And the Geeks shall inherit the LOLs

The top 20 finalists for iiNet’s Top Geek competition were announced today after much anticipation.

In the space of a few years we’ve seen the geek image rise from the reviled to the admired. While stereotypically, geeks were picked last for gym class in high school, we believe they’re today’s superhero.

From hundreds of entries, we’ve emerged with 20 finalists who will now compete in the final challenges.

One of the most prominent contestants was Simon Hackett, a self-professed geek from Adelaide, who also happens to be the CEO and founder of the successful internet company, Internode. Despite being popular with our Top Geek visitors, Simon kindly relinquished his place in the finals to become one of our five judges for the final rounds of geek challenges.

Simon joins our other judges, iiNet CEO Michael Malone, Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Campbell, Australian author John Birmingham and Vice President of sales at Facebook, Paul Borrud.

All finalists were chosen for their geeky character and the general creativity exhibited in their entry.

Top 5 as chosen by the public:

• Liam Pomfret – Webmaster of the Biggest Pokemon Wikipedia (ranked 1st by public vote)
• Cody Davies – Webmaster of the biggest online Zelda resource (ranked 2nd by public vote)
• Elise Archer – Batman character Harlequin impersonator (ranked 3rd by public vote)
• Cassandra James – Comic illustrator and massive comics fan (ranked 4th by public vote)
• Clem Bastow – Speaks Avatar language Nav’i (ranked 5th by public vote)

The judges 15:

• Ashlee – Has been featured in Official Playstation Gaming Magazine as a reviewer
• David Jones – Proprietor of the Electronics Engineering website, blog and video podcast
• Alanna Horgan – Artist and owner of Shades of Sentience website
• Andy Wells – Hosts a weekly tech show on radio
• Jess Watson – One of our strongest campaigners with a very creative entry video
• Liliana – Video game BETA tester with plenty of online blogs and photography
• Tahlia – Has a large online following with multiple online communities
• Damian – Pens a very popular geek/advertising blog online and works in advertising
• Nikita – Has one of the highest followings in the competition and ranked well in public vote.
• Skaidris – Supported the competition passionately, not always favorably, over Twitter.
• Liza – Is a website developer and casual dragon slayer.
• James – A film maker who created a very unique video entry to Top Geek
• Daniel – A molecular biologist, professional card magician, piano player and oh… he can bake
• Martin – PC gamer and overclocker. Has won awards for PCs he’s put together from scratch.
• Jason – Writer and owner of

You can see all the finalists on the TopGeek website

The finalists’ challenges will be announced in the coming weeks with the first being revealed February 4. This will be followed by knockout rounds as the list of finalists dwindles down to our ultimate winner by the end of February. Our lucky winner will be crowned iiNet’s Top Geek and will get to choose from one of four geeky destinations on an all expenses paid trip.

Stay tuned for the final challenges to decide who will emerge as the iiNet Top Geek.

Strap yourself in. it’s going to be a wild and geeky ride.


  1. anonymous says:

    What a JOKE competition.

    Legitimate “geeks” missed out because you turned it into a popularity competition.

    OF COURSE people will vote for the most attractive people. OF COURSE people will vote for people who already have a large following online. OF COURSE people who are true geeks won’t be noticed as thats what they’re used to.

    Did you make your contestants prove their geekiness by making them film a video?


    Did you introduce categories into the competition so you can make geeks prove themselves in their respective fields of geekery?


    So what DID you get them to do?



  2. Thank you so much everyone! 8D So thrilled!

  3. [EvEm]_Relic says:

    Woot! Grats Top 20 and good luck.

  4. James says:


    If those who didn’t make the cut want to blow up the finalists in the virtual world you can join other Top Geek entrants on Steam and Xbox Live.

    Check out the Steam group here:

    And add ‘topgeekoz’ as a friend on Xbox live to see who else is friends with this account:

  5. congrats to all the guy’s and gals who got through good luck with the rest of the comp. 😀

  6. Geoff Searle says:

    In reply to ‘What a JOKE competition’

    I am sorry you feel that way, but am not sure if you actually took the time to look at the Competition description, results or the Finalists selected?

    To address what you have stated:

    ‘prove their geekiness by making them film a video?’ Yes that was an option and many contestants did upload videos.

    ‘Did you introduce categories into the competition’
    The competitors did select which categories they represented and this showed on their entry.

    ‘prove themselves in their respective fields of geekery?’ This is where the second round of the competition comes into play.

    Only 5 People were selected by public votes, 15 were selected by Judges based on their entries where votes were not a consideration.

    Now they will compete in the second round in a number of Geek challenges.

    All 20 of the finalists are representative of many things Geek and I extend my congratulations to them on making the top twenty.

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