NBN rollout in Adelaide – October coverage update


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Adelaide, the NBN (National Broadband network) is being rolled out and we’re catching up to the rest of the world with our internet service. Increased reliability and lighting fast speeds that are up to four times quicker than ADSL2+ are among the host of benefits that the NBN offers. With the continual rollout of the network, an increasing number of homes and businesses across Australia including Adelaide are gaining access to these benefits.

So where is NBN coverage in Adelaide?

Parts of Fitzroy, Prospect, Medindie, Holden Hill and Modbury as well as suburbs further south including Port Willunga, Aldinga Beach, Seaford and McLaren Vale are already covered by the NBN.

However, much of the NBN rollout in Adelaide to date is still in the planning or construction stages including: Sefton Park, Nailsworth, Collinswood, Vale Park, Walkerville, Gilberton, Para Hills, Para Vista, Ingle Farm and Highbury. Further south, Seaford Meadows, Old Noarlunga, Port Noarlunga South and Maslin Beach are also in either the planning or construction stages.

From the time that building of the network starts in an area, it generally takes around 12 months for access to the network to become available.

What’s the status of the NBN at your address?

The best way to check the availability of the network at your home or business is to head over to our coverage page and enter your details into the NBN rollout map which is updated as the rollout continues.

Looking at the NBN map for Adelaide, the rollout of the NBN is yet to commence for much of the city. But the good news is that new areas are regularly added to the rollout. We can keep you up to date with the rollout and when the NBN will be available in your area, if you join our NBN Interest Register. Simply register your interest here.

The rollout is managed by NBN Co on behalf of the Federal Government. However, only Retail Service Providers (RSP) like iiNet can provide NBN services to your household. If you’d like to take advantage of the lighting fast speeds and greater reliability the network offers, take a look at our NBN plans page.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Does iinet have a plan from NBN on when Sydney would get a chance at NBN?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      News reports state that NBNCo will today publish its rollout plan for more than 460 suburbs and cities across Australia.
      Keep your eye on their website for more information.

      – Amy

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