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How to move files from A to B

Gone are the days when sending a picture to a friend or relative could take days or weeks. It is now possible to send a digital picture to all of your friends and family at once in an instant. There … Continue reading


How to maximise your battery life

The majority of us have all been there. You might have been locked out of the house. Lost your friends at a concert. Your alarm is set to make sure you get to work on time. Your cat has defied … Continue reading


How to clear your internet browser cache (and why you might want to)

Clearing your internet browser’s cache every now and then is a good habit to adopt. At times you may notice that your browsing and page loading speeds have decreased substantially while everyone else seems to be fine. Or that pages … Continue reading

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Moving house: our top tips to ensure a smooth move

Moving house is never a simple process – the packing, the moving, the cleaning, mail changes, the transferring of utilities and, of course, the all-important internet, adding up to a very stressful situation. I have moved house 3 times in … Continue reading

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WiFi woes – is your home a dead zone?

(This article first appeared in Gadgets On The Go, a blog on Fairfax Media sites and is posted with permission.) A few simple tweaks can help fix WiFi blackspots around your home. On Tuesday I wrote about my recent DSL … Continue reading