Why you should make the switch to NBN when it comes to you


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Have you received a letter in the mail letting you know the nbn™ has gone live in your area, asking you to switch your services to nbn™? If you’re satisfied with your current internet service, you may have dismissed it – why fix what isn’t broken? Or perhaps you weren’t really sure what it all meant.

For those not in the know, the nbn™ is the communications infrastructure being rolled out across Australia to deliver faster, more reliable Internet to all residents and businesses. This infrastructure is made up of a mix of technologies such as satellite, copper, fibre, and more. Regardless of which technology you receive, the nbn™ will be coming to you and when it does, you‘ll need to switch over or risk losing your Internet and phone connection.

The iiNet team are nbn™ experts and when it comes to making the switch over to nbn™, we believe there’s no reason to wait. Here are some of the reasons you should make the move to nbn™ as soon as it becomes available.

Do I have to switch?

The new nbn™ technologies will be replacing large amounts of the existing copper network. In certain areas, services reliant on that network, such as your landline phone and Internet, will be switched off 18 months after nbn™ becomes available. That means you must switch to nbn™ in order to continue receiving a phone and Internet service.

Switching shouldn’t be seen as a chore. If you choose iiNet as your service provider, it’s as simple as giving us a call to get the ball rolling. We make switching over easy and once it’s done, you’ll get to enjoy an upgraded broadband service.

The Power is Yours

The nbn™ isn’t a utility like water or gas with little to no choice in provider or plans. With nbn™, you’re in the driver’s seat and the choice is yours: you can choose your provider and the plan best suited for you.

You may have already seen a few providers offering nbn™ products, including iiNet. What sets us apart at iiNet is that we’re the number 1 in customer service and the nbn™ experts. We know all things nbn™ and we even put together our own FAQ video series about it, which you can check out here. We also have a variety of nbn™ plans, including Liimitless data plans, so you can find the perfect plan for your download needs and budget.

Internet for the Whole Family

There’s a lot of connectivity that goes on in a household. You’ve got someone doing their homework, someone streaming a TV show, someone playing an online game and someone on a Skype video call – all at once! On a reduced speed plan, this situation could mean slower loading times and even the dreaded buffer screen. Connecting to the superfast download speeds of the nbn™ means more bandwidth so everyone in your home can enjoy the best the internet has to offer without compromise!

Get on Board

When you get the green light for nbn™ in your area, there’s no reason to wait around to upgrade. Make the switch with iiNet by giving us a call as soon as nbn™ is available.


  1. John O says:

    When the nbn finally arrives in Bayswater (WA)it will probably be the liberal (lower case letters because of their attitude)version of FTTN not FTTP because it will be cheaper to do. So I won’t expect a great difference in speed over my current ADSL+ internet. What a shame! Was to be first world speeds but now might as well use smoke signals.

  2. Fran says:

    OK – so we connected to the NBN. A warning. Our account this month came in at an unexpectedly higher amount because WE HAD TO ACTUALLY ASK to be disconnected from ADSL and didn’t realise this until the account came the following month,so were charged for both NBN and ADSL. I feel that Westnet/iInet should explain this more clearly when one is arranging to connect to NBN. It seems that some charges are made up front rather than in arrears.

  3. David McMillan says:

    iinet should be telling people that they are not going to be supplying satellite NBN through the new skymuster satellite

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      We will be releasing NBN Sky Muster Satellite plans and will be e-mailing customers when we’re ready to go.

      – Leo.

  4. Don says:

    What annoyed me was that I got an email from NBN saying that nbn was now available, but when I tried to get connected I was told “Sorry, not in your street yet”. The nbn map shows availability, but it’s not accurate.

  5. Luisa M says:

    John O, this is a debacle because of Labor. Too far gone by the time they were ousted but at least it’s been rescued and much better than the catastrophe had Labor continued. But what can you expect with something that was started in 2008?

  6. Harold says:

    Normally I would not comment, but the crap spread by Liberal supporters Like Luisa M is to much, Malcom Turnbull’s debacle is much worse, the Fiber to the Node is at least Fifteen years out of date and has no power black out backup unlike Labor’s Fiber to the Premises. This is from a Data Tech’s point of view.

