Exclusive customer competition! Win a Samsung SIII

Win a Samsung SIII!

We’re mad about mobile at iiNet and we know our customers are too. That’s why we’re offering our customers the chance to upgrade to a better mobile life with the best possible mobile on the best possible plan.

Our mix and match mobile plans let customer enjoy the freedom of choosing a separate mobile SIM plan and a handset that best fits their mobile world.

What’s more, we’ve partnered with Samsung to hand pick an awesome range of handsets and pulled together great value plans to offer a sweet mobile deal for our customers, something we think is really worth celebrating.… and what better way to celebrate than by launching an awesome mobile competition, exclusively for iiNet and Westnet customers!

Are you mad about mobile?

Did your dog chew up your current handset? Did your last mobile die a horrible death? Perhaps you have the most ancient handset in all of Australia. Maybe you’re the person who has spent the most on apps. Tell us why you deserve to get your mitts on our lovely new mobile handsets.

Entering is easy. Send us a photo, tell us a story, write us a song, make a video… get creative! We have three slick Samsung SIII handsets up for grabs for the best entries.

The fine print…

Entries must be emailed to competitions (competitions AT iinet DOT net DOT au) by Saturday September 15th 2012 to be in with a chance of winning. Don’t forget to include your contact number and customer username in the body of the email.

Check our terms and conditions for more information. Good luck!


  1. ELENI LEDFORD says:

    My current phone is unreliable to the point I no longer carry it, which is archaic in todays world. This Samsung SIII looks like the cats meow and I would love to own it.

    • Ted De Koke says:

      Yes I could live with out a handset however with one life would be so much easer

    • <I have never really owned a new phone of my own as I seem to get the hand me downs from my family, would love to show them my new phone and enjoy a brand new phone of my own.

    • Jan Wibrow says:

      I would love to enter but I can’t because I don’t have a default mail client installed and the email address I want to send to for the compettion does not show.

      • Jan Wibrow says:

        Not only that but I don’t know how to contact Adam Levin to let him know except through this reply – I could not find a way to post my own post. Jan

        • Louise Moran says:

          @Jan Wibrow,

          Hi Jan,

          I’ve updated the post to include the email address. If you email competitions AT staff DOT iiNet DOT net DOT au and include ‘Samsung SIII competition’ in the subject line your entry will reach our judges.


          Louise Moran
          Blog editor

  2. iinet is the BOMB :) I love the whole package that I’ve got.

  3. daniel wilkie says:

    i am once again having dramas with your hardware, and i seam to be getting nowhere. youre bob 2 modem keeps turning the answer machine on and of at night its really loud and causes me to get broken sleep.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Is it always happening at the same time or does it vary? Does the internet disconnect when the answering machine switches on and off as well?

      If you’ve been having some issues with the BoB2 modem lately, we would recommend trying a few troubleshooting steps to see what’s causing the problem. I’d recommend updating the firmware on the modem, you can download the latest one here: If it’s still having problems even with updated firmware give our Support team a call on 13 22 58 and they can look into it for you as well.


    • David Todd says:

      @daniel wilkie,
      I have been with iinet since you guys left the garage and became a real entity, my concern is constant slowing of your Nbn satellite service. I am aware of all factors that can effect the speed of satellite delivery though we are down to 64k speeds again and it is almost impossible to deal with.
      Your customer service is fantastic, and this is what keeps us around, i know you are still having problems with your satellite integration though please sort it out as you have customers paying for something they are not receiving.

    • jaicnta masters says:

      @daniel wilkie,
      haha yea i hear u on that. been having almost daily drop outs for 7months now -_-
      iinet should let me win the phone to make up for all the $$$$$$ i spend calling u guys to try fix the issues i am having with the hard ware, yet i end up fixing it my self.

  4. Anne-Marie says:

    My bob answering machine kept turning on also – then I saw my kitten jump up on the table and walk across the phone – problem solved :)

  5. Kris Shanahan says:

    I actually have the same issue. Middle of the night on a random night and it beeps and says answering machine on.. Few hours later, answering machine off.

