Netflix arrives in Australia: Answers to your FAQs


It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for; Netflix will finally be hitting Australian shores on 24 March 2015 and we’re putting our customers in the best position to enjoy everything Netflix has to offer!

Our CEO David Buckingham believes the introduction of Netflix to the Australian market will be a game changer. “We couldn’t be happier about Netflix launching locally and we want to encourage our customers to make the most of the high quality content that’s available on the service. Netflix opens up a whole world of entertainment for Australians and we want to make sure it’s easily accessible to as many people as possible.”

As we count down to the launch, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about Netflix coming to Australia.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the world’s leading Internet subscription service for enjoying TV shows and movies – the selection is always growing and there’s even a special section just for kids.

With over 57 million members in nearly 50 countries, Netflix members can instantly stream their favourite TV shows and movies right to their computer, TV, tablet or smartphone.

Even better – there are no commercials.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s a better way to watch.

What can I watch on Netflix?

Quite simply, Netflix’s catalogue of content will knock your socks off.


Award winning TV series, documentaries, kids programming, movie blockbusters and much more will be available right at your fingertips.

More information about Netflix Australia’s content line up will be available on 24 March.

How does Netflix work?

  • You can watch Netflix from any Internet-connected device that offers a Netflix application.
  • These devices include gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray Players, HDTVs, streaming players, home theatre systems, smartphones and tablets. See for details.
  • More specific information for Australian Netflix members will be available once Netflix launches in Australia on 24 March.

In the meanwhile, check out the video below to learn more about streaming Netflix.

How can I get Netflix in Australia? 

On 24 March, you can sign up to become a Netflix Australia^ member for a low monthly fee by heading to

Netflix is offering the basic standard definition service at $8.99. The two-stream high-definition plan costs $11.99 and the four-stream 4K ultra-definition plan for $14.99. 

There’s also the obligatory free, one-month trial for all new members signing up.

iiNet customers can enjoy Netflix content quota-free!

If you’re an iiNet customer with an eligible plan* who has joined Netflix as an Australian member, you’ll be able to enjoy Netflix^ to your heart’s content without worrying about your monthly broadband quota. (Quota-free Netflix is available on an iiNet fixed line broadband or NBN Fibre plan*.)

I’m not an iiNet customer. How do I enjoy Netflix quota-free?

Simple. Become an iiNet customer today!

I’m an iiNet customer with iiNet TV with Fetch. How do I access Netflix Australia?

  • Netflix is a perfect partner to iiNet TV with Fetch+ We’ll keep bringing you the latest first run movies and channels, and Netflix will bring you their great library including original series like Bloodline, Grace & Frankie and Marco Polo.
  • On 24 March, sign up to Netflix at and for a low monthly fee, you’ll be able to watch as much as you like, anytime.
  • You’ll enjoy direct access to Netflix from your iiNet TV with Fetch main menu. The Netflix app is only one remote press away.
  • You have one remote to access all your entertainment options. Easily move between your recordings, channels, movie rentals, catch up TV, and Netflix with one remote. There’s no need to change source or mess around with wireless transfer from your computer to your TV.

Are you excited about Netflix arriving in Australia? What TV shows are you looking forward to watching? Let us know in the comments below.

^Australian service only. Netflix streaming membership, internet, and Netflix compatible device required. See

*Excludes all Satellite, NBN Fixed Wireless, Mobile Voice & Mobile Broadband.

+Netflix app is only available via the iiNet TV with Fetch generation 2 set-top box.


  1. Shaun says:

    Why no unmetered access on fixed wireless? As that’s what my nbn is going to be when I get it.

  2. Ray Jackson says:

    It all sounds great but I am afraid that most of the content is to old to make it a big deal.

  3. DethLok says:

    I’m not excited, no, because there is no info on cost or content.
    Why advertise a product yet say nothing about it? At least Stan says it’s $10/month.
    But I have some questions.
    Can I download shows, or is it streaming only?
    I’m assuming I can’t download while I’m at work or overnight, so I can watch stuff in HD when I come home or wake up.
    How do you ensure the stream is not interrupted, as I don’t have NBN (no-one I know does…) so my Mb/s is not that high, and does vary at times, vary downwards, that is.
    Ooh, do you store the metadata for what shows I stream?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi DethLok,

      Netflix will be sure to release more information about pricing for it’s service soon. We just wanted to share the fantastic news about included data for using it on applicable connections ahead of the launch so users won’t have to worry about changing plans.

