NBN rollout progress on the Gold Coast


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The Gold Coast in Queensland boasts some of Australia’s finest beaches and most active nightlife. Its citizens are also starting to enjoy a brand new delight, as it becomes home to a growing National Broadband Network (NBN) presence.

If you haven’t heard of the exciting new phenomenon that is the NBN and want to know what all the fuss over the NBN is about, head to the iiNet FAQ page.

Those in the northern section of the Gold Coast will be happy to know there is already ample NBN connectivity available. As of now the service does not extend out toward areas such as South Stradbroke Island, Coomera Island, Woogoompah Island or Short Island. But the inland areas are already flush with quick internet capability. Northeast of Coomera is seeing a lot of NBN activity. Portions of neighbourhoods in the section bordered by Finnegan Way, Foxwell Road and Amity Road already have the service up and running, with other sites in that area at various levels of preparation and build.

The northeastern section of Willow Vale is at a similar stage of development. Residents in the southern end of the section bordered by Waverley Drive, Bull Road and Oakwood Street are either already taking advantage of the NBN or will be soon. The same goes for those in the area surrounded by Blossom Street and Bella Boulevard.

Just southeast of Willow Vale, homes and businesses along the southern part of Days Road are enjoying the benefits of the NBN. Households around Hasemann Crescent and dotting Coomera Springs Road have access too, with more sites being worked on every day.

Further south another strong pocket of NBN coverage sits to the west of the intersection of Reserve Road and Brygon Creek Drive. Continuing south, a site is being built at Huntington Rise between Guanaba and Helensvale. There is also a small outpost of NBN sites near the southwest corner of Clagiraba State Forest and another spot in the southern portion of Robina.

Although much of the NBN rollout in the region is inland, there has been some progress made towards the coastline. A couple of active NBN sites sit on the coast between Biggera Waters and Labrador. Down the Gold Coast Highway there is a site being prepared in Broadbeach, with another under construction in Broadbeach Waters. Near Palm Beach there is some NBN connectivity west of the Pacific Motorway in an area bordered by Rees Court and Nollamara Drive. Steady progress on the NBN rollout will continue in the Gold Coast.

The best way to stay up to date on the progress in your area is to use our interactive NBN Coverage Checker. This map paints a clearer picture of the NBN’s rollout status.

But you don’t have to check the coverage map every day. Get on the NBN Wait List to make sure you’re ready for the transition to quicker internet. Also be sure to check out iiNet’s NBN plans to prepare for lightning-fast internet in your town.

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  1. peter hoare says:

    why does the nbn cable pass my house and people on the same street can connect but others cannot

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Peter,

      While we’re excited for as many homes to get connected as possible, there will unfortunately always be an edge of the current roll-out, at least until it’s completed. It may be that the Fibre cable has been installed along one side of your street, and the other side isn’t due just yet. If you’d like to double check, call our sales team any time on 13 19 17 and they’ll check your address.

      – Christian

  2. Glenn Heron says:

    Isn’t it great to upgrade to NBN. Congratulations Australia, my ADSL2 with Bigpond was 20 Mbps and with NBN it’s 3.5.

    It could only happen in Australia. Of course my carrier advertises 100/40 and blame it all on congestion. What a crock

  3. Tony says:

    You guys must be looking at a different Gold Coast rollout map to me. All I can see is a few purple dots, presumably new estates having been fibred.

    Which brings me to another point – is that area under build at Broadbeach part of the real NBN or is it a trial site for rebadged Telstra cable?

  4. Kayla Hudson says:

    The whole ‘rollout’ thing is a joke, the whole NBN thing has been turned into a political joke

  5. Nick says:

    How on earth is this a rollout, I see hardly any existing spots being rolled out, this is only new estates….

  6. Karen says:

    What RUBBISH. These are all existing PRIVATE networks.

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