    And then it wont do it for 2 months.. And then all of a sudden, at random it does it again..

  6. yvonne jenkins says:

    Love iinet, my mobile is on contract until December, cant wait til then to change over. Having a problem with my Gigaset no longer telling me missed calls and cant access my messages, frustrating, but happy with you guys:-D

  7. Marlo says:

    I am so desperate to get the new Samsung mobile phone as mine is sooo ancient. I also need to get up to date with the latest technology.

  8. Katherine Juestel says:

    Once again customers in smaller suburbs are left out in the cold. We have been waiting for what, 2 years now for Fetch TV to be made available? (yes, I know, we can have fetch starter @$10 for the free to air channels we already have) Now you offer yet another contest that is totally useless to us where you don’t yet offer mobile service. We pay as much (and some cases more) for our internet service as city people, but apparently we are not as valuable as customers as are city people.

    • Louise Moran says:

      @Katherine Juestel,

      Hi Katherine,

      This competition is open to everyone in Australia, whether a small suburb or a big city. We thought everyone would like the chance to get their hands on a new Samsung SIII.

      If you have other suggestions for competition prizes we’re always keen to hear them.


      Louise Moran
      Blog editor

  9. Kevin gleadall says:

    Same answering machine issue … Mine reads out all the msgs left and would happen at anytime in the early morn and very loudly …. But other than that im currently pleased with u guys :)

  10. john shaw says:

    Love my mobile,can get all info from computer while travelling.Could not survive in business these days without it.

  11. Bev Williams says:

    I have only ever had 2 mobiles, both very basic Nokias. My present phone has been dropped a few times and sometimes falls apart in my handbag. I would love to have a new phone that gives me access to my emails but my son tells me I would never be able to handle it. I would love to prove him wrong.

  12. Sami says:

    I have no problems with my mobile, BOB Internet just I find IINET service the best and best customer service experience just get connected friends…

  13. derek emery says:

    im readyed to drop my old mobile dowm the toilet and flash it ,people cant hear me when they call there must be a better mobile around then this one

    thank you

  14. peter says:

    my old phone is crap and i like a new one

  15. Alana says:

    I love my iinet package, so much Internet usage for the price I pay, best customer service to help set up my bob 2, berry happy with my service and couldn’t be happier with iinet, thanks again and I’m glad I chose iinet! :)

  16. Nicola Paul says:

    I always get my husbands hand me downs….but i finally got myself a new cheapy…felt great using my new phone…didnt do much, especially when all my friends have iphones and mine cant even download apps and now it will not even make a sound when i get a message :( if i was to win this lovely phone i would use it with pride AND my husband can have MY HAND ME DOWN HAHA!!!

  17. maureen farthing says:

    have a nokia 6120 & LG would love the latest smart phone from Samsung amazed at what I could do on a smart phone

  18. Karen says:

    Love iinet and the whole package, happy with the service. Wow would be nice to have a Samsung galaxy S111 seriously.

  19. james says:

    well i have been with aapt for many many year and canot foult them as they have now jioned with inet i hope that the standers will not drop so far they have been very helpful keep uu the good work

  20. Steve Smalley says:

    The wife was sold a dodgy LG which is lucky to have the battery last more than 4 hours after 6 months and we’re stuck with it for another 18 months. Apparently theres nothing wrong with it.

  21. Arun Chauhan says:

    Mobile is the key to success and should be one that can do every thing what brings the success
    So,Samsung SIII is the key.

  22. tracy says:

    i havbe been with iinet for a nhumber of yrs now and the dramas i have had have always been fixed ….altho i do need a good mobile to go with my iinet sim …i am very happy with the iinet package i have now

  23. Mark says:

    Bollocks to your competitions for 17 year olds. I am 50 and not creative, Doesnt mean I dont want a bleeding edge. Give us oldies a chance!