      Netflix will offer a streaming service (no downloading) via the various servers set up in Australia to provide access to the content and does have a variable video bitrates to allow users on many different connection speeds to access them without any need to buffer, from standard ADSL all the way to NBN and FTTH. More details are currently available on their help site:

      – Tal

  4. Shane Bronson says:

    I have a WD live device connected to my TV. Do you know if WD Live will be able to connect to Netflix via my computer and access Australian netflix quota free?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Shane,

      We’re not sure on the functionality of WD Live, however if it acts as a means of streaming your PC desktop to your TV it’s highly likely you’ll be able to use it to stream Netflix content from any relevant devices to your television. Best to consult the user manual and any support articles online for it to see for sure.

      – Tal

  5. glenn says:

    I agree with Shaun why are customers who pay for a fixed nbn line disadvantaged with no unmetered access? It seems rather unfair as we all pay for the service…

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Glenn,

      The exclusion of Freezone access to Netflix AU applies to NBN Wireless and Satellite customers due to the technical limitations of the service and existing network agreements relating to usage and bandwidth on them. As much as we’d like to provide Freezone access via these services, it just cannot be done at this time. We’ll definitely be looking to try and correct this as time goes on, though.

      – Tal

  6. Henry Coultas says:

    With netflix is it possible to download a movie to a USB stick, to enable playing on my TV in another room. My wife is partially disabled and as my computer is in another part of the house it would be inconvenient
    for her to watch a movie on my small computer screen.
    My iinet ADSL connection is marginal at best how would that affect the use of Netflix?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Henry,

      With licensing agreements and regulations it won’t be possible to download what’s presented via Netflix. However, Netflix is available on a multitude of devices including Smart TV’s, Gaming consoles and our own IPTV set top box that can work in other rooms from where the modem is located thanks to devices such as a wireless bridge.

      It may be worth speaking to our support team on 13 22 58 to see how you can prepare the necessary rooms and internet connection in your home for the launch of Netflix to best suit your needs.

      – Tal

  7. Scott says:

    Of course fixed wireless misses out again and the wonder why ppl illegally download

  8. Chris says:

    Once the TPG buy out of iiNet os complete, will customers who sign up with Netflix still get the quota free deal?

  9. Ken Stevens says:

    Hi, You keep sending me every thing about Netflix but the only thing I am interested in is the monthly cost, why cant you let me know the cost before Netflix arrives, I no Netflix is coming but I have no idea of the cost and I will NOT sign up until I no what I will be paying.

    KP Stevens

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Ken,

      It’ll be up to Netflix themselves to announce the pricing as we’re not privy to it at this time. It’s not much longer until the launch and there will certainly be a price listing available from them on or closer to the 24th.

      – Tal

  10. Jackie says:

    No mention of what the ‘low monthly fee’ might be!

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Jackie,

      We’re not privy to the specific pricing of Netflix will be when it launches but are sure it will definitely be of some value given the added benefit of quota-free access for all our applicable customers! Stay tuned to the Netflix page for more information on or closer to the launch date!

      – Tal

  11. DC says:

    the netflix subscription is mth by mth or fixed contract?

    the diff tiers of subscriptions impact only on the quality n number of device access , not the content ?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi DC,

      It’s likely Netflix will follow a similar structure to it’s existing offering in other countries. More details will be sure to be announce on or closer to the official launch on March 24!

      – Tal

  12. Paul Howe says:

    So what’s the story for those of us on NBN wireless ?
    Can we even get Netflix ?
    And why aren’t we on the unmetered options ?
    Does iiNet pay more for NBN wireless than NBN fibre data ?
    Otherwise I fail to see why we are excluded from the quota free plans.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Paul,

      We’re unable to offer unmetered contact on Netflix AU due to existing network arrangements and limitations of the NBN Wireless and Satellite networks. We’ll continue to try and improve the inclusions of this and other offers in the future as the NBN rolls out across Australia!

