TopGeeks unleashed at Melbourne Supanova

by Skaidris Gunsmith

Fellow TopGeek finalist Tahlia Celenn and I have been to a lot of conventions of late (one of the perks of being a TopGeek ambassador). As you may remember in our last article about the Melbourne Armageddon Expo, we went into great detail about the perils of attending conventions. We know how such events can quickly go from tons-a-fun to a painful drear. That said, we went along to Supanova’s Back to the Future event with an open mind.

The day was billed as a chance to see Christopher Lloyd and Val Kilmer in the flesh, have them answer some questions and sign autographs. Now, before anyone asks – yes, we realise Val Kilmer wasn’t in any Back to the Future films. With only two people giving a panel on the day, we assumed it was a case of “he’s available, so why the hell not?”

While a two-person panel might seem a bit underwhelming, amazingly it made things far more interesting. First of all, with a lack of choice there was no debate over where we would go or what we would see. Tahlia and I looked at the guide and went “Christopher Lloyd is on now, so that’s what we shall do!

Everything that happened throughout the day had our full and undivided attention. We weren’t suffering from convention fatigue (see previous Armageddon article) and we can safely say we had the chance to experience everything that was on offer to the fullest extent.

Tahlia got Val Kilmer to say “Hello Tahlia” in his most seductive Batman voice (which remarkably sounded a lot like his normal voice) and I got a wink and a “this guy knows what I’m talking about” from Val after audibly gasping when he said he had been working with director Harmony Korine (one of my favourite directors). As such I have since added “’This guy knows what I’m talking about’ – Val Kilmer” to my résumé, because you can never have too many recommendations from Batman on your résumé.

Both Val and Christopher were great in putting up with the bizarre questions from the more interesting of attendees such as “What films have you been in and can you name all of them please?” A question that was met with many a strange glance.

Even though the convention was labeled a Back to the Future-themed event, people still cosplayed as per your average convention. Bizarrely, there was a noticeable lack of Back to The Future and Batman outfits.

After a year of big ticket conventions and the accompanying ‘convention fatigue’, Supanova 2011 has given us a new perspective on such events. I’m thinking now perhaps we’ll go to some of the other smaller conventions in future. After all, the fun is wherever the fans are.

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