  24. Mehrnoosh says:

    At the moment I use pre-paid and I don’t have much problem with my phone, not very modern, however I love to win a new and more reliable phone. Also I do not have any problem with iinet company, very reliable.

  25. gerry ligtermoet says:

    I also have had problems with the Ans machine on BOB 2. After almost an hour on the phone with the support team we decided to turn if off as I redirect missed calls to me mobile.

  26. Big Tim says:

    I am not having any problems whatsoever with any iiNet products and/or services! However if I were, I would not be posting about them here, in the comments section of article about a competition. Get it together people!!

    On topic now, I already have an SIII and it’s awesome! I’ll sit the comp out and let someone else discover this amazing phone 😀

    • Sharon says:

      @Big Tim, Hi couldn’t agree more Big Tim!

      My comments are myself and my folks have iinet sims and I would love to bring the golden oldies up to date with a new Samsung Galaxy III. They are absolutely astounded when I tell them I am on facebook or using the GPS app to find places etc… would love to win them a smart phone so they can become trendy ole grandma & grandpa! :-)

  27. Warren says:

    I dont have a mobile at the moment and have just renewed my contract with you guys as I have been so happy with the service and support I have received over the last year or so.

    I have moved all my family on to your service now and they too are happy.

  28. Alison says:

    You can pride yourselves on fantastic customer service ad it is hard to find these days. All the issues I have had have been handled to perfection and dealt in a professional manner well done to all concerned I’m enjoying my new products.Thankyou

  29. Sumner Berg says:

    We, myself and wife Louise, have Westnet as our ISP and our mobile phones with Telstra. I think it would cost us too much to hook up with Westnet so we have everything with one provider. We would have to pay out our contract with Telstra. I supose we would therefore have to wait until out Telstra contract finishes to put everything in the same basket!

  30. Michael says:

    Help! Need a new phone. Last mobile got lost, and the battery is completely dead,cant even ring to find out where it is.. desperately need a new one.

  31. Patricia Smith says:

    Hi there, just dropped in to say the service of both equipment and staff is fantastic. On a rare occasion bob has a hiccup but a quick turn on/off soon sorts him out. He is my best friend. hahaha…I am more than happy with what i got….Many Thanks iiNet…Pat

  32. Malcolm Jefferies says:

    Iwould love a new mobile as I have once again put mine through the washing machine?
    My contract runs out soon I think?
    Kind regards Mal

  33. Adam Waye says:

    My poor mobile suffered a drowning death after falling from my shirt pocket while walking along a beach.
    I was throwing a stick for my dog to fetch ,so i thought it fell out on the sand , but after searching to no avail i saw somehing tubmble from a small beaking wave onto the beach, yes it was my phone and it was compeatly drowned in salt water ,never to work again.

  34. Alison Jones says:

    I have been having problems with Bob 2 since I got it. I cant even get it to answer the phone, let alone get it to answer messages. Have called support and they couldnt work it out either…What else can I do? as I paid good money to buy it but can only use it for the modem :(

  35. Inger Bennett says:

    Australia Post lost my old samsung galaxy in the post when it was being sent off for repairs :(

  36. android dazza says:

    After owning the Samsung galaxy S for about a year my friends all iphone users are now convinced. The Samsung galaxy series phones are the greatest iphones ever produced. Even apple knows it that’s why they are trying to ban them lol

  37. Ashley says:

    PSFT, I have mobile internet with you guys – but you deny me a mobile phone plan – what the heck is up with that?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Ashley,

      Was there a reason provided why the mobile phone plan was denied? I’d recommend contacting our Sales team directly on 13 19 17 and they can look into why.


  38. Rosslyn Nimmo says:

    I changed my BoB2 back to my BoB1…I’ve rung you so many times and no one could solve the problem of having both my house phone and my internet phone ring at one time and I couldn’t answer the phone in another room because they didn’t connect. I had so much help trying to solve the problem, but it just wouldn’t happen. I absolutely love the service and the package I have and would recommend you to anyone I know (which I have). I called accounts about 2 weeks ago? and they were going to let me send back the BoB2, but I never got the envelope to send it back to iinet. They were also going to reinburse me some of the phone calls I have made about this issue. I love your service, I love your happy technical officers, they all do their best to solve most issues, I just couldn’t live with this one lol.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Rosslyn,

      If you didn’t receive the bag to send it back, let our Support team know on 13 22 58 or email them ( and they can look into what happened and get it re-sent if necessary.


