iiNet Team Sprint Cup a Success

by Emma Cameron

The arrival of the iiNet Team Sprint Cup for Autism West on Sunday was a welcome one after months of planning and hard work. As one of our major yearly sponsorships, we were on a tight deadline to put together several designs for t-shirts, swimming caps, beach balls, flags, banners, fliers, posters and plenty more (well done to iiNet associate designer Matt Sismey for making it happen in record time).

Along with this, we had our mascot makers on a deadline to get our giant ‘I’s off the production line and ready to wander the grounds of Christ Church Grammar School for the charitable event.

With the event set to start at 3pm, I swung by the iiNet HQ on Sunday afternoon to pick up our new mascots and our staff members who volunteered to help out. Two of them were to don the new mascot suits and the others would spend their Sunday assisting with the barbecue, raffle and children’s play areas. Once our mascots were dressed and ready they were set loose.

Despite gloomy weather and threatening rain, everyone was in high spirits and keen to get into the water for a good cause. Our iiNet teams took to the stands during the earlier heats to cheer on their fellow swimmers. As the day drew on we had a surprise addition to our team in the form of West Coast Eagles manager Deane Peters. After various sponsorships together and our recent venture to Cambodia (the house build), Deane was more than happy to get in the water and support our team.

After the excitement died down a little we realised we had made it to the finals for the first time. Our team took to the water again to contest the title and emerged a humble fourth place.  We recorded a time of 2:54.61 in the Lavan Legal Challenge Relay, following the Blackswan Equities, Euroz Team A and Argonaut teams.

All in all, the day proved to be yet another exciting one for iiNet – bringing our staff together with Autism West to help those in need. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

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