iiNet call centres keep winning


At iiNet, we don’t hide fact we believe that we are number 1 in customer service. We’re not just tooting our own horn; our great service has often been recognised over the years, winning us several awards.

So what’s the secret to our customer service success? Well, it all starts with the people, and we believe happy staff simply provide better service. That’s why we like the workplace to be friendly and fun: happy staff make happy customers!

2015 has been another great year for the call centre as they continue to clean up at award nights, bringing home recognition and accolades all around.

State Awards

Since iiNet was first started on WA soil, our state call centre staff have always been ready to show our company has got the right stuff. So it’s no surprise that WA took out Call Centre of the Year for the category >150 Full-time equivalent staff (FTE) in the Auscontact Association National Awards.

The Auscontact Association National Awards are designed to recognise the top performing customer contact centres and celebrate high level achievement. Which is why it’s such an honour to announce they not only awarded our WA call centre, but also our centres in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia too, with each one taking home the Call Centre of The Year >150 FTE for their state!

National Awards

The Auscontact Association National Awards has not only recognised the great efforts by the individual states, but the company as a nation-wide customer service champion. Adelaide’s iiNet Virtual Contact Centre took out the national award for best call centre 81 – 150 FTE and Perth’s call centre won the national award for best call centre >150 FTE. On top of that, iiNet also won best Multi/Virtual Centre >51% on-shore!

The Customer’s Choice

Although it’s nice to receive these prestigious accolades and awards, it’s our customers’ approval that really means the most to us. We never would have been able to grow and expand as far as we have without our customers’ support, and we strive to provide the best possible service in kind.

Results from the annual ISP Satisfaction Survey by consumer advocacy group Choice have named iiNet and iiNet-owned Westnet and Internode as the top three ISPs with the happiest customers. Customers were asked to rate their ISPs on customer service, call clarity/connectivity, speed, value for money, internet connectivity and network coverage, and we’re excited that iiNet earned the best score for Customer Service.

So a great thanks to our valued customers, and here’s hoping we do just as well next year, if not better!


  1. tony says:

    Nice to see the feedback however I am a long time customer of over 10 + years
    and an aged pensioner. recently following a lot of offers from rival providers I contacted iinet asking if I could have a free telephone service and calls as many other providers are I got a really negative response and in fact no further contact until I made several contact and finally was told no >?? so a long time loyal customer like me is not worth a measly few phone service dollars for an aged customer all I want is a free telephone and calls which is not a lot as we do not make a lot of calls I think this is a poor loyalty reward and I mill be leaving soon after over 10 years tony lets see if this feedback is put on the site?? I doubt it

  2. Robyn says:

    I’ve also been a customer for 10+ years. I’ve always received excellent service from iiNet and happily recommend them to others. I have never asked for free services, many are included in the bundle deal I have. Tony, i have found that “free” services are often the most expensive with other providers so good luck when you change.

  3. tony says:

    Yes Robyn I know that offers are paper thin and for the most part I have had good service with iinet but when I see “Bob” in our local paper advertising the NBR and we will not get it and all the advertising iinet do I really am old fashioned in even thinking that we the older generation people may be rewarded I dream on and because of the hassle I will stay with iinet but I wonder if anyone a (real person) who is willing to take up the challenge and give me a discount ???? thank you for the comment

  4. jane says:

    Long time customer here and the reason is simple – your customer service standards are second to none. I think I’ve been with you guys for nearly 20 years and have never been happier with the exemplary customer service. Truly setting a very high standard. Thanks!

  5. Kevin Maywald says:

    I have been a Westnet Customer for over 11 years and have a few minor problems now and again, but the Customer Service , I would say be in the 98% mark. I have my phone and mobile with them and really happy with the Service. Only Grizzle I would have is the speed , but believe that it is that Monopoly by Telstra stuffs thing up for us

  6. tony says:

    Seems I am not popular by asking for something from a multi $ company, I have a Bob bundle with iinet we phone the UK almost every week and our local calls have been reduced to family I simply asked for an discount no big deal but it does show how times have changed there was me a silly old sod thinking that a happy customer is a good customer as for their customer service they obviously do not take one bit of these silly comments seriously as I have had no comments or calls from iinet perhaps they are too busy at giving themselves a pat on the back and at award ceremonies the self praise is a well known saying are older people taken seriously I don’t think so there we are in a nutshell I suppose if you don’t expect a reward and nothing comes you will not be disappointed life is sweet thanks for the comments tony last one need the time ,

  7. tony says:

    Just a footnote I just found this in the iinet history page??for all the loyal customers who will now be lost on takeover and forgotten??