      – Tal

  13. Rachel Farland says:

    Why even bother with Netflix Autralia and iQ3 when hundreds of thousands of Aussies have been watching US Netflix already through PureVPN? Its super-easy to make an account on US Netflix using PureVPN and one account works just as well across all Netflix regional websites. I think even iQ3 and Netflix Australia combined can’t match the power of VPN technology!

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Rachel,

      We’re of the mind that the use of a VPN shouldn’t be necessary and want to see more content brought to Australian shores that’s both affordable and more easily accessible to all users. We’re very pleased with the arrangements made to provide quota-free access to Netflix in Australia without the need for many of our customers to consider if they need to upgrade the quota inclusions on their plans.

      You can read more about our position and thoughts on how providing more access will help here.

      – Tal

  14. Les says:

    Will I have to subscribe to Fetch TV to access Netflix?

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Les,

      No you won’t. There are a whole range of ways you can watch Netflix i.e. Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromcast, Playstation, Xbox. Fetch TV is just one of them 🙂

      – Christian

  15. Daniel says:

    Just got iinet fixed wireless nbn and have the Netflix apps downloaded ready to go!!….Oh excludes nbn fixed wireless! What!!!!!

  16. Alison says:

    Really disappointed it’s not on fixed wireless. Once again, if you’re not in the cities, you miss out.

  17. Glenda Tatti says:

    Really interested in netflix as i have seen it in amercia. The reason i am hesitating now is your information looks great but doesn’t actually tell you anything. Great australain content – what the heck does that mean? What will we actually get if we sign up. No cost stated either.
    i keep looking up details on all your emails but it’s just more of the same vague info and no actual info.

  18. Karw says:

    What is the monthly charge for Netfix?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Karw,

      No pricing has been announced yet, but we’ll be sure to share the news once it’s released.

      – Tal

  19. Dene Charlesworth says:

    What about fixed wireless??

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Dene,

      NBN Fixed wireless customers are unable to receive unmetered Netflix due to our agreement with NBNco regarding network congestion. We of course want to offer this benefit to as many customers as possible, but not at the expense of network quality.

      – Christian

  20. Ian Large says:

    Even though we are not going to get unfettered usage on fixed wireless, does this mean that we’re not going to be able to get it all through iinet. By the way, I agree with Shaun.

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Ian,

      NBN wireless customers will still be able to watch Netflix, as long as their bandwidth supports the video stream.

      – Christian

  21. Richard Creswick says:

    Not available with wireless NBN ?

  22. Les Whittet says:

    Like Shaun, I have an NBN fixed wireless connection – why should we always be second class citizens!

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Les,

      This is due to the specific terms of the Wholesale agreement between NBNco and ISP regarding congestion on NBN wireless services.

      – Christian

  23. Barry says:

    I’m a IINet customer and keep getting email about Netflix but no repeat no where does iiNet et mention costs to THERE customers.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Barry,

      Unfortunately we don’t have information on Netflix’s subscription pricing as of yet. As soon as we do though, we’ll be sure to share it with our customers.

      – Tal

  24. Robert says:

    My question is the same as Shaun as I will have no choice NBN fixed wireless is with me in the 2nd quater of this year.

  25. John Leipold says:

    Why is it when I follow the suggestion in your article: Information about Netflix pricing and availability will be available on that website unquote – all I get is the advice that the information will be emailed at a future time?? Am I expecting too much from the modern geek use of the English language?

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi John,

      The pricing and subscription costs of Netflix Australia haven’t yet been announced. Once there announced on the release date, that link will have more information.

      – Christian

  26. Matthew says:

    Might be worth looking into once my ADSL2+ connection gives me better than 450kb download speeds.
    Until then its a complete waste of time!

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Matthew,

      Speeds on any iiNet Connection should be at least around 1.5Mb/s (150KB/s). have you already spoken with our support team on 13 22 58 about what could be causing the slow speeds and what can be done to improve them?

      – Tal

  27. Linc says:

    Mmmmm….nothing I have seen so far has been very forthcoming with what we can watch..when I finally got onto something like it on the Netflix website, there was a list of about 27 shows. Surely there’s more than that. Not long to wait now….

  28. Anonymous says:

    Who owns Netflix? There are some media owners that I don’t wish to support.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Anon,

      Netflix is a publicly listed company headed by Reed Hastings as it’s CEO.

