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Travel the world as a virtual tourist

The world is a vast and interesting place, endless in possibilities, things to see and do and chances are you are only going to experience a small fraction of this. Sorry to start this blog off on a sad note, … Continue reading

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Top 10 apps to plan your next trip

Whether you plan your entire trip down the last detail, or you prefer to see where the wind takes you, our top 10 travel apps can help you plan and book before you go, and find everything you need once … Continue reading


Five tips to travel better with technology

When I travel, I make good use of technology to make things easier for myself. I tend to spend less money, find places more easily, eat better food, and have an overall good travel experience. Here are the top five … Continue reading

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How to maintain work life balance

Do you feel that you have a healthy balance between your work life and your personal life? I think a lot of people will admit that they could improve the balance between work and play and we at iiNet know … Continue reading


Come on Australia – Get up to speed with the NBN!

As a nation we’ve always punched above our weight on an international scale – whether it be on the sporting field or in the lab. Despite our small population, Australia has been the birthplace of some of the world’s most … Continue reading