    TPG successfully acquires iiNet

    iiNet was successfully acquired by TPG Telecom in September 2015 in a $1.56 billion deal. The merger created Australia’s second largest internet service provider

    no way now of getting a discount I bet or a reduction in price?? tony

  8. Joe says:

    Love the photo.
    Looks like your call centre team don’t need to suit up to often.

  9. John Prosser says:

    While I cannot compare iiNet with other providers (have been with you for a good number of years) I go to enormous lengths to call Midday in the hope of picking an Australian call centre operator. At least they give a 50% result, NZ & Sth Africa have done nothing but ruin my life for weeks at a time.
    Thanks to a NZ operator we are permanently stuck with a username not requested
    Try getting commonsense out of someone reading through a ‘script’
    2 out of 10 for answering the phone people.

  10. Noel says:

    Good evening,
    I have been with other telcos and iinet have always provided prompt efficient service by far in advance of the others.
    While I am concerned about the TPG takeover I am more concerned with the comments by John above and trust one of the iinet team is helping him.

  11. Still Waiting says:

    Not sure who they surveyed for this. I’m still waiting and waiting and waiting for iiNet to setup a landline connection as the mobile broadband service gets flakier and flakier. I repeatedly tell them to email if they have any issues, but nothing. Will shortly be going elsewhere.

  12. Jim Robertson says:

    I am a satisfied customer who has been with IINET for a number of years. I normally phone at night and am lucky to be put through to Capetown South Africa. The level of service has been Professionally outstanding by staff who are easy to deal with. The knowledge of particular staff are always appreciated and commended through my replies to IINET Customer surveys. Kind Regards

  13. Ivan says:

    Tony, you seem rather disgruntled and I wonder why you ask for a discount if you are getting good service. When I was in marketing one of our maxims was “Price-Quality-Service, pick any two, you cannot have all three”!

  14. Uta says:

    The takeover of iiNet by TPG is really old News. Since then, the top iiNet people have moved on to greener shores. So changes, regrettably, must be expected. Despite this, I decided to switch from Telstra to iiNet when the NBN became available and I’ve been much happier since then.
    John, you don’t realise how good you’ve got it. Having had to struggle understanding Telstra Call Centre staff’s heavily accented Filipino English for years and getting utterly frustrated in the process,I was so relieved when I found I could actually understand iiNet Sth African customer service staff! What a feeling. And so far, all issues have been resolved.

  15. Charlotte says:

    Customer Service…what a joke. BEWARE!!! iiNet are great with CS when the issues are easy. When it comes to non-standard issues, watch out. This is not captured in their general day-to-day NPS scoring (which is what all their awards are based on)as it is too complex to rate.
    My email of complaint (after suffering months of consistent broken promises) has been ignored & I have only received ‘form letter’, insincere responses.
    It has been nearly 6 months of continual follow up and I’m still waiting for a serious and genuine response.
    Reconsider when committing for 24 months.

  16. Mike Needham says:

    Approx 2 months ago I phoned for help to solve a technical problem. The announcement said the wait time is over 60 minutes! It used to be sorted straightaway. Obviously iinet has changed and as soon as I get time to make the appropriate arrangements, I will change too – to another ISP.

  17. Mike says:

    IINet’s customer service has deteriorated substantially now just like Telstra. When I get time to make the appropriate arrangements I will change ISP

  18. Peter Cooney says:

    The above comments just show that you can’t please all the people all the time and some want something for nothing. I think iiNet already gives excellent value for money and, altho an Aussie, I got incredible customer service and total satisfaction from a call centre staff based in Auckland. He was amazing and would not give up on my problem till it was fixed. God help Tony and the other unhappy customers in getting any better service anywhere in the world of the internet. It won’t happen; iiNet is tops!!!