  39. George says:

    Do you use Telstra’s mobile towers?

  40. Janine Adams says:

    I would love,love,love a galaxy 111.Please help me retire my dinosaur.I also LOVE iinet,would never go elsewhere.

  41. Siddharth Roy says:

    dear fetch tv team
    I love d fetch tv package n was wondering whether at a nominal price fetch tv can get us direct telecast of ICC 20-20cricket wrld cup 2012…

  42. Peter Craven says:

    I Have found I have to keep switching off my modem because the Internet keeps disconnecting and the LED icon keeps going out. I have a BOBLITE 4 Port wireless Voip modem

    • Adam O'grady says:

      I would recommend contacting our Support team on 13 22 58 (or emailing us at They can run through some troubleshooting to work out the cause of the issue and look at getting it replaced (if it’s within warranty) or check if the problems are being caused by the phone line.

      If you haven’t already, I would recommend doing an isolation test ( to check the possible causes of the issues as well.


  43. Andrew Justice says:

    I recommend Iinet to everyone. I’ve used you for home phone and internet since 2006. I just wished you didn’t use Optus network for mobile or I would have mobile with you too. I used Optus before, I live 5km out of Perth and would always have signal problems. Telstra = ripoff, I’m now Vodaphone with good signal everywhere for most of the time.

  44. Jun Yao says:

    I Love iinet, care the pepple.

  45. A.diamond says:

    Im really not impressed with the changes to your service from AAPT, to IINet…I have found nothing but problems since you have changed over…I have been a customer for 18 years and I have recieved all my bills for mobile, home and businesses a week late(apparently your excuse is they are now handled by a third party) I paid a week late so my services were cut off without warning….Not impressed!!!!

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Our apologies for the late sending of the bills, this is something we are trying to make sure doesn’t happen again. If you have any problems you can always give our Support team a call on 13 22 58 (or email us, and we can help with these things as soon as possible.


  46. Andi Coleman says:

    I just want one.

    Is this where I tell u why I want one of those phones???


    • Adam O'grady says:

      Entries must be emailed to with the subject “Samsung SIII nompetition” by Saturday September 15th 2012 to be in with a chance of winning. Don’t forget to include your contact number and customer username in the body of the email.


  47. Peter Parkes says:

    Uhmmm i must be thick…. how do you enter the competition for the Galaxy III i cant see a click here or enter here….

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Entering is easy. Send us a photo, tell us a story, write us a song, make a video… get creative! Entries must be emailed to with the subject “Samsung SIII nompetition” by Saturday September 15th 2012 to be in with a chance of winning. Don’t forget to include your contact number and customer username in the body of the email.


  48. Phillip Milne says:

    I updated my very old mobile phone about 15 months ago getting a new nokia from iinet (aapt). It lasted 4 weeks. On a camp, I drowned it in the loo when it came off a clip. I would dearly love to have a new Samsung. I also have two other Samsung products and they are awesome.

  49. Darrell Johnson says:

    If this Samsung offers the sort of advice and assistance, as the rest of Westnet it can only be good, I would love a new phone like the Samsung.

  50. Derek Harper says:

    My absoloute favourite ap is something no sales person told me about when I was looking for a “smart” phone, they told me I could take photos, record my voice, check emailes etc etc. But nobody ever said you can make and receive phone calls…….

  51. Jill Kramer says:

    Please, please, let me win the Samsung phone, I am so sick of my children’s hand me down phones, I would really love a NEW one of my own

  52. Frank says:

    If I was on plan with AAPT does iiNet allow those customers that did not ask to switch to get out of the time period without penalty? There has been no improvement with our broadband as promised and it may be time to head to Telstra to get what I pay for.

