The Internet of Things (for everyday people)

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You already know about the Internet of Things and while some of the ideas you are probably already using, there are some that seem waaaay too far into the future to be relevant today.

But in reality, there are plenty of things that you will be able to use in your home to make your life simpler, safer, cheaper and (of course) more fun.

At iiNet Labs we have been researching how the Internet of Things can help our customers simplify their life and give them more control over the technology they use every day. We believe innovation and the development of the connected home is key to giving our customers peace of mind as the Internet of Things takes off.

Building an effective ecosystem for a home where devices that ‘talk’ to each other, regardless of brand or where you bought them, that’s how we see the future of the connected home.

Working with CSIRO, independent software vendors, manufacturers and developers, iiNet Labs have built partnerships with leaders and innovators to help us make our offering something that our customers want, can afford and easily use.

Peace of Mind

We all want to protect our homes and our family, so we are working to develop systems that will give our customers peace of mind when it comes to home safety.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to look at your smartphone and check that you have locked the backdoor? Get a text to let you know that your child hasn’t returned home from school at the arranged time? Know that a doctor has a remote daily view of your elderly parents’ health data? We think so too. So we’re working on making it a reality.

Take control

Whether you are concerned about the environment, saving money, or both, most people have an eye on reducing energy consumption around the home. Our vision for a connected home means customers will be able to keep an eye on electricity consumption by seeing a dollar value of the energy that has been consumed – you won’t need an expert on hand to decipher the reading or calculate your usage.

Imagine a system that could be programmed to water the garden but is so smart that it won’t turn the sprinklers on after it has rained or schedules the washer and dryer to work only during off peak periods. We’re done imagining, we want this system up and running.


When safety and energy smarts are all sorted, it’s time to think about the fun we can have with technology in our home, like a playlist that is activated when a particular friend comes to visit your house. Or conveniences like a home that turns on the heating/cooling system when you are on your way home, or pauses the show you are watching on TV with a message that someone is at the door are just the start of the possibilities.

At iiNet Labs we are working on ways we can support our customers make the most of this next wave of innovation. We know it needs to be relevant, affordable, accessible and practical for our customers to integrate into their everyday lives and we will never lose sight of that.

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  1. Kevin Maywald says:

    I love this sort of gear , but I don’t know whether i could trust buying anymore gear from iinet as I had 3 Budii’s and ended up with my old Bob 2 again as iinet could not get me a reliable system that functioned properly