  19. nola says:

    I too am a pensioner and I have bundled my fone ,,,internet,, fetch t.v and mobile i ring england once a month local calls are free and paying $10 a month ring mobiles and talk for as long as i want all up my bill is around $140 per month..I guess i am lucky as my bob modem gives me every thing for the one cost..I am happy with the service..Sorry to hear that Tony is upset…But having a bob modem allows me to enjoy all I want and need

  20. Mike says:

    I posted an adverse comment earlier this evening. It has now disappeared. Further disappointment with iinet

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Your comment has been approved and is above, Mike.
      All comments need to be reviewed for inappropriate content, such as profanity and private account information before they are visible on this public website.

      – Amy

  21. John says:

    John – Did you know you can change your username?

    And the New Zealand accent isn’t really that bad is it? I haven’t heard about “fush and chups” for a long time.

  22. Minoru says:

    John, Just call them and ask them to change it… I had some funny one but now I got a username that I picked. didn’t have any dramas there.

    Family’s been with iinet just over 6 years now, I’ve moved out of home and we’re both running seperate services. great company to be with, now if you could add some more data to your phone plans, that might lure me back from Virgin Mobile… (im on 12gb/mth and pay $115, im sure you can beat that guys!;) )

  23. McCallan says:

    Tried calling twice yesterday kept hanging with no callback facility. Have sent an email but no result. This was a sales call! I hope not an indication of future service after the takeover. First time this has happened in 9 years and have loved those WA guys.

  24. Nicki says:

    As an iiNet/Westnet customer for over 10 years (mainly internet, now mobile and NBN), I cannot fault you. Response times have always been good with the call back feature a big plus. Whether in Australia or South Africa, the service has always been amazing. Patience and knowledge are key factors. Well done people. You absolutely deserve these awards.

  25. Chris Couldrey says:

    I’ve been an incredibly satisfied iiNet customer for 13 years now. This Award for Customer Service is very well deserved. Every time I’ve had a reason to call iiNet Support, the service I’ve received has been truly outstanding. I’ve already recommended iiNet to a number of family members and work colleagues and have assisted them setting it up. I’ll be continuing to do that. Keep up the FANTASTIC Customer Service Guys!

  26. Pammie D'arcy says:

    I disagree with you John Prosser, I am relatively a newie (3 years)with Iinet, I only have praise for the other Counties. I have had many promblems both personal and technical. It doesn’t matter with whom or where I speak to I ALWAYS get a excellent result. I enjoy talking to Cape Town, they are very friendly, and they always get the problems fixed. The Cudo’s I send back about the operators are genuine and positive, everyone likes to know they have done a good job of helping you in some way, I encourage that always. Good Luck to all the teams, where ever you are, always have a smile in your voice and you will be the winner. Thank you all for good Customer Service. Pammie D’arcy, Perth WA.

  27. albert Gregori says:

    We have also been a long time customer of iinet and happy with the customer service till recently.

    Over 2 weeks to sort out a problem at iinet’s end leaving us without mobile service for that time. Once the problem was fixed we were offered a couple of months free service on the mobile as a sweetener, sounded great in theory but months later and nothing eventuated. 2 subsequent emails to iinet customer service and never heard anything back other than an automated reply.

    Just hoping this isn’t reflective of the TPG takeover or future direction of iinet.

  28. Rob says:

    20 years of Powerup/Ozemail/iinet.

    Call centre response has been better than that from other providers.
    iinet has increased my data limit several times over the years, unasked, at no extra charge, and with no effort required on my part.

    Very pleased with the service.
    But then again, though old, I don’t expect anything for nothing…

  29. Mike says:

    after almost 9 years without fault, the last 6 months has been horrendous, a customer service nightmare, (build up to Halloween I guess)
    hours on the phone, transferred to dead lines, callbacks with nobody on the line, so you get an email, “we tried” please call” etc,
    no replies to emails..
    customer service reps not even listening to what your tell them,
    my last email to two departments with a subject line “I give up. Urgent. Manager. Supervisor.”
    no reply other than the automated “we’re busy”

    I’m afraid to say, it was fun, time to move on…

  30. Joyce says:

    Since moving to my present address in January I am only able to access via a 4G Mobileconnect and mobile phone. Service here is frequently non existent for hours and on two occasions – a Sunday – all day. Phoning for service I was connected to a South Africa call centre who asked me to wait until a consultant was free. I objected of course and was granted a call back. Service was fine but I have enjoyed Westnet for many years and a big plus was talking to a call centre in Australiaand they alwayssuggested call back if there was a delay. I would change if I could be sure that all call centres for a new server were local.