      – Tal

  29. maurice grice says:

    When we can access adsl2 I will join? Regards maurice

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Maurice,

      Have you contacted our sales team to see if ADSL2 is available in your area? We of course want to offer it to as many customers as possible, so if you have any questions please call 13 19 17.

      – Christian

  30. Deb says:

    I’m excited. I hv used the US netflix previously. I believe the content won’t be as great to start with but will build.
    I hope they keep the prices reasonable it’s it’s not another thing that’s SO much more expensive in Australia. But so far reports seem to indicate reasonable pricing. Bring it on! Can’t wait.

  31. Andrew says:

    For a list of Netflix compatible devices go here:
    Don’t no how up to date it is though.

    For the person who asked about WD Live it is on that list.

    For the person who asked about getting locked into contract, the terms of use clearly state it is Month to Month billing and you can stop whenever you like.

    It really isn’t hard to find this info people. Just use google. Also iiNet clearly posted a link to the Netflix terms of use. It has a lot of info and is the same for all countries they are setup in

  32. Tom says:

    I am a ling standing iinet customer. I do not have Fetch. I gather that I need to subscribe to Fetch to get the free zone with Netflix, correct?

    If I must, I suspect there will be content overlap which will reduce value….please comment on how much potential overlap one can expect

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Tom,

      While we’re excited about adding the Netflix app to Fetch TV, this is only one method of watching quota free Netflix. Quota free Netflix can also be viewed on a range of other devices i.e. Android, iOS, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Apple TV, Google Chromecast etc. As long as you’re at home using your iiNet broadband service, Netflix will be quota free. Any specifics concerns please contact our support team (13 22 58).

      – Christian

  33. Pinkbug says:

    Hi very exciting news to hear… I do however have one question – is Netflix captioned for hearing impaired? Thanks

  34. Kathy says:

    What “existing network arrangements and limitations of NBN Wireless”? I was not informed when I signed up to NBN Wireless that I would be restricted in anyway and assumed I’d be getting same treatment as any other Iinet customer. Iinet still offer free zone on my service so why restricted when comes to netflix. Smells a bit fishy.

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Kathy,

      These are terms laid out in the wholesale agreement between NBNco and ISPs regarding the traffic that can be sent through the service. While NBNco would know more detail about why they made the decision, we believe it is designed to prevent congestion on the network, and keep the service running as quickly as possible for all.

      – Christian

  35. Alex says:

    Can you tell me if you will have an app for Netflix Australia on the Roku 3 media player.
    I know they are an american media player, but there are lots of them in Australia due to their good speed and features.
    Since you have a netflix US app on there, could you update this to allow us aussie’s to use netflix Au on it? Then i’ll be signing up 🙂

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Alex,

      This will be a question you’ll need to ask Roku. We’re proud to be partnering with Netflix to provide it quota free to our customers, but we aren’t in charge of the Netflix distribution. The app should be available on a range of devices, but we’re unable to confirm specifics.

      – Christian

  36. David says:

    typical of iinet giving the nbn wireless users the rough end of the stick! you know who the nbn wireless users are so why send pointless emails giving us false hope! good one iinet we pay for a service but do not get a service!

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi David,

      Our apologies there if the email you received incorrectly advised that you can receive quota-free Netflix. While information on Netflix was sent to many customers, only those eligible to receive the quota free benefit should have been told as such.

      – Christian

  37. Alan says:

    Sure we are all very excited about the possibility to watch our favorite shows, the same day that they are aired in the US, etc…

    However, from my point of view, the main three concerns that we all have are:
    – Granted that we all have different taste, when it comes to our favorite shows, but as a minimum, we expect to get: “Game of Thrones”, “Arrow”, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”, “The Walking Dead”, etc…
    Rather than dozens of odd shows that no one cares.

    – I’m sure that if they stick to $10 to $15 per month, as many competitors are offering, many people will join. I know I would.

    *Data allowance
    – Likely for many (unfortunately not all of us with iiNet), we have this issue sorted. Hope that any standard ADSL2+ is included in the free quota, and that the fact that needs to be streaming will mean, that other members in the house maybe watching youtube or some other internet services, putting a bit of a strain to the good old ADSL2+, which at times may became erratic and slow.

