NBL round 7 full of drama

by Ross Lane

NBL round 7 delivered entertainment like a 90’s Aaron Spelling soap opera. We had upsets with Adelaide taking out the Patty Mills-fuelled Melbourne; the drama of Gold Coast smoking Queensland rivals Townsville; more pain for the Wollongong Hawks; and scandal as Perth decided to be the only team in the NBL not to allow its fans to buy replicas of its heritage jerseys. The gimmick of an all red crowd seemed more important than what the fans wanted.

For me, I was off to The Kingdome in Sydney with high hopes for one of those elusive home wins.
I encountered the first “legend” I was to meet at a pre-game function. Imagine my surprise when I ended up face to face with “The Man”, “The Legend”, “The King” … Warwick Capper.  After a brief and enlightening chat with the self-proclaimed “Human Headline”, it was time to enter the arena to get the game going. Steve “Mr Magic” Carfino addressed the crowd on behalf of all the Kings Legends to open proceedings. Then it was game time.

A real highlight was the courtside introduction of the home team. As players entered a packed area the announcer informed us it was time to “Unleash The Beast” as Aaron Bruce took to the court. Seeing Brucey introduced with the nickname I had branded him with on Twitter was just superb.  My work here was done. “The Beast” was born.

I won’t dwell on the game too much as the evening didn’t really go to plan for the home team. This was cemented at half time when the Legends took to the court to show off the skills that made them champions. Shane “The Hammer” Heal was hitting 3’s like he’d never been away; Ben Knight was dunking; and Dean Uthoff was dominating the glass.

After the game, Sydney fans wandered the courstside dejected like extras in a George A Romero movie. The emotionally empty masses crowded their legends and heroes, grabbing photos with the “Man Mountain”, the “Terminator”, BJ Carter and all the rest of the great personalities that gave so much to this team.

Now we take on the Round 8 road trip from hell against Perth and Melbourne. I expect Kings fans will be shouting for heart, soul, revenge, a win and snake skin boots for all.

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