‘Tis the season to be tipping


If you’re anything like me, the advent of footy season also means it’s time to get ready for the office tipping competition.

Footy tipping competitions are the great office leveller; with workmates with only a passing knowledge of the game, often performing better than the self-appointed experts from a neighbouring desk.

To celebrate the launch of our 2012 NRL Tipping competition for iiNet and Westnet customers (with the AFL competition for iiNet and Westnet customers soon to launch), we thought we’d bring you a few helpful hints to a successful tipping season. Follow these and you’ll be in with a chance to win one of two $5000 Flight Centre vouchers.

Here are just a few mantras I follow each year in my pursuit of glory:

Don’t think too much
Footy tipping shouldn’t be a game of luck. While we wouldn’t suggest simply covering your eyes while you slam your finger down to see which team it lands on, it is best not to over-complicate things. Just because a certain team beat the other team 14 years ago in similar weather conditions, doesn’t mean the same result will repeat itself.

Never on a Monday (through Thursday)
Sure, most of your workmates will put themselves in a mad rush to tip before they leave each Friday afternoon, but it’s best to leave your tips until after Thursday. Submit your tips any earlier and you run the risk of team changes or injuries derailing your tip. The only exception is for those who go on holidays during the football season. On those occasions you may need to submit your tips days or even weeks in advance. But honestly, who’d want to go on holidays during the footy season?

Tip with your head, not with your heart
Emotionless tipping is the key. Don’t pick a certain team each and every week just because you follow that team obsessively. If you’re a team at the top of the ladder it may work out for the best, but for supporters of middle-of-the-road teams and those at the foot of the ladder it’s a disastrous route to take.

Study, but don’t obsess
A little bit of preparation never hurt anybody. Bone up on the previous round and find out which teams won, and which teams lost. Even pay attention to how teams won and who it was they beat. Tippers can get lost in a maze of information which leads them no closer to a correct tip.

If you can’t split them – go for the home team
It’s an oldie, but it’s definitely a goodie. With teams spread across the country, the home team advantage is very much alive. If you’re torn between two teams and honestly can’t decide, go for the home team. It’s better than flipping a coin.

So there you have it – five simple hints to tipping glory. Whichever team or code you follow, they’ll hopefully come in handy with a long season ahead.

Happy tipping!


  1. wally stringer says:

    any chance of televising some afl games

  2. Mat says:

    When I open the link in firefox, the site loads saying 2011 tipping and thank you for tipping the competition is over.
    Also, the banner and controls are all out of line.

  3. I have been with iinet for a couple of years and I am in nsw and we follow NRL what about a NRL tipping comp.
    and I do try to get people to change to iinet

  4. Mike Lyndon says:

    Will iinet have a AFL footy tipping for 2012?

  5. Adam says:

    With the iinet tipping comp, do you get sent a reminder email say on a thursday to ensure you don’t forget your tips.

    Thanks for having the NRL – it is a happening thing!

  6. Ernie says:

    Will surely be giving this a go this Season. Thanks.

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