    All in all, good news

  38. Harry says:

    Still got to pay subscription for Netflix. Would I be better off with TV pad? With TV pad, I can stream live sports, and still watch movies, Asian TV shows and dramas, whereas Netflix is restricted.

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Harry,

      Netflix will open up a whole range of TV shows and movies that would otherwise be inaccessible. It’ll also be unmetered if you’re using an iiNet broadband service.

      – Christian

  39. John Ward says:

    Hi Tal … Why should I sign up if I have Fetch and it will cost more $5 more than Foxtel/month on their latest promotion

    John Ward

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi John,

      Netflix offers a range of TV Shows and movies that will expand your entertainment choices even further. All of Fetch TV’s content is “on demand” so no need to wait and schedule recordings.

      – Christian

  40. Jason Langer says:

    You can’t even sign up yet and they launch in 2 days also we don’t even know how much this is going to cost yet. I’m probably going to try it and stream though my xbox one.

  41. Nicole says:

    Hi. Will I be able to use my Apple TV to stream Netflix quota free? It is connected to my iinet broadband.

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      As long as the Apple TV isn’t configured to use a separate DNS, then yes you can 🙂

      – Christian

  42. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the prompt response

  43. Ken Dally says:

    Once again regional users are discriminated against with no unmetered access with fixed wireless broadband. The whole point of the NBN was to remove the gross discrepancy between city and rural/regional internet users, yet it continues. As fixed wireless towers have a fixed maximum number of users to ensure there is adequate bandwidth what’s the issue?

  44. Phil says:


    You asked for shows that people would like to see and you get a bunch of whingers! And whingers with terrible spelling!

    I want to see Game of Thrones, that Da Vinci show, Breaking Bad and Shameless. Are they going to be on Netflix? Because if they are, hallelujah! GOODBYE FOXTEL! Save myself some money and go back to why we used to get Foxtel in the first place: so we didn’t have to watch ads.

    Now I pay for TV and for the privilege it’s bombarded with mmmphing ads!!! So I say:


  45. Robert says:

    Why advertise without prices it makes me think you have something to hide at least Stan tells you how much

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Robert,

      All will be revealed when Netflix launches tomorrow!

      – Christian

  46. Peter says:

    Great job guys! Free Netflix quota via iiNet is a great deal for your customers.

  47. Mark says:

    Hi, I am still renting the Fetch generation 1 set-top box from iinet so won’t be able to use netflix. How do I upgrade to generation 2 set-top box??

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Mark,

      If you’d like to upgrade, please call our Fetch TV directly on 1300 701 006. Upgrading will involve a contact on the new set top box, but the switch over is nice and easy.

      – Christian

  48. Emma says:

    For the technologically challenged like myself, what does unmetered mean? Does it mean that is does come off our internet quota for the month?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      That is exactly what it means, Emma.
      It will appear in your toolbox under “Freezone” usage, right next to your monthly allocated data.

      You can watch any content from Freezone to your hearts content without worrying about hitting your quota and being shaped.

      – Amy

  49. Tony says:

    As an iiNet customer with Fetch, I was expecting to see Netflix appear as a new option within the system.

    Instead, it looks as though I still need to sign up on the Netflix site, and somehow integrate Netflix to my system.

    Is this correct?

    Why not simply add Netflix in the same way that you add extra subscriptions, such as the extra sport or foreign-language subs?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Tony,

      Netflix is a paid subscription service not affiliated with Fetch TV.
      While we are happy to provide quota free viewing of Netflix through Fetch TV and iiNet Fixed Line connections, we aren’t reselling the memberships so we can not integrate this onto your monthly iiNet bill.

      We think it’s pretty reasonably priced and you get your first month free, so if you don’t see the benefit, you can cancel your subscription, risk free!
      Head over to their site and check it out.

      – Amy

  50. Mick says:

    some people clearly do not read thru other posted questions to see what they want to know has already been answered!

    As for those wanting to know the content. Well I’ve been running Netflix for past 2 years using a VPN and believe me you won’t be finding any new episodes of your current favourite tv shows. You certainly won’t be finding HBO shows like Game of Thrones. Netflix does however have its own shows which you get all episodes at once in a season like House of Cards.

