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In today’s digital age, free public WiFi is becoming increasingly common, with cities and businesses across the world recognising the benefits of offering simple and free wireless access to the community.

WiFi not only plays an important role in creating smart and connected communities, but also provides an opportunity for businesses to add value to the customer experience.

From retail businesses through to service-oriented companies, offering free WiFi to customers can increase customer enjoyment and retention.

At iiNet, we know how important it is for customers to stay connected, whether they’re at home, out at a café or waiting for an appointment. iiNet Business has just launched an offer to give businesses free WiFi for their customers, with the purchase of an internet and phone bundle.

According to iiNet Business SMB Manager Jamie D’Arcy, offering complimentary WiFi access to customers can generate significant benefits.

“Consumers today expect a fast, reliable and free internet connection. Businesses such as cafés and shops who can offer this service benefit from customers spending more time and money on premises while browsing the internet,” – Jamie D’Arcy.

This great new offer will allow customers to walk into your business’ WiFi range and connect to the Internet for free on their mobile device. Users will be given a daily limit of 50MB, which will be covered by iiNet and will not affect business’ Internet quota.

That’s not all. If your customer is an existing iiNet Internet account holder, they can continue browsing using their own quota, they simply need to log in to their own account on their mobile device.

Peter Barclay of King O’Malley’s Irish pub in Canberra recently installed iiNet’s free WiFi for his customers. As a small business, Peter recognizes the benefits of providing free wireless Internet to his customers, from increased foot traffic to more time spent in his pub. Check out the video below to learn how WiFi is transforming his business.

Not only is iiNet focusing on bringing WiFi to its business customers, it is also in the process of becoming Australia’s leading provider of public WiFi.

iiNet was recently selected by the Victorian Government to build Australia’s largest public wireless network for Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo, which will position the state as a world leader in connected cities. Combined with iiNet’s major wireless deployments in Canberra and Adelaide, iiNet is leading the way in all things WiFi.

To find out if iiNet has any hotspots coming near you visit our website.

Want to know more about iiNet Business WiFi? Check out all the details on our website.

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