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Alan Turing: The enigma who cracked the enigma

If asked to name the greatest inventors and thinkers in computing history, most of us would struggle to name more than a few. Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Tim Berners-Lee perhaps? We’re surrounded by modern technological marvels, but too often the … Continue reading


We need to talk about e-waste

As a self-confessed computer geek, I have been tinkering with computers, gaming consoles and other assorted gadgets for about as long as I can remember. I built my first computer when I was fourteen, which up until recently had been … Continue reading


Browsing for the best smartphone browser

Check out our smartphones With mobile computing now a staple part of our IT diet, we’re all looking for better ways to surf the internet on our smartphones. While default browsers that appear with Android and iOS devices are okay, … Continue reading


Six phones you’ve probably owned before

Check out our smartphones Kids these days have it easy when it comes to mobile phones. Touch screens, internet capability and wireless connectivity are the norm for them. But that wasn’t always the case. Phones, like most technology, have become … Continue reading


Smartphone DIY: the essential tool for the budding home improvement enthusiast

Check out our smartphones Are you watching the forever increasing number of home improvement reality shows and thinking… “I could do that!” Not necessarily the bit about being on TV, but rather trying your hand at home DIY. It’s amazing … Continue reading

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