    I recommend Netflix as a companion for other methods you may already use to watch/stream content mostly due to the cost. The quality is very good even for ADSL+ as I’ve never had buffering issues. Enjoy

  51. Kate says:

    Will more shows be available over time? Not ONE of the shows I was hoping to see is on the list…

    • Amy Pearce says:

      That’d be more of a question for Netflix, Kate.
      Due to agreements and rights with other paid subscription services, it’s impossible for one service to have all content available.

      But if you have specific shows in mind, have a chat with them over on their Facebook page or their help centre.

      – Amy

  52. Ann says:

    Is watching Netflix on ipad streaming free.

  53. Mick says:

    Kate- there will always be new shows popping up on Netflix however in Australia certain commercial network as well as Foxtel have exclusive rights to certain shows and it’s unlikely these shows will appear on Netflix straight away. Breaking Bad for instance is on Netflix but could only show episodes long after they had been aired and the current season had finished.
    Also HBO is very soon to start their own streaming service called HBO GO which will almost guarantee HBO shows like Game of Thrones, True Detectives etc won’t appear on Netflix and it wouldn’t surprise me if they made all their shows unavailable in the future.
    Netflix shouldn’t be viewed as a source of new content it’s more like a a catalogue of tv shows, movies, docos you would of once found in the weeky hire section of your local video store (remember them) with the odd new show here and there but not many. There’s a lot of B grade movies on Netflix. Still I find Im more likely to find something to watch on Netflix than I am channel surfing Foxtel.

  54. David says:

    Question. If somebody pays for fetch tv does that mean you can still get Netflix although it is an nbn wireless connection?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi David,

      Yes of course you can still access Netflix via an NBN Wireless connection, it just won’t be quota-free.

      – Amy

  55. Toni Rosey says:

    Is TRANSACT in Canberra( now iiNet owned ) any different as far as the Netflix free data streaming?

    We connect to Transact(iiNet) via a local ISP provider so I am just checking that the Netflix service and benefits of free streaming via this are available to us?

    The strange set up is we receive a monthly bill from iiNet and then pay a further smaller fee to the local ISP to provide internet connectivity via the old Transact network here in the ACT.

    Thank you for any help / information.


    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Toni,

      Unfortunately not.
      If you were paying Grapevine or iiNet for the data allocation, then yes, Freezone would be available to you.

      If you did want to discuss or switch over to a Grapevine or iiNet data plan, give us a call on 13 30 61.

      – Amy

  56. Joseph says:

    am looking on the aps on my fetch tv box and have not got the netflix ap? How do I get is?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Joseph,

      You may be on an older ‘Gen 1’ model Set Top Box which does not support the Netflix app. If you’re not sure or need to upgrade it’d be best to give our team a call on 13 22 58 so we can help determine this and the best way to get you access to Netflix!

      – Tal

  57. MAURICIO says:

    Hi, I have been trying to sign up since yesterday but every time, there is a message saying “web page is not available”, Is anybody else having these problem? Thanks.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Mauricio,

      There may have been a few errors in signing up due to the high demand an uptake that comes with the launch. Have you since been able to sign up and start streaming?

      – Tal

  58. Megan says:

    How do I get Netflix on our fetchtv? Thanks

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Megan,

      Access to Netflix will be added to the App section on the Fetch TV menu via the Set Top Box for those using the current generation of hardware a (displayed on our site). If you have an older set top box or any difficulty in accessing the app, it’s best to contact our support team on 13 22 58 so we can assist you directly.

      – Tal

  59. Danny says:

    great to see that iiNet got Netflix and gave their customers the choice. that’s why I’ve been with iiNet for about 9 years. One thing, can you include outdoor channel stuff. I hike, camp and hunt and there’s no real life stuff on there like that. Great stuff. keep going.

  60. Tony says:

    OK, I have subscribed to Netflix. I can watch it easily on my PC and iPad.

    However, I see no option to access Netflix within the Fetch TV system.

    The Fetch website shows Netflix appearing as a new app. But on my system there’s no Netflix showing in the app section, or anywhere else that I can find. I have tried rebooting the entire system, including the router, but still nothing shows.

