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It’s no secret that we love Freezone. Because we love it so much, we’re just about finished on a whole heap of upgrades, each one of which is designed to make Freezone more user-friendly, easier on the eye and well, more awesome. And to celebrate the impending launch of the all-new Freezone, we’re giving one lucky customer the chance to walk away with a brand-new 50″ Samsung Series 6 LED television.

In terms of upgrades, we’re talking a completely fresh design. Users will now be able to create playlists of their favourite content, and will be able to search through our library even when you’re playing a video.

You’ll also have quicker access to all your favourite TV channels, videos and radio stations. Our quick access tabs will give you shortcuts through to hundreds of shows on demand, from sports and music right through to gaming, movies and more.

One of the exciting new features of Freezone will be the ability to access ABC iView content directly from the Freezone homepage, without the need to navigate through to the ABC’s website.

What would a huge upgrade be without brand new content? We’re getting ready to bring you three awesome new channels for your enjoyment – Edge Sports, London Live, and Aardman – all coming soon to Freezone.

Edge Sports
Your new home to white-knuckle sporting action from across the globe. We’re talking about skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, base jumping and a whole lot more.

London Live
The hottest music acts from around the world gather for London Live. Trawl through the London Live archives for awesome live performances from artists such as Usher, MGMT and Amy Winehouse.

Simply put – Aardman are the world’s leaders in model animation. Their unique brand of humour has seen them honoured with four Oscars® from nine nominations. Thanks to Freezone, you can watch episodes of the acclaimed Creature Comforts, catch up with the loveable adventures of Wallace & Gromit, and much more.

Plus – your chance to win!

We couldn’t go ahead and upgrade Freezone without giving away an awesome prize, could we. That’s why we’ve got a brilliant 50″ Samsung Series 6 LED television to give away to one lucky winner.

To be in the running, all you have to do is check out some of our latest Freezone content once the upgraded Freezone launches and answer a few simple questions:

1) In the latest Access Reel movie trailer for Robot & Frank, what is the project the robot assigns to Frank?

2) What colour is the hat Mason Rose is wearing in the IBA Zicatela Pro Lay Day 2 video?

3) The Tip of the Week segment in the latest MLG Weekly episode focuses on which professional Starcraft 2 player?

It’s as easy as that. Once you think you’ve got the correct answers, email competitions with your name, address, username and the correct answers, and make sure you’ve got Freezone Upgraded competition as your subject heading.

Get your entries in before Monday, 8 October to be in with your chance to win.


Our friends over at Access Reel, together with Icon Films, are helping us celebrate the launch of our upgraded iiNet Freezone. There are ten DREDD 3D prize packs up for grabs with 20 runner-up double passes to see DREDD 3D. 

Check out the DREDD 3D trailer and find out more about this awesome competition on the upgraded iiNet Freezone.

Good luck and enjoy the all-new Freezone!


  1. Milan Kuga says:

    I would like to know more about it Kind Reg ards Milan

  2. Arron says:

    I would be a lot happier with freezone if you merely fixed the linux links. Try to get the new 12.2 version of OpenSuSE – everything except the actual file to download is there. I had the same prob w Slackware13.37 a while back, and expecting Slackware 14 to do the same in two or three weeks. Over the last year, almost all of my work downloads haveeen theoretically in Freezone and I have had to download them elsewhere.
    The other issue, the download keep stopping so I have to pause and restart them 3 or 4 times per gig.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Thank you for pointing out the missing download links on the iiNet FTP. I’ll get this investigated internally.


  3. darryl whitley says:

    Switched to iinet from aapt a few months ago. Internet is ok but hardware, Bob 2 is rubbish, keeps dropping out loses wifi connection and telephone handsets are the poorest quality experienced for a long time. Would never recommend iinet to anyone..

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Darryl,

      Does the BoB2 lose wireless connection even if you’re close to the device? I’d recommend logging into it’s web interface and changing the wireless channel by a few numbers, then saving and restarting. This can help fix some issues with wireless interference/dropouts. I’d also recommend contacting our Support team on 13 22 58 and they can run through some troubleshooting to help improve your experience with the device.


  4. Daniel Hoepner says:

    Will it be possible to access all free-to-air channels through Freezone without an antenna?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Daniel,

      We are not currently able to broadcast terrestrial TV (like the free-to-air channels) through Freezone.


