Christmas giveaway – win with Samsung and Paul Kelly!


This month, we’ve got a pair of great giveaways for our customers.

Multi-task much?

40% of US smartphone and tablet owners use their device daily whilst also watching TV, according to the latest Cross-Platform-Report published this month by Nielsen. The image to your right shows just what people are combining their TV watching with.

For your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, simply email competitions with Fetch TV Samsung Galaxy in the subject line and tell us in 25 words or less whether you use your phone or tablet while watching TV, and the types of things you are looking at.

Oh, and while we are talking about smart phones and TVs, we recommend you download the free Fetch TV remote app from the iTunes app store or Google Play. It’s a useful companion for Fetch TV customers, and a great way for others to check out what’s on offer this month.

Paul Kelly, Stories of Me

Iconic Aussie singer/songwriter Paul Kelly sure has been busy over the past 30+ years, releasing 19 studio and 2 live albums. You can see the story of his remarkable journey in his new movie Paul Kelly, Stories of Me – now available on Fetch TV.

To celebrate we’ve got four theatrical posters signed by the man himself up for grabs. But that’s not all – we’ve also got 10 copies of the film on Blu-Ray to give away.

To enter, simply email competitions with Paul Kelly competition in the subject line and tell us in 25 words or less why you think you should be one of our winners. Be sure to include your name and address in your email as well so we can notify the winners.

Both competitions close on Wednesday, 3 January 2013. Good luck!

Image: Courtesy of  Neilsen Cross Platform Report Q2 2012


  1. Cathy Williams says:

    I like Westnet great support always helpful

  2. Cathy Williams says:

    I like Westnet great support always helpful

  3. Nikunj Patel says:

    It’s wonderful to use smartphone and watch TV.
    Anyways it’s Tech time, so live it, use it and enjoy….

  4. Lyn Gilmour says:

    Since my aphasia (speech) stroke my internet is my world of information. This covers health & various sites to make me feel better.

  5. renato grancieri says:

    yes I use my phone to watch music channel / you tube as well as keeping updates on the face book

  6. Suzanne Truong says:

    A round of applause for your professionalism. Keep up the good work!

  7. Eddy morris says:

    I use my iPhone & mini iPad constantly while watching tv. I use them for searching the Internet; mainly eBay in buying & selling goods.

  8. Sriram says:

    I use my iPad while I watch tv.

  9. Gillian Williams says:

    I believe you should only watch the programmes you want to watch and then give them your attention. If a programme is not appealing Turn off the TV and turn on your phone apps.

  10. Gillian Williams says:

    Watch the programmes you want to watch. Give them your full attention. If a programme is not appealing? Turn off the TV and turn on your phone apps.

  11. Roger Large says:

    every time i have rung IINET with a problem the service i get couldn’t be better.I tell everyone this and to forget the others and come with you. i have an old mobile about 6 years old that is still working and it would be nice to have a new one.
    please make sure the *****@*********** is completely off your records it is closed and nothing will come through. Have a good christmas roger

  12. Robert Rawson says:

    we are very happy with iinet no problems at all
    keep up the good work.

  13. i do not use my phone while watching tv only if some one rings me i put the tv on mute so they can have my full attention

  14. Gurinder says:

    Chak do fatte burrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaa good on u guys done good job so for

  15. alex says:

    i always do and the sites i look at it varies from sales to computer scientific research. tablets are really good for this purpose giving the flexibility and ability to multi task.

  16. Barbara Barnstable says:

    Thank you to all at iinet for looking after me throughout my various problems during 2012. And getting me on the Internet with my mobile at long last! Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and an even better New Year :)

  17. ray says:

    paul kelly competitoin .joining iinet i was a pain in arse but now i praise iinet to everybody that will listen merry christmas and im waiting chow

  18. Leah says:

    Wow I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy III it would make surfing the net and watching TV a lot easier :)

  19. Avishek uprety says:

    It’s good one

  20. It would be great to win win something and it would be a first!

  21. Derek Harper says:

    I tried to enter your galaxy comp, but whoever the”smart” person was who set up your web page, makes it call MS Outlook, as you can see not everybody loves Microsoft, which is why I use Gmail. So please do not limit your comps to just Micrsoft fans.

  22. Deb Turner says:

    It would be lovely to win anything, thanks for the opportunity. Merry Christmas

  23. I can view and talk to my sister in the Uk as we both watch the football on my TV in my lounge room in Australia

  24. Terry Latham says:

    I use my phone when watching lifestyle programs for competitions and occasionally vote on reality music shows. Otherwise the technologies are used independently.

  25. Arthur Irving says:

    Being the age of 89,I know that in any emergency I can rely on my mobile to get me out of trouble, thanks to iinet

  26. Alice Aitken says:

    I also use my Samsung galaxy ll while watching t.v. I check all my emails and also go on Facebook. It saves time while the commercials are on. I would love to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy lull.

