Free iiNet WiFi in the Perth CBD


Over the past few months we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to install a number of wireless hotspots around the Perth CBD to make life a little easier when you’re out and about.

There are 15 hotspot locations across the city. Whenever you’re near one of the hotpots with a wireless compatible device in hand, simply select the ‘iiNet’ WiFi network and log in with your account details. You don’t even need to know your primary account username and password – any email address and password associated with your account will let you onto the WiFi network.

It’s worth noting that while it’s branded ‘iiNet’, most members of the iiNet family (including Westnet and Netspace customers), will be able to access the service. As for our TransACT, Internode and AAPT consumer customers, we’ll be working to sort your access soon enough (keep an ear out for updates).

For a map of the hotspots, and further information on how to connect, check out our WiFi hotspots webpage.

This is just the start of our WiFi rollout plans. Keep an eye out for further announcements on where you can access ‘iiWiFi’ (say it out loud, it has a nice ring to it!) as we’ve got a couple of new locations in the pipeline already.

If you’re heading into the city over the weekend, give it a go. We’re big on feedback so leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

Last but not least, as with any public WiFi hotspot, it’s a good idea to take some safety and security precautions. Check out our Staying private in public fact sheet for some helpful advice.


  1. PerthHacks says:

    Good to hear that this is finally taking off. I would suggest putting it on a google map overlay so we can add it to our phone’s maps.

    Also you could consider putting up signs around the area with the cooperation of local businesses which will also increase awareness of the advantages of being an iinet customer.

    Or make an app that directs people via their phone GPS to the closest free wifi location.

  2. APD says:

    Will there be a hotspot at the perth underground train station? I get good 3G access above ground, but very poor reception on the platform and in the train whilst waiting to leave, so a wifi hotspot would be ideal.

    Will the downloads be including in our home account limits or is it “fair use” unlimited?

  3. Tony says:

    I have a Xoom in my taxi and currently using Telstra 3G B/band so I’m interested to see what I can achieve especially with streaming video.

    Unfortunatly with Telstra it is expensive and doesn’t allow much of a high quality feed such as NFL network.