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Best apps for fashionistas

As a self-confessed online shopping addict and someone who is eternally on the lookout for some outfit inspiration, keeping on top of the freshest and handiest apps for fashion is a big help in feeding my hunger for new trends, … Continue reading


Celebrities on Social Media

In a previous article we went over the barebones basics of Twitter, who they are, how it works etc… but there is a lot more discussion to be had about what you can actually do with Twitter. In this blog … Continue reading


Netflix arrives in Australia: Answers to your FAQs

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for; Netflix will finally be hitting Australian shores on 24 March 2015 and we’re putting our customers in the best position to enjoy everything Netflix has to offer! Our CEO David Buckingham believes … Continue reading


Happy 26th birthday www!

Think about all the things the World Wide Web has provided for you over the years. And what have you given it? Maybe some insightful blog posts or Wikipedia updates here and there? Well, it’s the Web’s 26th birthday on … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2015: 7 amazing TED Talks

International Women’s Day is recognised annually every 8 March. It is celebrated in different ways in locations around the world. In the world of technology, communication and innovation, women have made a tremendous impact and TED talks are a great … Continue reading