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Not too long ago we announced we were working on a cloud solution to help out our small to medium businesses. Now that it’s been successfully launched to our customers, we’d like to introduce our readers to the newest product to hit our virtual shelves – Business Cloud. Before we tell you too much about it though, let’s take a look at what the cloud is and why it might come in handy for your business.

What is the cloud?

‘The cloud’ and ‘cloud computing’ have been the buzz words of choice for a while now, but if we ignore the marketing gimmick for a moment ‘cloud computing’ is pretty handy. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, ‘the cloud’ is a blanket term usually used when referring to data or applications hosted on the Internet. Most people will have already used a cloud-based service like Facebook, Google Docs or Hotmail, but cloud computing doesn’t end with email and photos. You can use your own cloud to store whatever you like in your own private online space.

Instead of carrying around a laptop or a USB key, working in the cloud means you can access all of your information from any PC or hand-held device that’s connected to the Internet. It also provides a fail-safe if your computer or laptop breaks, is stolen or left at home by accident.

What can you do with your cloud?

Aside from being able to store information, working in the cloud generally makes life a little easier on small to medium businesses. Adding more processing power or creating more space used to require the installation of new hardware and software, which usually meant paying for a technician to do so. In addition, businesses often needed to fork out for couriers and wait several days for the parts required to complete an upgrade. Working in the cloud eliminates all of that hassle. You can change what you need to in your cloud control panel or ask your service provider to do it for you.

In short, Business Cloud works in the following ways:

  • Allows you to scale up and down according to your business operation, letting you adjust for growth or peak periods.
  • Saves you some serious money by only requiring you to pay for what you need, when you need it. There are no setup costs or overheads and less outsourced IT support.
  • Saves you time by making it easier to deploy virtual machines and online applications. This means less time configuring staff PCs, fewer hours on the phone with support and a quicker set up time.
  • Puts you in control by allowing you to control your cloud from a control panel.

There is plenty more to learn about the cloud and how it’ll work for you and your business, so give our guys in the Hosting Team a call on 1300 378 638 for more information. Alternatively, hit up our Business Cloud website.

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    Informative, well-written, not a crude marketing pitch

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