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The ghosts of tech past

Pssshhkkkkkrrrr- kakingkakingkaking- tshchchchchchchchcch *ding*ding*ding* Hear that? It’s the unholy screech you might have heard if you were ever unlucky to pick up the phone while someone else was using the Dialup broadband connection in your house. Technology has come a … Continue reading


Get in Touch with Google Duo

Video calling technology has been a great way of helping people feel connected even when they’re great distances apart. You can keep close to a partner who has travelled out of state for work, get in touch with old friends … Continue reading

Small white drone hover with blue sky background

What can you do with a drone?

Drones aren’t a brand new invention on the tech market, but they’ve certainly become much more widespread in use over the past few years – after all, anything that’s been the subject matter of a South Park episode is bound … Continue reading


The Powers of 3D Printing

People are talking a lot about 3D printing these days, even though it’s far from a new idea since the first 3D printing device was created in 1984. Though the concept isn’t new, the things we can do with 3D … Continue reading

iiNet feature

Become a Superhero with Tech

Have you ever dreamed of being a super hero? When I was a kid, my favourite TV show was Sailor Moon. I loved the thought of these cool schoolgirl heroes with their magical items that gave them super powers. I … Continue reading