iiNet do their bit for the Mobile Muster 2010

The staff at iiNet have been searching the dusty depths of their bottom drawers for old mobile phones and accessories in time for the Mobile Muster 2010. So far we’ve successfully rounded up 46 handsets to donate to the cause. This year the muster looked to help poverty-stricken families in Mozambique by donating a duck for every two handsets collected, so that’s a cool 23 ducks we’ve sent to good homes.

A duck can make a big difference to the lives and future of a struggling family – the eggs can both feed the family and provide a reliable source of income. This, in turn, contributes to school and health costs. The initiative would go a long way to brightening the future’s of the Mozambique community – and clear a bit of room in our staff’s old ‘knick knacks’ spot in the process.

Most wouldn’t realise just how much of an old mobile phone can be recycled. This amounts to more than 90 percent of the materials it is made out of. Since last year’s collection the Mobile Muster initiative established more than half the population has held on to their previous mobile phone – even if it didn’t work. With this in mind we encouraged the people of iiNet to put that old phone to a good cause.

The Mobile Muster is now well into its second decade of collections and we hope to contribute to what is expected to be more than 100 tonnes of mobile phone components collected this year. iiNet has continued to push more initiatives within the business to reduce our carbon footprint and be more in tune with the environment. The Mobile Muster only adds to iiNet’s increasing list of ‘green’ credentials and culture of responsible environmental management.

For more information head to the Mobile Muster website.


  1. Pierre says:

    I smash my old mobiles with a hammer first before recycling so that any remaining data can not be accessed. The SIM card is removed and destroyed for the same reasons.

    I have advised others to do the same.

  2. I have about six mobiles that will be on a fast trip to those green tubs when they are eventually unearthed from their hiding places.

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