    How do I access Netflix from Fetch?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Tony,

      It’s the Fetch Gen2 set-top-boxes that have the Netflix app.
      The Gen1 boxes do not have the ability to watch Netflix unfortunately.

      We can upgrade you box if it is the older style, just give us a call when you can on 1300 701 006.

      – Amy

  61. leigh says:


    I called the iinet call centre yesterday and was told that netflix is only unmetered if I access it through free zone, not the app on my samsung smart tv. I have tried this and it is a massive pain to first go through a browser to access netflix and the scrolling is terrible. Any suggestions? I just want to use the app on my tv, nothing else.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Leigh,

      As long as your TV is connected to an iiNet Fixed Line service, viewing through the app should be quota free.
      Apologies for any miscommunication yesterday, we are working on sending out further info to our call centres to clear up any confusion as we speak!

      – Amy

  62. Mark says:

    I’ve read the responses re using Apple TV. Very encouraging but the Netflix App isn’t available on Apple TV in Australia, or at least it wasn’t last time I looked. Do you know if Apple Australia has plans to push the app or will I need to download the Netflix App to my Apple TV? I’ve found the app on Apple Store but it doesn’t appear comparable with Apple TV.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Mark,

      The Netflix app should be available on Apple TV as this is a supported platform and we have seen some feedback from users enjoying the quota-free content on their hardware. You may need to contact Apple or Netflix if there’s any issues in getting access now that Netflix has launched.

      – Tal

  63. Brian says:

    For a new product there is virtually no information here.
    Explaining it in a flash 1 min Youtube video made me feel less comfortable.
    How long so you have the sign up for?
    How do we see a live demo of the product in action?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Brian,

      There’s no minimum period for your Netflix subscription and new users receive a free month’s subscription on signup that can be cancelled without debit before the month has elapsed. We’d recommend giving it a go to see how you feel about the quality and range of content available!

      – Tal

  64. Danny says:

    Will outdoors, real life programs be included in your listings. I hike, camp and hunt and there’s nothing on there like that.


    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Danny,

      There’s a huge range of shows available to choose from on Netflix and new users receive a free month’s access on signing up which can be cancelled before any billing takes place if you decide you’d rather not continue. Give it a look or check out any listings online to see if there’s something that takes your interest!

      – Tal

  65. Q1 Is there a device that can connect between a dumb TV and the internet for NetFlix.

    Q2 Can I use some sort of scheduler that allows me to download what I want during my my off peak time store for a short time and then watch them at my convenience.
    The reason for the download in off Peak is that if I try to download during peak the network will choke while downloading is going on as other users will complain.

    Q2 What is the most useful resolution for a network connection speed of ADSL2 and what sort of download times I can expect for a movie of said resolution.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Bruce,

      1. Yes! Many devices such as our own IPTV set top box and current/last gen gaming consoles have had Netflix added, allowing you to access the content from the convenience of your loungeroom.

      2. Netflix is an on-demand platform meaning that you can queue up and program to watch whenever you like. There’s no need (or option) to download programs ahead of watching and as it’s freezone for many iiNet users we recommend putting the off-peak usage to use with other downloads where possible.

      3. Resolution of streamed content will vary and adjust to match your internet connection’s speed at the time. All times would be practically within the time it takes to watch with no buffering!

      – Tal

      – Tal

  66. Stella Artois says:

    THANKYOU for making netflix EXTRA FREE iinet!! We really appreciate it

  67. Rodney says:

    I wonder why Australia Netflix have very little Christian movies as USA Netflix have so much Christian movies.
    I believe both USA and Australia should have same Netflix.

  68. gail says:

    Got excited over Netflix and have subscribed thru the iinet link; all good on the computer but nothing on the fetch menu…no app!!Service call absolutely no help…said it goes thru the tv not Fetch?? Not happy at this point…can you help?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Gail,

      If you don’t see the Netflix icon in the app menu on Fetch, you may have the Gen1 box.
      You will need the current Gen2 Fetch set-top-box to view Netflix through.

      Give us a call so we can upgrade you, any time on 13 22 58.