  5. Lee says:

    I don’t use freezone but i am thinking of bundling my mobile

  6. Anthonie says:

    Thanks for the info , but what is “Freezone” How can I use it , where is it located on my PC? etc.
    Thanks, Anthonie

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Anthonie,

      The Freezone is a series of resources that is available on the web that does not count against quota for iiNet ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL users. If you point your web browser at you can check out the videos, radio stations and other fun things available there.


  7. Niroj says:

    I love the free zone and services from iinet. All services are all one

  8. hmmm, I have to say if John Truslove considers “Close Encounters” to be the ‘most awesome film ever’ (whatever that means) then he’s either not seen all that many movies or he needs to broaden his viewing a lot….

  9. Jem Shorland says:

    I bundled my wife’s mobile phone to Iinet about nine months ago. One of my better financial decisions! Her phone bill has dropped from an average of $97 a month on the Telstra “$30” per month contract (which gave her “special cheap” business rates for daylight hours Mon to Sat), to a flat cost of $20 PM giving her around $390 worth of calls each month over the same period. She has never even gone close to exceeding her limit! The savings each month easily covers the total cost of my Bob2 and wireless broadband!
    Thank you both Iinet (and Bob)!

  10. Sue says:

    How do I use freezone

    • Louise Moran says:

      @Sue, Hi Sue,

      The Freezone is a series of resources that is available on the web that does not count against quota for iiNet ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL users.

      If you visit you can check out the videos, radio stations and other content there.

      Louise Moran
      Blog editor

  11. Lyndon says:

    I didn’t use FreeZone, but this competition piqued my interest. Good job iiNet. I will start to look at this more now I think :)

  12. Sarah Hollier says:

    I had terrible problems with bob lite until you replaced my modem. I wasted months ringing you up and going through the long, long routine to get it working and all that time had to pay full price for a system that would not work.
    How about sending me 3 months fees back?
    regards Sarah

    • Louise Moran says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Unfortunately that’s not something I can comment on without knowing your account information.

      If you could call 13 22 58 one of our customer service representatives can look into the issues you’ve mentioned with your modem.

      Kind regards,

      Louise Moran
      Blog editor

  13. Jason says:

    Will free zone be available to iinet satelite customers

    • Louise Moran says:

      @Jason, Hi Jason,

      I’ve checked with the Freezone team and unfortunately satellite accounts don’t get freezone content, so any videos viewed will count towards your quota.

      Kind regards,

      Louise Moran
      Blog editor

  14. James McCrea says:

    Pity none of this applies to we who have only satellite connection

  15. Damian says:

    With the new Frezone and viewing ABC Iview directly from it will this now count in the Freezone from an Ipad because at present to watch ABC Iview on the IPad it counts towards my downloads and not via Freezone

    • Louise Moran says:

      @Damian, Hi Damian,

      I’ve asked the Freezone team about this and they’ve advised that the iView app on the iPad doesn’t count as freezone traffic due to the way it delivers the content.

      Watching iView on a browser on the iPad would count as Freezone traffic, but as the iPad doesn’t support Flash it runs into issues with the browser video player.

      Louise Moran
      Blog editor

  16. Jean-Baptiste Ribola says:

    I come from Paris, where customers of the isp “” have access to a hundred tv channels through their broadband. With a user account one can also hotspot any Free AP whilst walking in the street. This has made the brand one of the leader ISPs in France.There’s still room for upgrading iinet! Is it the law that is holding us back here in Oz, or is there just not enough audience?

    • Louise Moran says:

      Hi Jean-Baptiste,

      There are lots of different internet business models across the world – sounds like the French customers of are getting a good deal!

      iiNet continually adds new content to the iiNet Freezone, offering customers access to content without eating into monthly quotas. We’ll keep you posted of any new additions and agreements as they roll out.

      Kind regards,

      Louise Moran
      Blog Editor

  17. Melinda says:

    Been with iinet over a year and a half. In that time my Fetch device has broken down 4 times. The device is playing up yet again.(Last time I received a ‘new’ device, it had someone else’s taped programs on it.. So much for a ‘new’ replacement, and it didn’t even work…Back it went.. The problem once again is the taping. This month alone, I have had 17 items fail to tape. Some of the items did tape only to discover the taped program is ‘pixilated’ and totally unwatchable. One of Fetches main features is taping so I am asking myself am I getting value for money. My answer is no. I agree with previous comments on the quality of the Bob. Very poor. The remote control unit is also very poor and doesn’t always respond. I have read the ‘free-zone’ blurb and frankly do not understand it. I was not successful in an application for a Samsung mobile despite spending approximately $160 per month with iinet. Over-all?? Not happy.

