iiNet presents Pet-Fi: a mobile broadband world’s first

PetFi copy

We’re excited to finally reveal the latest gadget developed by our iiNet Labs engineers: Pet-Fi.

Simply put, Pet-Fi is a revolution in mobile broadband technology that offers fast wireless internet access without the need for any bulky modems or confusing cables – you don’t even need to worry about charging batteries!

iiNet’s Pet-Fi hardware has eliminated the hassle of modem installations as well as the frustrating wireless coverage issues that frustrate many Australia households – and all by harnessing the power of man’s best friend!

How does it work?

Simply attach one of our Pet-Fi hardware options to your pet’s collar, and hit the power button. Voila! You’ll have instant wireless broadband access anywhere within iiNet’s extensive 3G or 4G coverage areas as long as you’re within 30 meters of your pet.

The magic in Pet-Fi is our patented kinetic energy modules included in all Pet-Fi hardware – allowing the devices to be powered by the movement of your furry friend. This means you’ll never need to worry about your internet hotspot dropping out due to a flat battery.

We know what you’re thinking – what if my cat’s lazy afternoon sunbaking reduces the power due to the lack of kinectic movement? It’s easy – simply rattle your pet’s favourite toy or throw a treat across the room to quickly juice your Pet-Fi back up.

Beloved pets come in all sizes and so does Pet-Fi!

To ensure that as many Australian households can enjoy the benefits of Pet-Fi, our iiNet Labs engineers have created three Pet-Fi hardware options to suit pets of all shapes and sizes.

Pet-Fi 3G is designed for medium-sized pets (including cats, rabbits and ferrets), Pet-Fi 4G is for larger pets (including dogs, pigs and ponies), and Pet-Fi Mini is suitable for even your smallest pets (including lizards, birds and hamsters).

Our Pet-Fi plans provide three levels of data allowance – so you can choose a bundle that suits you including:

  • Pet-Fi Hamster for 250GB data allowance per month
  • Pet-Fi Cat for 500GB per month, or
  • Pet-Fi Dog for a whopping 1000GB per month.

Each plan provides access to the iiNet Freezone, complimentary email protection, 24/7 customer service, a back-up dial-up account, 10 email address and 1GB of webspace. There are no excess quota usage charges, and if you run out of data, simply pick up a data pack to last you through to the end of the month.

We’re thrilled to announce our new product launch and we’re looking forward to hearing from our customers about how Pet-Fi has helped our customer become closer with their pets through the wonders of wireless broadband.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new technology – just leave a comment below or visit our Facebook or Twitter pages and use #PetFi to join the conversation.


  1. ed says:

    I really want one for my bird. Can you develop one? This would be a great idea – when the bird hovers above the house (my bird is a trained not to fly away) it should provide a better coverage.

  2. Tammy unwin says:

    Lol Good one guys!!! Brilliant April Fools!!!! 😛

  3. H.Sekhon says:

    Nice one guys! Happy April fool’s to you too! :)

  4. April fulsdi says:

    Happy April fools day iinet. Hilarious! :-)

  5. Tad says:

    Wow. Just Wow. This is amazing!

  6. Robert says:

    Well, nice try – 1st of April, right?! :) Anyway, I like the idea and if you actually get one running, let me know! :)



  7. Mr Cyberdude says:

    Fantastic, finally, I can’t wait, please bill me for 2 right away.
    I have at least 10 more friends that will want them.
    Please send ASAP as I am sure that they will not be on sale after today. 😉

  8. Rick says:

    Haha best April fills day joke this year

  9. Brewster says:

    Me thinks April fools joke :)

  10. Bill Chaloner says:

    Nice one Simon and Team. I’ve heard of ‘pussy power’ but never connected it with this!
    Of course, it is April 1st!
    When are you going to introduce Internet with smell?

  11. Jon says:


    It got me thinking though; how about a wifi webcam on the cat’s collar? It would be interesting to see where it goes during the day.

    What would be really, really good though would be a tiny wifi speaker broadcasting one’s voice via a wifi microphone. Imagine the reactions of random people when a cat starts talking to them – what fun!

    This may be a project for crowdfunding:)


  12. Melissa says:

    Love this totally Aussie Innovative Idea Iinet !!
    Only in Australia could this happen, where we love all of creatures, great & small – leathery to furry – Mel 😀

  13. jasmine says:

    Cannot believe that such unethical treatment of animals is allowed. In fact cannot believe that the is not a law already in place to convict you of cruelty for tagging a pet in such an abusive manner. No to digital/broadband/wiffi/connecting beasts such as yourselves.

    /Sorry I am probably confused from your crazy-wiffi’s