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What’s hot on the iiOnlineStore

I understand the hunger pains of a tech addict. That insatiable appetite for the new and shiny. Technology is the one thing that actually seems to move fast enough to satisfy even the smallest of attention spans; the only trouble … Continue reading


iiNet Eye on the Champions

Now that the weather is cooling down and we’re getting splatters of rain and a chill on the wind, it’s obvious that (as Jon Snow would put it): winter is coming. But there’s one thing that keeps us Aussies warm … Continue reading


Only getting half the iiNet goodness? Bundle with iiNet and double your data!

Are you an iiNet customer with a broadband internet service? Great news! Sign up to a mobile plan and we’ll double your 4G mobile data! We know that smartphones aren’t just phones anymore. They’re mini super computers that fit in the … Continue reading


Making a difference: 4,000 homeless people provided with a life saving Backpack Bed

Most homeless people are thankful if they find a bit of cardboard and a blanket. Now there is an alternative. While sitting in church one day, I just thought to myself “How would I like to be treated if I … Continue reading


Brett Lee: His perspective on how technology in cricket has changed the game

As I’ve now finished my playing career, I find myself reflecting and looking back at the game of cricket and what strikes me is both how much and how little has changed in that time. Cricket is amazing in that … Continue reading