The power is in your hands: iiNet TV goes mobile


iiNet TV with Fetch is already pretty cool.  An awesome PVR to record TV, the latest movies on demand, and lots of great channels mean you never hear the phrase “there’s nothing to watch” at home.

It was a hard task, but we’ve just upgraded your entertainment experience! We’re pleased to introduce you to the free Fetch TV App.

Entertainment goes mobile

Available for Android and iOS devices, the free app links up seamlessly to your iiNet TV set top box and lets you take control of your TV experience like never before.

Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the Fetch TV App. The key functions of the app are:

  • Watch your favourite shows and movies on your smartphone or tablet, even when you’re away from home.
  • Watch free-to-air TV recordings from anywhere at home – while you’re cooking in the kitchen, hanging out on the patio or enjoying a long soak in the bathtub!
  • Two different devices can stream different content – at the same time.
  • Use your mobile device just like a remote control.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these snazzy features.

Watch content away from home

Now you can watch Fashion Police while you’re at the pub.

  • Enjoy your favourite shows away from home – whether you’re on the bus, in the doctors’ waiting room, or at the hairdresser. Watch iiNet TV by streaming selected channels straight to your tablet or smartphone.
  • To avoid any nasty bill shock the Fetch TV App will alert you when you’re viewing content on 3G or LTE (Long Term Evolution, wireless communication of high-speed data for smartphones). While you’re at home just disable data roaming and switch over to your home Wi-Fi network.

Different shows, different devices – at the same time

  • A cool new feature of the app is that you can playback Movie Box or selected Entertainment Plus Pack channels on 2 different devices at the same time. That means you can be watching Legally Blonde in the lounge while the kids enjoy the Disney Channel on a tablet in the next room.
  • A total of 3 devices can be registered for streaming and you can switch playback devices if you need to switch to a different device. There is a limit of 2 switches per calendar month and 10 switches per calendar year.

All the controls at your fingertips

  • View a selection of Entertainment Plus channels at home or on the go while away from home.
  • Stream movies from iiNet TV’s Movie Box when you subscribe to Entertainment Plus.
  • Use your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control: adjust volume, browse and change channels from the TV Guide, schedule and manage recordings.
  • Purchase movies direct from the app to play on your TV, using the security of your existing PIN.
  • Set up recordings while you’re away from home. No need to rush home just to hit “record”.
  • While you’re at home on Wi-Fi you can also watch your set top box hard drive SD Free-to-Air recordings.

Want to know more?

Take iiNet TV with Fetch for a test drive and see exactly what it’s like with our online experience.

For more details on pricing, packages and features just visit our website.


  1. Tony says:

    Windows Mobile has been around longer than android & IOS but No Apps.

  2. Ben Woodcock says:

    Windows phone version please.

  3. Rosemary says:

    My plan includes watching ABC TV for free, that is none of my download quota is used up. But this is only if I watch via the ABC’s website (which means I have to use my PC). If I watch via my iPad I have to use the ABC’s iPad App and that by-passes the free download and so It counts as download. I prefer to watch TV on my iPad. Does this new iINet app mean I can now watch any ABC shows I want on my iPad and not have the download counted against my quota?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Rosemary,

      If you watch the ABC shows through the Fetch TV app on your iPad over iiNet WiFi, then yes, this will be unmetered.


  4. Ian says:

    Will it work when you are overseas?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Ian,

      It does have a geo-location lock to Australia only, meaning you won’t be able to watch content while overseas.
      Unfortunately, we do not have the rights to ship the content over the networks in other countries.


  5. Howard Moore says:

    I don’t have an iPhone or Android device. I use a Nokia Windows smart phone. When will people start to write apps for these devices, there are a lot of them around.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      There are a few of us here that have Windows phones too, Howard.

      Hopefully soon!

      Cheers, Amy.

  6. Janet St Jack says:

    I live in the real world .I love the birds & watch what they are up to. I love the sun on my back while gardening etc. Having a Mobil plus ipad & all that goes with it next to my elbow would drive me mad. enjoying what the neighbors tell me is great.I am a realist. While everyone is yelling down their Mobil phone on the train ,I enjoy the ride,

  7. Ron Grass says:

    I have a good time reading your mailings and new items about. I don’t get to spend much time, I have a heap of virus and pest on my computer. I often think about giving it away.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hey Ron,

      Thanks for the comment!

      We’d definitely recommend speaking to a computer technician about the best means of fixing the PC or cleaning any potential issues before passing it on.


  8. Stanley says:

    I am keen to know more detals of this Fetch TV App.
    I have signed up for a broadband service can i use the Fetch TV App and remotely watch TV programs.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Stanley,

      The iiNet TV app needs to be paired with a primary IPTV service, you’ll need to add this to your existing ADSL service before you can use it remotely.

      Definitely give us a call on 13 19 17 to discuss what we can arrange for you.


  9. Cyber Trekker says:

    Is there any news pertaining to the possibility of a Sci-Fi channel and some channel like TV1? For unless these type of channels are offered, unfortunately there’s not much incentive for me to change from Foxtel, even though I would like to support iiNet more.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      We are constantly looking at bettering our products and this is great feedback for our Fetch TV team.

      You can email them directly with any suggestions/feedback at


  10. susan molan says:

    Point 1.
    Have already tried your Fetch TV, my son found it difficult to set up would have been better for it to have been set up by your staff..(if available in this area)
    Point 2.
    The set did not have a fully functioning CC setting for all programs tv shows or Movies…even when I knew they were available if one bought the dvd.
    so if I were to reconsider those would be my main concern..

  11. Michael Vertigan says:

    Does it work on an ordinary TV?

    I have no tablet or iphone, I used a samsung fold up that runs my business without problems and have no desire to change a winning formula for dodgy technology (my wife has a touch screen that causes no end of problems, never properly fixed and always going flat)

  12. Jeff says:

    The app works a treat. Not being very tech savvy I had to google for advice on how to connect my phone to the set top box. Found very simple instructions …I reckon they ought to be given in the above article …..might be useful to some folks!

  13. Brian McConnell says:

    Would love to start using it but how do I find the name of may phone and connection number

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Brian,

      Information about your account and services is available on both your invoices and via toolbox. If you need any assistance we’re available 24/7 on 13 22 58.


  14. ashok chotai says:

    Why can’t we watch all the subscription channels at present ?

    We subscribe to “Taj Mahal” package and can only watch about a 1/3 of the normally available channels !


    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Ashok,

      That shouldn’t be the case. Give our Fetch TV team a call and have a chat about it.
      1300 701 006 7 days a week 6am-6pm WST


  15. GEOFF BALL says:

    as always Wesnet is way ahead of any rivals

  16. sandra collingburn says:

    hi looking at getting fetch but wanted to know if i can use my samsung smart box with wifi as as device as apps can be loaded onto it just the same as my galaxy phone and tablet ?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Sandra,

      You can use your Samsung box as a storage device, for apps and as a secondary set top box, but I do not believe it can be used the same as the Android or iPhone apps.
      By all means, try to connect it the same way you would your smart phone or tablet and see how it goes.

      Thanks, Amy.

  17. joe colosi says:

    Love Fetchtv, Great product. Just connected to the mobile App but can’t watch live tv from my home. Can see my recorded programs but live free to air. Maybe just a minor glitch or am I doing something wrong?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Joe,

      The Fetch app will allow you to use your mobile device as a remote control, purchase movies to your set top box, set-up your recordings and watch Entertainment plus channels and recorded free to air channels. It doesn’t allow free to air viewing.


  18. cliff stocks says:

    i already have foxtel,is there any benefit to me to change to fetch