  31. Paul says:

    I am very alarmed to see the TPG takeover has now been done. It has been on the table for a while now. I have been a Westnet (iiNet) customer for over 6 years. The support has been nothing short of fantastic. My feedback to the company on all occasions supports this. It may be a little more expensive than some others, but the benifit to call and be speaking with an agent whose English is their native language is well worth a tiny premium. A friend is with BigPond and has trouble understanding someone in India or some other foreign company. I truly hope TPG values the fantastic customer service policy of iiNet and does not change it which would be a disaster. Don’t mess with something that is the prime reason customers are attracted to iiNet/Westnet.

  32. JOHN says:

    I have been with westnet for 11+ years and the past 6 months have been the worst experience!!NBN Fixed Wireless is now a load of rubbish!! At peak times We cannot get a connection AND if we do it is worst than dial-up. Westnet blame NBN AND NBN blame the ISP namely Westnet for a short-fall of back-haul links. We do not really care about the technical problems, all we want is a reliable service in line with what we pay.
    When we contact Westnet now, they say go to another provider… what a cop-out!
    As far as feed-back is concerned, if there is a problem we do not get a request for feedback BUT if they fix a problem they want feedback. So you are not getting the full picture! you only hear of the good stuff not the bad!.
    The next step is the Telecommunication Ombudsman and lets see what that will bring.


  33. Gary Wood says:

    I have been with Westnet for 10+ years and have had the need to contact the call centres at different times of the day.
    I have been VERY pleased with the service that I have recieved and therefore can understand completely why they keep winning awards.

  34. Jo says:

    I have always been happy with Westnet, up until the last few months. The customer service has been so bad, reading from scripts, not understanding the problem, or me not being able to understand them. They don’t even send through a customer survey anymore, knowing that my feedback will be terrible. Where has all the great customer service gone. I’ll try ringing at midday like some one else suggested, But is that their midday or mine? I’m in NSW LOL

  35. brian says:

    i agree with john ..your service is substandard .starting with non retuned calls after setting up a time to do so .From being in new zealand to south africa and given promises it will be sorted ,experiencing frequent drop outs ,to no service ,maybe the telecommunications ombudsman is the perfect option .Beat your own drum at your peril

  36. tony says:

    Wow have started something okay in answer to the direct questions Basically I am happy with iinet and have had good service thee initial reason why I placed the first comments was I had received several offers for a bundle” I have a “bundle” with iinet and as stated I have BOB I simply thought that as a long time customer that iinet would offer me a similar deal I pay for all phone calls on top of iinet bob when I contacted iinet I had a call back after awhile from S.Africa who said they will get back to me after a week I contacted them and eventually they said we will call back
    that is when I was told no unable to give free calls I accepted that they offered me a telephone call at an extra cost but as my calls are few not worth it so I apologise for stating my story and as it happens I have just this moment had a call from South Africa who has apologised for iinet not letting customers know bout the takeover!!they stated that it was on the media ? as for other questions we have slow local outage service and iinet are placing a new line in the area and are unable to offer free phone calls as there is an option to have a phone bundle at a lower cost ?
    so to end this THANK YOU IINET I AM A HAPPY CHAPPY nothing is ever free as we all know?? thanks to all the comments I am now not disgruntled or a grumpy person tony xx

  37. Paul says:

    I have been with iinet since the ihug days when iinet took ihug over. I have found the service from ihug through to iinet second to none. I have a bundle of internet, mobile and home phones and fetch TV and if ever there has been a problem iinet always solved it very quickly and efficiently. Their call centre staff are always helpful and fun to deal with. I’ve been with them for 10 years now and have never been given a reason to change to another provider!

  38. Norm Maher says:

    One has to ask how was this judged ? After nearly 4 months iiNet have not been able to transfer my existing Telstra number, have not been unable to set up my Netphone, after 6 or more emails of complaints and still nothing ? Oh they do bill you on time strangely enough. My next call is consumer affairs…

  39. Merle Bowden says:

    I guess it’s about two years since we joined iinet and I have no intention of leaving – at least not while your calls are answered in Australia. When I first joined there were a few problems, but thanks to your friendly, helpful staff, they were all settled. Yep, we like iinet.