    • Louise Moran says:

      Hello Melinda,

      I don’t have access to your account information but if you’d like to call us on 13 22 58 one of our customer service representatives can discuss the issues you seem to be having with recording.

      They can also look into your request for a Samsung handset for you.

      Kind regards,

      Louise Moran,
      Blog Editor

  18. Tim says:

    I have a Samsung tv with smart hub. I am wondering when I will be able to watch abc iview through freezone. Is there a reason for this restriction?

    • Louise Moran says:

      Hello Tim,

      I spoke with the fetchtv team about this for you.

      Their response was:

      “Currently we are unable to Freezone ABC iView for smart TV’s due to the way it is delivered however this is something we will consider when developing our own fetch application.”

      We’ll keep you posted of any updates!


      Louise Moran
      Blog editor


  20. gareth davies says:

    Can iinet look at providing free local calls with their plans. It seems competotors are all doing this?


    • Louise Moran says:

      Hi Kirsten,

      I tried that just there and it seems to be playing ok so I’m not sure why it’s not working for you.

      If you would like to try again – let me know if there are any issues and I can pass on to our testing team.


      Louise Moran
      Blog editor

  21. Breno says:

    I’m not sure why Quickflix is listed on the Freezone, considering no data is actually “free” from them. After a bit of researching, it seems like the only benefit is getting a 30 day trial instead of the usual 15 day one. Is this correct?

    “Browsing the Quickflix website and any data streamed using the Quickflix streaming service is not within the iiNet Freezone and will count towards your quota.”

  22. DSan says:

    Just had a look at the ‘upgraded’ site with Firefox 3.6. Was so bad, I doubt I’ll be able to use it. Please don’t say upgrade browser – ever heard of backward compatibility? Suggest you cut the ‘spin’ and get back to basics.

    • Louise Moran says:

      @DSan, Hi DSan,

      We do appreciate the feedback and will pass it on to the relevant teams.

      To get the most out of newer websites and to ensure you’re not exposed to any security risks we do recommend upgrading your browser regularly.

      Kind regards,

      Louise Moran
      Blog editor

  23. Ted says:

    Hi Team…. not a happy chappie… I love freezone and had a bookmark
    which allowed me to access all I needed, now, this link does not work. I get a page not found. I then have to click the Home button:
    and then scroll down to ABC iview:
    then click the continue to iview button, which takes me to:

    Problem is that unless I login into freezone {as advised to do so by one of your CS reps}, any programs that I watch via ABC iview, are shown as normal bandwidth usage and not as freezone.

    Please explain how an upgrade, that causes me to go though 3web pages and login to access what I need, is better than one click no login?

    I would have thought that as I was already logged in to iinet via my internet connection, why do I need to do this again? Toolbox and Webmail I understand, this is restricted access, but freezone? or have I got this wrong?


    • Louise Moran says:

      @Ted, Hi Ted,

      I spoke to the Freezone team about this and they advised that they will create a redirect from the old page to the current ABC iView partner’s page.

      in terms of your comment about iView not counting as Freezone traffic, that shouldn’t be the case.

      If you watch video on the iView page in your web browser, then it should come through as Freezone traffic. Only the iPad app should come through as normal traffic.

      I hope that helps?

      Louise Moran
      Blog editor

      • Ted says:

        @Louise Moran,
        Hi Louise… many thanks for the update and to the team for reinstating the link… perhaps an update to the CS team re Freezone traffic might be in order, so everyone’s on the same page… again thanks :)

        • Ted says:

          @Ted, HI again Louise… please thank the team on my behalf for rectifying the link… it now works a treat and no need to login… prompt efficient service from iinet… again :)

  24. Marion Macgregor says:

    Have to agree with the negative commments about bob2 – I absolutely hate it! As an answering machine it is hopeless, the display doesn’t stay lit so the chances of getting the correct action (play, pause, delete etc) are completely random. I often get the on/off button instead and have to listen to the greeting AGAIN …. The calling number display I pay $6 a month for rarely works, I have no way of accessing any missed calls numbers. Before you suggest it, I have contacted CS, and they really try, in fact I would say every individual I have spoken to there is beyond fantastic but the truth is the product is cheap, nasty and not user friendly at all. Really, it lets you, your customer service team and your customers down badly.