A Christmas message from Michael Malone

The year’s flown by for everyone here at iiNet, but not without some exciting milestones and new additions to the iiNet family.

In 2010, we became the second biggest DSL internet provider in Australia following the acquisition of Netspace and AAPT.

We may be growing, but iiNet continues to pride itself on great customer service, which is why we we’re thrilled to have been recognised at the Customer Service Institute of Australia’s Service Excellence Awards (where we scooped ten gongs this year).

Just yesterday we launched BoB Lite™, the first offering to come out of iiNet Labs – our in-house research and development division. BoB Lite gives you even more choice when it’s time to buy new hardware for your home network.

We’re also particularly proud of our industry leading IPTV technology. Around the middle of 2010 we introduced a new breed of entertainment to Australia with our fetchtv service. This delivers world class digital TV to your living room with service quality guaranteed over your iiNet broadband connections – pretty cool stuff.

Today I can reveal that iiNet has made its first steps into the mobile phone market with a new range of mobile phone plans that offer unlimited access to your favourite social networking sites. It’s all part of our commitment to extend our services through innovation… whether that be through TV or freezone content; broadband; Netphone; or hardware to help you connect.

There’s lots to look forward to next year as well, so stay tuned. With our iiNet Lab literally bursting at the seams, we’ll be churning out new products and ideas that will continue to bring our services together.

As always, I’m keen to hear your fresh ideas about how we can do things better. We’re certainly big on social media, so feel free to drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget, you can also be first to know the inside story at iiNet thanks to our new blog

From the entire team at iiNet, we wish you and your family a happy Christmas and safe holiday.

If you’d like a more personal experience, click here to view this message as a video.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    As a fairly new iinet customer I am amazed at how much easier my life has become just by switching ISP’s. A Xmas greetings email signed by the CEO of Iinet arrived in my inbox today…this is another reason why Telstra will not get my business back. Iinet strive to deliver personalised service from every level of their organisation and have managed to make customers feel that they matter even in a corporatised enviroment. Merry Xmas Iinet.

  2. Carlos says:

    As a long time customer of iinet let me wish the staff of iinet a great X’mas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your professionalism and the very personal and warm service you extend. That is always much appreciated.


  3. Patricia says:

    Will definitely change from foxtel to fetch tv but only when you have sky ports channel not just the sports news channel so hurry up and your get a lot more customers thanks

    Also can you have a mobile plan that gives you free calls to one network i.e. like vodaphone thanks

  4. Tiiu Salasoo says:

    I also would like to send Christmas greetings.
    But for the New Year, I’d like to make a wish: that iinet do something to stop some other sites identifying it as a vehicle for spam. I cannot correspond with some overseas friends, because my mails are returned as spam.

  5. Paul says:

    Thankyou Michael. A very Merry Christmas and a thoroughly Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and the crew at Subiaco. Cheers.

  6. G;enus Wems;eu says:

    Juast a thought. Virgin have a credit card. Wouldn’t it be nic3 (particularly with rising interest rates) of iinet could provide same.
    Something to think about. Let me know what you thing of the idea. Don’t need it myself. Our bank credit card is interesst fee (we pay it out every month)

  7. Sarah says:

    I am very impressed with your fetch 2 tv but unfortunately u can not get it as I live in pakenham and you don’t not supply adsl 2 to pakenham?? But was wondering if maybe supplying adsl 2 out here is on the horizon any time soon for iinet?? Thank you

  8. Kristian says:

    Always enjoy the customer service at iiNet. When are you guys going to bring out a sip client app for the iPhone?

  9. Sebastien Robin says:

    I am very excited about iinet, a great business that’s going places. But I will be even more excited when the iinet labs come up with things like the new (French) free “box revolution”:

  10. Bill Pastorok says:

    Im amazed at all the sophisticated technology you incorporating in your service to customers. Yet I can’t get from U the simpliest basic of keeping me connected. Soon as I establish connection I loose it freequently during the time I need it. So my chrissy is gonna by as miserable as last few weeks, dispite twice talking to tech support.

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