  40. John R says:

    I had the same problem as you Norm getting my existing phone number changed over to Net phone number also had massive problems with iinet deleting my existing email address when I moved over to NBN. I noticed above that the Perth customer service centre got an award, unfortunately every time I contact iinet for tech support its the Capetown centre I get, the help from this centre is appalling

  41. Caroline says:

    CONGRADULATIONS TO IINET (WESTNET). I have been a customer for nine years and have never had anything to complain about. I have had friends and family who have changed to other providers, every thing they get offered sounds so good. then when they are signed up it all changes (read the fine print) there are many hidden costs. My grand-daughter went elsewhere, if they have a problem they are on the phone waiting for a n hour or more, sometimes they don’t even get to talk to any-one and get cut off. thank you for your great service.

  42. Terry says:

    Sorry not happy with iinet about 95% of calls are from south africa when it comes to support making promises they can’t keep i you tell the customer they get a call back do it don’t just say it look after your customers .

  43. Fernando says:

    Now that TPG has taken over let’s see if iiNet still wins prizes from now on. I’ve heard of people who left TPG because of lack of customer service. Now that we are stuck with TPG will iiNet continue with its good service, given that the board left, especially Michael Malone?

  44. Paul says:

    For those unhappy with the South Africa call centre try calling before midday. The NZ and Australian call centres are the likely ones you will get. Both are excellent. I have only had one call to South Africa and I agree it was very hard to understand the agent. Since then, when necessary, I call early in the day, preferably, NOT on a weekend when the wait time is more. The callback option usually works well and callback times are fairly accurate.

  45. Connie Keith says:

    I just joined iinet and I asked if “message bank” was available and the person I spoke to said yes. It is now two seeks and I have not received any “missed call” messages on my phone.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We do offer Voicemail services Connie! You may need to jump onto your Toolbox ( to activate and configure your preferences. If you hit any obstacles or need a hand give our Support (13 22 58) team a call and a Customer Service Representative will be able to assist.

      – Brianna

  46. Mark says:

    Since Westnet was bought out by iinet I can not even get to talk to anyone in customer support anymore, the on-hold wait time are crazy. With Westnet I always got hold of a human being everytime and they were located in Perth.

  47. jenny says:

    I have been with iiNet since we arrived in Australia in 1982 (first Networx which was taken over by iiNet)
    23 years, apart from a brief and unpleasant move to Telstra BigPond a couple of years ago.
    iiNet have always provided great customer service, and their call centres worldwide have always been helpful and understandable,
    working through any challenges with ease.
    Their call back service has been a great advantage, and I do hope this continues.

    iiNet is SIMPLY THE BEST

  48. Dianne says:

    All issues solved with great service for over 10 years.
    Recently got NBN and nothing but headache.. No resolution for lack of Internet service to laptop ..slow and unreliable .. Going back and forth from provider as to what or who is to blame… So many hours spent on a phone to get nowhere…

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing difficulties with your NBN service, Dianne.
      We have online troubleshooting available here ( if you feel confident to troubleshoot independently. Alternatively our Support (13 22 58) can certainly give you a hand. If you’re feeling a little stuck and unsatisfied with the service provided, may be best to request to speak with a Senior Customer Service Representative within your next interaction.

      – Brianna

  49. John F says:

    I am deeply concerned to learn that Iinet (Westnet to me) has changed ownership. Like so many other respondents, the main reason I have been a customer for more than 10 years is their exceptional customer service, and the very positive responses I have received from their Australian based call centres. Several years ago, having been a customer for probably 20 years, I gave up on Telstra simply because I could not make myself understood at their Phillipino call centres. If TPG go down that path, I will most definitely move on. Please give this cost cutting measure careful consideration TPG! John.

  50. PJ says:

    Sunday Morning: catastrophe!
    phoned iiNet tech support
    -it was around 3.37am NZ time!!! much later Oz time.
    Tim in NZ was just brilliant.
    Big problem resolved in 20 minutes….
    Tim was patient [well, I am old and a philistine so Tim’s patience was appreciated] professional& knowledgable
    And while others have said customer surveys no longer sent, a customer survey was sent …and completed.