  53. Martyn Wells says:

    Re all the BOB 2 complaints, here’s another !
    I’ve spoken with your technical people, most helpful, then a week or so later AND as I type it’s happening again.
    PLEASE don’t disappoint me after all the good service I’ve enjoyed over a number of years, just fix the *&^%# problem for all of your (so far) loyal customers, thanks.

  54. George Pappas says:

    Hello I must be a freak as my service is perfect and has been from day one. Land Line & Internet perfect. Monthly bill always ontime. Thanks iinet, love BoB and your the best.

  55. Francesca says:

    Hi guys, I am very happy with iinet services,
    I surely can’t say the same about apple and
    My iPhone, constantly with some kind of issues
    And now the hanset just stop working, am left
    With a phone that can’t make or receive phone calls
    I just can use Internet with it, and a 1000 $ later
    I can say is pretty disappointing and surely don’t
    Have money to buy another one, so I really would
    Love to receive the great gift of the Samsung phone.
    Kind regards, Francesca

  56. Neil Wolstenholme says:

    I am 75 & never owned a mobile phone & as it took 21 months of the first 24 month contract to get the viop service working with any consistency i think maybe you owe me one. Having said that the service since has been very good or i would not be writing this,i would be with another privider.Regards.Neil Wolstenholme.

  57. michael troy says:

    what to say?well the world is being murdered by our ways of self comfort and self obsession as a of now technology is the key to saving our home and our sorry asses into the future.we are definitly in trouble,now if Samsung have a word in some of the tech that is helping us reach for the stars then i’m in,unless i win one with triumpant words to echoe in the concience of society.Thank you.

  58. Peter Kelly says:

    I have a Nokia 3315 brought in December 2003. It is not a smart phone. It is a dumb phone but I’m thankful for it lasting the distance it has. The battery life is shorter than it once was but the phone otherwise still works perfectly. iiNet sent me an offer to upgrade my mobile plan which includes a 3G data allowance and a social networking allowance.

    With a smart phone like the Samsung Galaxy Siii I would have every reason to accept iiNet’s offer of an upgrade. Otherwise I can keep my dinosaur and will have no reason to upgrade.

  59. Pat Margetts says:

    I have never been able to afford a mobile phone but would love to own one. We have had excellent service from your iinet team when I have had problems with the internet. It took three weeks but you guys fixed the problem. So much patience as the problem was in the lines between the exchange and the pit and you finally found and fixed it. Thank you to the iinet team.

  60. ozcan says:

    My Nokia drowned. It rang while I was digging a deep soakwell. I practically pole-vaulted out of the hole using my shovel, knocking my mobile into an adjacent bucket. It had stopped ringing (but not bubbling) by the time I rescued it. Resuscitation was unsuccessful. It’s history. Nokia is _dead._

  61. David Petrie says:

    I would love to have phone that I can access the internet, the Samsung S111 looks sounds pretty good

  62. Robert Sullivan says:

    I had the first SAMSUNG GT-S5603 touchscreen phone unfortunately it was a competitors, about 2 months ago as I left my taxi my phone fell from my pocket and got ran over by the taxi. Too much expense to get a new one so i got a very basic SAMSUNG GT-E1150i phone. No Internet, No Pictures, No Music, No Gadgets, Nothing.
    Please let me win the NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY IIIs.
    Thanks Robert Sullivan.

  63. Robert Sullivan says:

    about 2 months ago as I left my taxi my phone fell from my pocket and got ran over by the taxi. Too much expense to get a new one so i got a very basic SAMSUNG GT-E1150i phone. No Internet, No Pictures, No Music, No Gadgets, Nothing.
    Please let me win the NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY S III.
    Thanks Robert Sullivan.

