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Autism West is a not for profit organisation with a mission to enrich the lives of people affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Previously known as FOCUS (Focus on children within the autism spectrum), Autism West was established by a group of passionate parents who wanted to do something about the lack of autism services in Perth.

With a long-standing history of offering support services to the Perth community, Autism West also operates within rural areas of Western Australia. One child in every 100 is diagnosed with autism in Australia every year with the number growing every year with more awareness of the disorder.

Autism is a lifelong disorder that needs a whole community approach, from the children, to the parents, teachers and health professionals associated with the person with the ASD diagnosis.

The iiNet Team Sprint Cup is Autism West’s major annual fundraising event, the gross funds raised for 2013 was over $130,000! That’s an amazing effort from the Team Sprint Cup committee members and corporate groups.

Funds raised from the 2013 iiNet Team Sprint Cup have been applied to the running of the Autism Centre and support many of the services that Autism West provides:

  • Affordable autism therapy groups for children aged predominantly from 8 years to adults run by highly trained professionals. Groups develop skills such as bike riding, drama, anxiety relief, social skills and more
  • Free parent advocacy to members by an autism specialist psychologist
  • Free parent coffee networking sessions to members by an autism specialist psychologist
  • Argonaut autism resource centre which includes developmental toys and a wide range of autism books and resources
  • Workshops and conferences with international and national speakers highly regarded in the autism field
  • Research projects
  • The TOBY Playpad, Autism therapy tool that reaches families worldwide
  • Autism community awareness events open to all to learn more about autism spectrum disorders
  • Autism School Committee which is hoping to start the first autism school in WA to help the many families struggling in the education system and with home schooling.
Thank you for getting behind us to help support our local community centre!

For more information about Autism West, visit the Autism West website or the Autism West Facebook page.

This article was written by Gabriella La Blanca, Executive Officer at Autism West.

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