  27. alexandra E. Kong says:

    I like to text and phone my friends information about a tv program if I think they will ejoy it. It’s a mutual thing

  28. Ben Miles says:

    Blatant plug:

    If you’re going to use your tablet, or even your phone whilst on the couch I would highly recommend using an EMF blanket to prevent your preggy belly or soldiers from getting cooked. The iPad kicks out heaps of EMF, as do all these devices; especially when plugged in. Being grounded is imperative for anyone using mobile devices.

    Essential tech in my opinion.

    Google: emf belly blanket.

  29. Stanley. Strahan says:

    I have been with iinet over 8 years and have had great service Wish you all merry Xmas and we will have a great new year .

  30. Keith Holt says:

    The Fetch TV, samsung galaxy would make a super match to go with my samsung smart TV it would round of a group of fab products.

  31. Kamran Azeem says:

    I like to watch TV on my mobile specially when on my work. Its a great time pass and knowledge
    base media.

  32. Kip Werren says:

    I would use it when the commercials appear. I would look at shopping sites and work e-mails.

  33. Wendy Cox says:

    Paul Kelly is such a diverse Aussie singer/song writer and deserves more recognition, love his CD’s

  34. Thank you for the year people the west net team is the best Merry Christmas
    Kind Regards Maria Hanrahan

  35. Sharon says:

    I have been with Westnet about 5 years now and always found that they always great in every department
    Kind regards sharon Weatherill

  36. somanah says:

    hi iinet wish u all a merry one thanks i dream of having a samsung s3 whoever win this phone will be the best christmas present offered god bless u aLL

  37. Laura says:

    Recently was asked if my phone is real!!!
    dont have i phone or tablet so a phone up dated would be great

  38. June Hooper says:

    I would love to win a new Samsung Galaxy 111 as I would be able to give my daughter my old i phone as she really really needs a phone .

  39. June Hooper says:

    Been with you from when you started and will always be with you .Thanks for great service and Merry Christmas to you all .

  40. simran says:

    iinet is great network and i use it for my all purposes. thanks

  41. Sudirman says:

    looking at all the comments, I envy the people who can afford a smartphone. Geez..Life gets too busy without modern technology..

  42. Frank says:

    Great customer service, suggestions offered, and great call back service – instead of waiting in a queue the call back service returns your call within 20 minutes. Best service I have experienced!

  43. Matt Economos says:

    While watching TV my mobile keeps me occupied in the Advertisements. Shopping, emailing and card games are most often on the device 😉

  44. Vincent Paul Rafferty says:

    Great iinet very patient with senior citizens

  45. Sudhir Singh says:

    I use my Samsung smart phone during commercials to visit social networking apps like Facebook and Instagram, and also text.

  46. ken lomas says:

    Great reading but some strange language in parts

  47. Donald Smith says:

    An internet enabled phone in your hand while watching T.V? But of course! Who wrote the book the film is based on? Is that the star’s real name? Really? See the whole of the political interview, not just the bit the newsroom thought you should see. Suddenly YOU’RE in charge, not snake oil salesmen and the opinion dealers. It’s what the internet is for, more power to those who bring it to us!

  48. Gavin says:

    All good. No complaints.

  49. mark kemish says:

    i us the net to wach the news

  50. Mary says:

    Would love to win but would need lessons on how to use it. Merry Christmas

  51. Mary says:

    Would love to win but would need lessons on how to use it. Merry Christmas

  52. Stephen Jarvis says:

    I have been with Ozemail (iinet) for nearly 20 years now & look forward to plenty more with such a great company.
    A new phone & some great music from our legendary Paul Kelly would be a great start to 2013.

    Merry Xmas/Happy New Year to all

  53. Jerry says:

    Yes, I like watching TV on my Samsung Galaxy SII using Tivizen Nano by icube.

  54. Anna says:

    I like texting and checking mine face book while watching tv

  55. barry q says:

    Since iinet took over aapt, the service that
    I have received from iinet has been absolutely outstanding. I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone who wants the best service available.

  56. Alan says:

    I think being a long time customer I could use the Samsung to view programs and have video contact with my family while on the road for weeks at a time. It would make life feel as if Im home more than I am. Thank you.

  57. Liz Casey says:

    Many thanks IInet. I would dearly love to win this gift. I am 75 Like most females I can do several things at once. Cheers

  58. Kristy says:

    I would love to win Fetch TV Samsung Galaxy never used one so will be great fun.

  59. Predrag says:

    It is time to get something different than Iphone slicker more compact.

  60. Helen Fitzgerald says:

    I am always on my iPad while watching T V and I would love to win the new phone. mine is very old and I can’t get these things on it. I love the service I get with iinet and tell everyone about you.I am in my 70s and love the new gadgets

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