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Introduction to music production for bedroom producers

The internet is an open-source creative engine that grows larger and more complex every day. With this growth, so many advancing technologies and resources are becoming more accessible, and available right at our fingertips, opening up endless possibilities in the … Continue reading

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How to troubleshoot slow internet speeds

I don’t need to tell you that the experience of dealing with a slow internet connection is a frustrating one. Almost everyone who has internet has experienced at some stage or another, pages loading slowly or not at all, files … Continue reading

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Cryptography: the art of keeping secrets

Cryptography is essentially the art or science of disguising information from those who should not be able to view it, and subsequently returning it back to its natural form. It can vary from simple re-arrangements of words such as Pig … Continue reading

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How technology is improving the sporting game

There’s no doubt that improvements in technology impact most people’s everyday lives – from smartphones and tablets, to cars and kitchen appliances. But what about sport? Have technologies in sport helped to improve the game over recent years? Here we … Continue reading

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4 Ways User Experience Relates to Australian Politics

Whenever an election rolls around, I can’t help but feel a substantial disconnect between the world we typically live in and the world as portrayed by politicians. As it seems to be a highly relevant field, I tend to wonder … Continue reading