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Six phones you’ve probably owned before

Check out our smartphones Kids these days have it easy when it comes to mobile phones. Touch screens, internet capability and wireless connectivity are the norm for them. But that wasn’t always the case. Phones, like most technology, have become … Continue reading


Smartphone DIY: the essential tool for the budding home improvement enthusiast

Check out our smartphones Are you watching the forever increasing number of home improvement reality shows and thinking… “I could do that!” Not necessarily the bit about being on TV, but rather trying your hand at home DIY. It’s amazing … Continue reading


From pixels to stiches: the crafty corner of geek culture

Outside of the immersive realm of cosplay, “arts and crafts” may not readily come to mind when you think “video games”, least of all embroidery. Yet if you run a Google images search for “cross stitch”, there’s no escape; iconic … Continue reading

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Best apps for fashionistas

As a self-confessed online shopping addict and someone who is eternally on the lookout for some outfit inspiration, keeping on top of the freshest and handiest apps for fashion is a big help in feeding my hunger for new trends, … Continue reading


Celebrities on Social Media

In a previous article we went over the barebones basics of Twitter, who they are, how it works etc… but there is a lot more discussion to be had about what you can actually do with Twitter. In this blog … Continue reading

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