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The Next Big Thing – Television, and its rocky road to evolution

Television as we know it has been constantly evolving ever since it first graced our living rooms, from black and white to hi-def colour, analog to digital, flat screens to curved. At the moment, television manufacturers seem to be struggling … Continue reading

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Don’t get cut off: sign up to NBN now and beat the last-minute rush

Most people know the NBN is coming, but not everyone knows that once NBN Fibre is rolled out in your area you’ve only got 18 months to sign up before your copper telephone network is disconnected permanently. But don’t worry … Continue reading

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If we could tell job candidates one thing…

Imagine back to when you were a young jobseeker in the market, straight out of school. What advice would you give knowing the skills you know now? We asked our HR team for one valuable piece of advice each, to … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Internet of Things

Things around us are getting smarter. Phones have turned into computers, cars have GPS navigation and even our music players can double as calorie counters! But the next step is just around the corner and has the potential to revoutionise … Continue reading


Passwords of the future

As passwords keep getting longer with stricter requirements (“your password must contain a minimum of 14 characters, a lower case letter, an upper case letter, a number, a punctuation mark, and a hieroglyph”) I can’t help but think “surely, there’s … Continue reading