  51. Geraldine Calder says:

    hey guys, if you are going to be photographed and displayed for all to see, please get someone to tack your trousers. Looks very daggy when the ‘creases’ are also creased. The fellows at each end are exempt from this suggestion. Maybe they still live aty home with their mothers !!!!!!!

  52. Paula says:

    What’s not to love about the quality service you guys provide? I have never been let down or kept waiting on the phone. After all there is a generous booked call-back service in place! I have to say that Jassi the last time I struck problems with some sort of convoluted double phone number issue took the cake though. It took a day of call backs for him to sort it through. He was polite, courteous & obviously knew his stuff. He wasn’t happy with a “quick fix” he really wanted to understand the issue & even came up with a way of saving me some $$$ each month by consolidating things. He called back the next day just to see if it was all still operating well. He gave me a direct email contact to make in the future, should I need help. You all deserve these awards. I think Jassi is on the NZ based team. Not really sure, but I hope he won one of the awards. Can’t ever envisage swapping service providers. Congratulations iiNet!!

  53. Kaye&Des Pilkington says:

    Over 8 weeks since NBN connected. VoIp phone still does not work correctly. Can make calls but many people trying to call our local number cannot get through.We have asked iinet many times to fix the problem with no success. We continue to pay your invoices for an incomplete service. When will it be fixed???

  54. Garry Tonkin says:

    dismissive and unpleasant company that hide behind their standard emails and don’t care.
    Don’t kid yourself about your service.
    1hour and 10 minute to fix a problem and still had to phone again to get it fixed and also I got charged for it because it was 1300 number ($63).GREAT SERVICE?!!!

  55. carmela says:

    Please send to the top I have spoken to managers customers service centres
    and been with you for over 7 years
    I have broadband with you no good
    now need help very unhappy and nobody is helping me to sort out my problem
    my email address is
    all the information is on your site thankyou
    I would have loved to stay with you but I find that cant resolve the problem
    have broadband and no good please please
    help me

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi carmela,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing some frustration with your broadband service, and our support staff have not yet resolved the matter. To have this addressed, please continue making contact with our support team (13 22 58). We have an internal escalation process you can use to raise your complaint higher if required. As you’ve indicated that you’ve already spoken to a manager, the next step would be requesting that a manager escalate the complaint to our Solutions team.

      Please read more here, and call support when you’d like to have the matter investigated again:

      – Christian

  56. Robin Wendleman says:

    A special thanks to a lady in South Africa, Niema (not sure of spelling). She was extremely patient with me, a 75 year old grump, and the phone problem was fixed very quickly. Niema is welcome to contact us on Facebook or at Thank you Niema. Robin.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Robin,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! We’re glad to hear Niema was able to assist you. We will attempt to track her down to pass on the feedback to both her and her Customer Service Manager. You may have received a Customer Feedback Survey emailed after the interaction, we’d encourage completing this also to ensure her efforts are recognised.

      – Brianna

  57. Shane says:

    A few years ago I would have agreed 100%. Yet as time moves on, so do acquisitions and mergers continue too. Since the TPG era I have seen a sharp drop in customer service and resolution. An incident with my 90+ grandmother in 2016/2017 (yes it overlapped a year-almost 6 months in total) I moved her to a different provider and she has had zero issues. I have just called to see if I can re-contract after almost 10 years and have been offered the same package any new customer would get.When I sought a one month discount it was as if I had insulted the “sales” person. So I guess I’ll be ending my service short of 10 years. I’ll call again tomorrow, earlier to avoid SA, and see if there is real SALES person there…. you know, someone who cares about the customer…. what a novelty these days :(

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Shane,

      Thanks for dropping by. We do offer recontracting incentives for customers, like free hardware, for instance. We do maintain a policy of treating all customers equally though, as we don’t want to engender any favoritism, as this is fraught with the risk of some customers feeling slighted.

      If you’ve had no luck with staff, please feel free to let us know and we’ll gladly lend a hand. You’re always able to reach us via our Social Media feeds on Facebook or Twitter as well.

      – Leo