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Why do some people love the latest and greatest tech… and some don’t?

My partner has recently started talking about getting herself a new Macbook, and considering that there are already 4 in this household, it got me thinking about the desire for the latest and greatest in tech. Of course not everyone … Continue reading


How to keep your staff motivated and engaged

What’s the advantage for companies retaining staff? Well cost for one! The cost of recruiting staff into your business is on the rise, not to mention the time it takes, so working out ways to keep the right people on … Continue reading


Top social networking apps you may not have heard of

We’ve all heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We use them already. They’re old news. So, what other social networking mobile apps are out there? Funny you should ask… we’ve put together a list of the top 10 social networking … Continue reading

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What lies beneath? Using airborne technology to look underground

The La Grange Project stretches across 300km of country from Mandora Station to the south and Roebuck Station in the north of Western Australia. Can you imagine how in the world you could monitor and track anything over such a … Continue reading


Kimberley School of the Air

The days of misinterpreting news from a seven year old during an air lesson over the crackle of the radio is a far cry from the clarity of satellite today. In the past, children on remote stations or isolated communities … Continue reading