Meet Piix™


Meet Piix ™, the newest addition to our fast growing family of awesome iiNet products.

Bringing together our love of photography and for technology, Piix™ is our first ever digital photo frame (DPF). It’s also the first 3G DPF in the Australian market, like other digital photo frames out there, but upgraded!

So how does it work?

You can send an MMS or video content from anywhere in the world to Piix™ and it automatically updates to display the latest pictures. Simple! It works by sending your MMS or video content to an iiNet SIM which comes with Piix™ so it’s as easy as can be to share your photos and video with friends and family. Piix™ also has an SD memory card slot, so you can also upload snaps from your digital camera once you get home.

Just look at that screen…

Piix™ comes with a 9-inch full colour LCD screen so you can enjoy your photos and video efforts in all their glory. Why not set up a slideshow of your favourite snaps?

Whether you want to make your work mates jealous by showing off your holiday snaps, keep family and friends up to date while you’re out and about or just want some spiffy new technology to show off your photography prowess, Piix™ does the job.

Tons of memory

With 4GB of internal memory, Piix™ has heaps of space to store your favourite snaps and video content. No more agonising over what photos to put in a frame, you can have them all with Piix™.

Smart sensors!

Piix™ really is a clever little device. It comes with a gravity sensor which recognises when you’ve positioned the screen vertically or landscape and adjusts the photo to fit the screen. As if that’s not neat enough, it also comes with a motion sensor that can tell whether or not there’s anyone in the room. If nobody’s there, Piix™ switches off and saves energy, coming back on to welcome you when you come back!

Added extras

As if being a clever 3G DPF wasn’t enough, Piix™ has a calendar and alarm clock to help keep you organised. No daydreaming as you gaze lovingly at that photo of your children / pets / favourite celeb, Piix will send you a reminder that you’ve something else to do, pronto!

I want, I want!

If you live in Perth and you want to give Piix™ a whirl, why not visit our brand new iiStore, located at our Perth offices at 502 Hay Street? See for yourself how easy it is to use and marvel at its shiny screen. You’ll never look at a normal boring old photo frame the same way again.

Piix™ can be ordered through Toolbox for $199.


  1. Aaron says:

    There is no mention as to the quality of the LCD screen. Obviously it is no retina screen like on the ipad but your examples pictures don’t even display it showing a photo. One might therefore assume it is pretty average. The sensors are cool and power-saving technology is brilliant (and the reason I don’t run a DPF at the moment). 4gb internal is good. MMS/3G uploading is kind of cool but I wonder when the novelty would wear off.

    Now if you made it a touch screen that double as a FetchTV remote or something, that would be really cool.

  2. Frank Clay says:

    sounds cool – but does it require a sim card contract?

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