reading


iiNet’s New Support App for Android and iPhone

It goes without saying that smartphones are insanely popular. Every week it seems the news releases new statistics that show just how much we love them. For instance, did you know that Aussies now spend more time using their smartphone … Continue reading


My overseas working holiday with iiNet

So I have always enjoyed travelling but never really thought about doing it for 3 months working away from my friends, family and that regular lifestyle. Doing this would mean sacrificing my normal routine and leaving my comfort zone. When … Continue reading

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Looking ahead with iiNet’s new CEO

I am honoured to have the opportunity of writing to you as iiNet’s new Chief Executive Officer. Before I continue, a little bit of information about myself. I’m a devoted dad to three great kids and I juggle my CEO … Continue reading

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My internship: An insight into the world of marketing at iiNet

There is no doubt that it is both daunting and exciting starting at a new job. When I stepped into a pair of corporate shoes and started my 4-week marketing internship at iiNet I became the new kid on the … Continue reading

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