      – Amy

  69. Elizabeth says:

    I am not familiar with Netflix – can I get subtitles for all their movies and shows (like ABC iview for example)?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Netflix is an online streaming service.
      It has a massive catalogue of TV shows, movies, kids content and documentaries.
      As a new customer, you can sign-up for a free month trial to see if you enjoy the content. After your free month, you can choose to carry on from $8.99 a month.
      Head to the Netflix website to learn more.

      If you do view your Netflix account from an iiNet broadband service, it won’t affect your monthly iiNet quota!

      And, yes, it does offer subtitles, easily toggled on and off for each program.

      – Amy

  70. Tony Willis says:

    Sound good, but no use to me as my internet speed is abysmal, and NBN wont be available to my address in my lifetime. Looks like I am stuck with Foxtel at $125 per month

  71. Peter says:

    I want to join Netflix through iinet fetchtv. I have this connected to one Tele but also have an Apple TV connected to another which now has a Netflix app. If I watch Netflix on the Apple TV, will it still be quota free as it is coming though my iinet nbn?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Peter,

      If you have an eligible iiNet connection, all devices accessing Australian Netflix will allow quota free streaming.
      Fibre NBN is an eligible product 🙂

      – Amy

  72. paul says:


    Please keep us in the bush informed of any upcomming changes to give us hope of a better service.I understand we are governed by the NBN provider.It is a kick in the butt when you read how good the plans are in the metro areas


  73. john crossley says:

    Oh well, another service I will not be able to get on my iinet connection. My ADSL2+ really only runs at just above ADSL speed. NBN is so far off I think I might have to consider another provider if I want netflix. We are 8km from the centre of Brisbane, but nothing showing on the NBN site for the next couple of years.

  74. Pia says:

    I have Home-4 Turbo, am I entitled to free streaming for Netflix?

  75. john smith says:

    will we need to use the higher speeds offered
    to get good results using Netflix Please?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Netflix is a streaming service with their own dedicated servers in Australia.
      If you have no issues browsing on your current connection now, then you shouldn’t have any issues accessing Netflix.

      The first month is free for a trial, no reason not to check it out –

      – Amy

  76. KD says:


    I signed up to Netflix without realising it is quota free if I signed up through the iinet link. Do you need to have signed up through this link to access Netflix quota free? Or willl use of my existing Netflix account automatically not count towards our quota?


    • Amy Pearce says:

      You don’t have to use the link to get quota free.
      Just make sure you access NetflixAU through a Fixed Line iiNet service to get your quota in the Freezone.

      – Amy

  77. It says:

    Are Off Net plans included in the quota free Netflix deal?

  78. mark says:

    Joined netflix when it started on NBN and last night noticed a degradation of download speed and picture quality. I shall keep an eye on it.

  79. mark says:

    Joined netflix when it started on a 100Mb NBN connection and its been great until last night when we noticed a degradation of download speed and picture quality

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Mark,

      If you are noticing any speed issues on your service, please get in touch with Support to troubleshoot your connection.
      We’re available 24/7 on 13 22 58.

      – Amy

  80. Jane says:

    Hi. I am an iinet adsl broadband customer.

    i signed up for Netflix from Apple TV using my iTunes id so that the monthly Netflix fee would be billed to my iTunes account.

    does this mean i will be accessing Netflix quota free?


    • Amy Pearce says:

      Provided your Apple TV is connected via WiFi or Ethernet to an iiNet fixed line connection then yes, it will be part of the Freezone.

      – Amy

  81. KB says:

    Without signing up for Netflix, is there a full/larger list of available TV shows/movies (all I can find is the original few pictures shown on the main Netflix page – House of Cards, etc)

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey KB,

      The full listing is not published on the NetflixAU website, but some users have uploaded it around the web.
      You may be able to find the list from a Google search or by signing up to the free first month.
      If you don’t see the benefit, you can cancel your subscription at no cost.

      – Amy

  82. Chas says:

    I have a WD media player which doesn’t support Netflix. What should I do?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Chas,

      Netflix is available on many devices.
      You can plug your computer into your TV or purchase a streaming device such as a Chrome Cast in order to play on your TV.

      The other options are watching directly on your PC or Laptop or getting iiNet TV with Fetch and watching directly through the Fetch TV set-top-box.

      Give us a call to discuss 13 22 58.

      – Amy

  83. araç takip says:

    Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.