Great Christmas gifts for geeky kids

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I refused to believe it was actually December already, but here we are. Christmas season.
That magical time of year where we host the relatives, decorate the house and, most importantly, wrap the pressies for the family!

Most gifts are easy. Sweater for Aunty Jan, socks for Dad, a book for Mum. But what about little brother Billy or Sister Suzy? They like computer games right? And ummm those cartoon books?

Luckily for you, we’re full of Geeky gift ideas, perfect for all the Billys and Suzys in the world. (It’s kind of my wish list too if you’re reading Santa.)


Probably the most popular website that comes to mind when we are thinking ‘nerdy gifts’. It ranges from Dr Who fan paraphernalia to Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Pop figurines and swords to bacon body wash! (Yes, it’s a real thing!)

Plus, you earn geek points every time you shop to reward you with little gifts along the way. SOMEONE HIDE MY CREDIT CARD!

UPS Express shipping means you can have your goodies, wrapped up under the Christmas tree in 3-5 days!


No not the iPad, Kids’ tablets. Yep, they’re a thing now.

Starting at about $70, they are chock full of learning and developmental apps as well as awesome fun games for the kids.

They’re designed to be durable and kid friendly, so no need to go out and buy insurance or expensive parental software to lock them down.

Polaroid, Samsung and Leapfrog among others, have released their versions, so it’s safe to say you are buying quality.

If you’re unsure of what tablet is the right fit for you, check out the Toys R Us site.

Best bit is, now the kids have their own, you can get back to passing level 157 of Candy Crush on the grownup’s tablet!

Nintendo 2DS

From the masterminds behind Mario and Luigi, comes the new handheld gaming console, Nintendo 2DS.

As the name suggests, this is back to the old school 2D way of gaming, but not necessarily a step backwards from the Nintendo 3DS.

It is however a cheaper alternative and is also more suitable for young kids, as those aged six and under were warned off using the 3D option by Nintendo itself for possible health reasons.

3DS games can still be played on the 2DS and they’ve just released the latest Pokemon right in time for Christmas!

Starting at $149.95 in a bundle with a game from most Australian gaming retailers.

The last thing you want to be doing during these 40-degree days is scouring shelves for ideas – so plan ahead, put your feet up and load those links above. Make the internet do the walking this Christmas! The little tech head in your life will love you for it!

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  1. Rowan Quigley says:

    I’d even recommend something even geeker. Maybe buy your son or daughter a Raspberry Pi. Teach and make them understand Linux and the possibility to make games or even cool programs using something the size of a credit card to do so.

  2. Paul Hales says:

    We bought my nephew (12) a copy of Dungeon, and he thought it was the best present he’d ever been given