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WiFi woes – is your home a dead zone?

(This article first appeared in Gadgets On The Go, a blog on Fairfax Media sites and is posted with permission.) A few simple tweaks can help fix WiFi blackspots around your home. On Tuesday I wrote about my recent DSL … Continue reading


A backpacker’s guide to staying in touch with friends and family

Whenever someone says that they’re going backpacking overseas, it usually indicates that they plan on travelling on the cheap. Hostels, cheap flights and finding that nearest fast food chains for that all important free Wi-Fi sign are all signs of … Continue reading

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How to troubleshoot slow internet speeds

I don’t need to tell you that the experience of dealing with a slow internet connection is a frustrating one. Almost everyone who has internet has experienced at some stage or another, pages loading slowly or not at all, files … Continue reading

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Stay Smart Online: protect your online accounts

Following on from iiNet’s own Security Month in March, Stay Smart Online Week (Monday 2 June to Friday 6 June) is a second chance to update account settings and stay safe and secure online. It is also a great time to … Continue reading

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How to add a ringtone to your mobile phone

Who wants to set their own ringtone? Why use the default ringtone when you can have something fun or clever that reflects your unique personality? (Plus there’s less chance that you’ll mistake someone else’s ringing phone for your own!) Android … Continue reading