  64. John Mcgrath says:

    I have my mobile service through you guys, really good deal only problem is I can’t use it from my home because you use Optus which has really hopeless coverage. I was with Vodaphone which I thought was bad but Optus is even worse, however I have been with you a long time because your internet service is so good and your customer service is great, just PLEASE switch to a better carrier than Optus.

  65. Ollie Woodward says:

    My three year old dropped my phone in chips and gravy

  66. Sandra Carruthers says:

    Please enter me in the mobile competition. I’ve lost mine and can’t ring it because it’s turned off. I’d love another, especially one of these.


  67. bob sherwood says:

    being close to my useby date i get very frustated when things go wronge
    early this year i changed to aapt things could not be better. then i find that aapt
    had been taken over in may i go on
    holiday on my return i could not get the internet, the phone did not work some arternoons arfter spending nearly $250 i have 3 cordless phones i cannot use. an outside i cannot hear ring. now for $120.and call charges i can use my moble. I.C.E.
    how i love iinet

  68. Terry Comer says:

    Have a reasonable handset, but I committed to
    another provider 3 weeks before Westnet
    announced their mobile details. BOY am I one
    unhappy little vegemite !!!!!


    I love to have one phone for my self.

  70. biggles says:

    i do not have a mobile this would be a great start.

  71. Crispin Wheatley says:

    I have absolutely no desire to win this allegedly “awesome” handset.

    With the operating system on the device being provided by those privacy pilfering pirates at Cyberdyne Systems… er, Google; one is somewhat literally placing ones life in ones hands when choosing to go with the ‘droid.

    May pangs of windy spasms throughout the bowels of the winner, dart.

  72. Louise Moran says:

    Hi to everyone who has posted their entries for why they deserve a phone!

    Please remember to email competitions AT iiNet DOT Net DOT au wit ‘Samsung SIII competition’ in the subject line to be in with a chance of winning.


    Louise Moran
    Blog editor

  73. Giuliana Tonini says:

    I’d so love to win this so that I can have one up on my daughter finally!

  74. Jac Louttit says:

    During a shopping trip I stopped for some lunch. I had placed my phone on the table in a busy food court. My partner decided to teach me a lesson about leaving my phone laying around and placed it in his pocket, hoping I would notice and freak out that I had lost it. I didn’t notice and he went off to the toilet where it slid out of his jacket pocket and into the SHOPPING MALL TOILET! He fished it out quickly and dried it under the hand dryer only to find that it didn’t work! Who would want to use that phone now anyway! Could you please get my partner out of the dog house and supply me with a new phone???

  75. maya says:

    my iphone has died a sad death with it went my music alas iwas trying to change the back cover something went wrong and it hasn t gone since, i miss te music :(

  76. debbie says:

    because it would be nice to be up to date wih the rest of the world

  77. Joe says:

    Dropped my Samsung Galaxy S1 off the top of a crane shaft 32 stories in the air…
    After picking up the pieces i have resorted back to my old Nokia 3210.
    I do love playing snake… however i am in need of many other functions that the SIII provides. Love the Samsung range, they rock!

  78. Joseph edwin dennis (eddie) says:

    I have called iinet so many times but must say been happy with the response.I will be adding another mob to the account and would like it to be the samsung 3 to replace my wifes ideos which she dropped in my direction

  79. John Engler says:

    In the last fortnight I have accidentally dropped not one but two mobile phones in my swimming pool I miraculously managed to rescue one with the aid of a jar of rice and a hairdryer only to lose it the very next day. I now have no phone as I await a replacement sim from westnet and hopefully Ill be third time lucky with my next phone!

  80. I have an old mobile phone with small print & it keeps dropping out & i have macular degeneration,which means that i am losing my vision (going blind).I would love to win the Samsung Gallaxy III because i cannot afford to buy one as i am on a seniors pension. I can make the print big & i need it for emergencies. Thank You.

  81. I have been with iinet for 9years and will never move . The service is great. Stan

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Stanley,

      Thank you for the kind words and praise. We do our best because we have such great customers.


  82. Dharshana says:

    My S1 is too old now and it freezes all the time. Love have a new S3.


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