Homes in Western Sydney face disconnection as NBN deadline looms


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Around 20,000 homes and businesses will soon be the first to complete the transition to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Western Sydney.

While this is great news for people who have already organised or transitioned to an NBN service, thousands of homes are at risk of being disconnected from traditional copper phone and internet services permanently.

If your household or business is located in parts of Blacktown, Homebush, Riverstone, Richmond/Windsor or Lidcombe, you could be disconnected from phone and internet services from 20 March 2015.

This date marks 18 months since premises in this area were able to switch to the NBN.

It’s very important that residents realise that you will not be automatically connected to the NBN.

You need to act quickly. While phone and internet services won’t stop working on 20 March, they will stop very shortly afterwards so it really is time for people to upgrade to the NBN.

Premises affected will have received formal notification that time is running out to make the switch to the NBN but if you are not sure I urge you to check whether your household will be affected by checking your address on the NBN coverage map on our website and to contact a Retail Service Provider (RSP) like iiNet as soon as possible.

The NBN service doesn’t necessarily need to be active by the 20 March but you must have at least lodged an application with an RSP by this date. This means your household will not be disconnected and you will be upgraded to the NBN.

Some key things to consider when switching to the NBN

  • Decide what kind of service your household requires. Is it an internet service or just a telephone service, or both? Often you can get a great deal by combining multiple services. Some plans include added features like iiNet’s no lock-in NBN contracts, which include local and standard national calls.
  • You don’t have to stay with your current RSP. Now is a perfect time to shop around and get a great deal when you connect to the NBN.
  • Check that your modem is NBN-ready. This means that it can take advantage of those faster speeds. For your information, all modems that iiNet sell are NBN-ready.
  • If you rely on a medic alarm, back to base alarm or use services like EFTPOS or a fax machine check with the manufacturer to ensure these are NBN-ready. Be sure to let your chosen RSP know when you are switching to the NBN that you have these services.

Do you have any questions about the NBN or the upcoming disconnections? Check out our useful Frequently Asked Questions or let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Brendan says:

    Strong, b rinehart

  2. Barry J Vincent says:

    So. Now it seems that people have no choice if they want to or not want to connect to the ABN.

  3. Sam says:

    I would love the chance to upgrade to the NBN. A joke that someone near Parramatta still has no access, and won’t for years according to the rollout.

  4. Mark says:

    NBN is a joke.. I live in a new estate and only have access to adsl1 which was installed by NBN co but the main NBN roll out isn’t going to happen for another 3 years… by that time Google and SpaceX will already have a faster internet provided to my house… Got to feel sorry for industry super then as that is what is the back bone of NBN…

  5. James says:

    So now they are forcing people to either get connected to NBN or have no internet all permanently this is stereo typical of people getting the royal shaft up the rear!

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