iiNet sets another place at the Christmas dinner table for a new member of the family

There’s no time like Christmas to share some exciting news.

I’ll give you a hint: two companies with similar backgrounds, similar values and similar service ethics.

Worked it out yet? Keep reading to see if you’re right.

It’s my pleasure to announce that we’re welcoming Internode to the iiNet family. Hot on the heels of the acquisition of TransACT, we’re heading into the New Year with another great company added to the fold.
The purchase of Internode and its associated companies will be completed by 29 February 2012.

Internode is the  South Australian market leader and has approximately 260,000 active Internet and phone services across Australia, including approximately 190,000 broadband subscribers. Like iiNet, Internode is an industry leader in customer service and shares our passion and commitment to innovation.

For iiNet, the acquisition means increasing the number of services significantly. It also means an expanded presence in South Australia and other eastern states.

For our friends at Internode, business will continue to run as usual under the management of Simon Hackett and his team. The best bit is customers will be keen to gain access to all our great products and services like the iiNet Labs range of products, Freezone, BoBsquad and extra fetchtv channels.

What won’t change?

As you’ve just read, Internode and Agile will continue to operate on a ‘business-as-usual’ footing – with their existing, very capable team of staff and management. They will continue to pursue their existing strategies, the strong branding will remain, and the awesome customer service for which they are famous, will continue.

Similarly, iiNet will also continue to do things as we do now, with our focus continuing to be delivering awesome customer service and innovative products and services.

What will change?

We’ll be making the most of the acquired network architecture so we’ll be migrating both iiNet and Internode off-net customers in either direction onto our larger pool of on-net ports.

The addition of Internode’s 190,000 customers, including a number of valuable corporate and government clients, strengthens iiNet’s position as the second largest DSL broadband provider in Australia.

To read more about our latest acquisition, click here for the ASX announcement.

Here’s cheers to 2012 and the ongoing success of our extended family.


  1. Jack Cola says:

    I didn’t expect this

  2. Shane says:

    Saw this coming a mile away 😛 Two similar companies, both great in their own ways.

    Congrats ii/node

  3. Grrr says:

    Will iiNet be forcing Internode customers onto Telstra re-seller contracts as they did Westnet customers?

  4. James Jordan says:

    Lets what the benifit for customers is

    iiNet – know for poor service
    Internode – Known for great service

    iiNet – not good value for money
    Internode – excellent value for money

    All I can see is that I will be looking for a new service provider within the year

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