  7. Ivan Colledge says:

    The elephant in the room seems to be the cost.
    Will my current internet plan cost more when it is changed to the nbn? In all the stuff I have read about it nobody ever mentions whether the cost is going to increase.

  8. Keith Nightingale says:

    is netgear dgnd4000 a VoIP enabled broadband modem

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Whilst we don’t stock or support this model Keith, we’ve had a look online and can see that is doesn’t appear the Netgear DGN4000 is VoIP enabled. The manual does not include any VoIP related configuration and there is no designated phone port.

      Hope this helps,

      – Brianna

  9. Peter Andrews says:

    My connection to the NBN thru Iinet in a word is terrible…………….the speed ius so much slower than the ADSL2 it replaced , to me a total shambles , and a misrepresented waste of money. I strongly advise people not to connect to the NBN , the government of this day has a lot to answer for.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We can see you’ve been in contact with our Support (13 22 58) team over the past few days and they are currently assisting with the connection performance issues you’re experiencing, Peter. Let us know how you get on!

      – Brianna

  10. Roland says:

    Luisa, You seem to get your information from the Liberal Party website. Even the IINET article is not totally up-to-date. After Turnbull spent almost a billion dollars for the OPTUS cable. It proved unusable and in disrepair.

  11. Christopher Deeble says:

    I moved to NBN. It was a nuisance and disappointingly brought no obvious benefit. What lot of hype!

  12. Brad says:

    Luisa M you must be joking? This debacle of an NBN can and will be laid squarely on Tony Abbott, Malcom Turbull and the liberal party’s shoulders, it will be their legacy.

  13. shawn says:

    well i live in a permanent area of a caravan park,so whats the chances my park home would be able to connect????????????

  14. JW says:

    Hi Leo,
    What I would like to know is WHEN will iinet “be releasing NBN Sky Muster Satellite plans”? What planned timeframe? A competitor ISP has been installing NBN Skymuster modems in my area for the last 4 weeks. Very tempting to change to them. When may those who have to rely on satellite expect to hear more than promises from iinet?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi JW,

      We’ve launched our NBN Sky Muster plans! We’re keen to speak to you about this, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail ( with your contact details and we’ll arrange for a call to be made to you shortly.

      – Leo.

  15. Rob Davis says:

    I despair as being 7 km from the city of Perth our NBN is not even on the radar. Sometimes I can’t stream a YouTube video or download the content of a news article with any workable speed. Pathetic for a 3rd world country.

  16. I have no idea when NBN will be in my area; in the meantime I can’t see the point of trying to understand the different plans (which I find hard to do) when it is not relevant yet and may not be for years. i don’t really want to hear about your plans until I can do something with them.

  17. Brad R says:

    Luisa, such a load of rubbish. Just had nbn put into Mindarie. Speed has gone from 15 to 20 MB. That’s Liberal govt “progress” for you.
    Might as well have not even spent the 50 BILLION they will building that rubbish. I bet some liberal supporting companies are getting well paid though.
    Labor had a plan to build a freeway, liberals are building a dirt track and calling it a highway.

  18. Peter W says:

    Luisa M, there is a multitude of information concerning this subject, and i can see by your previous simplistic post that you require a vast amount of further information, and perhaps education. Please research what Simon Hackett, the founder of Internode, has stated on this subject.

  19. Rob says:

    Dear Luisa M, it must be so nice living in that bubble of yours. Labor originally got the ball rolling to move the entire country into the 21st century with a half decent broadband speed that would be available to most across this wide country of ours. It is the other mob who have befouled it all now – you cannot blame Labor for the faults and foibles of those who lacked the courage to see the thing through. Forget about cost blowouts of the past – how BIG, and how MANY, will be the cost blowouts TO COME – where the existing copper cabling that has been in the ground for, in some cases upwards of a century now, finally cries enough – as it WILL do. IT will then need to be replaced won’t it … If this current flavour of Govt were less interested in saving cents now (all the while knowing there will be big dollars to spend LATER …), and more interested in putting this countries future on a firm footing,. they would follow through on the ORIGINAL NBN plan – fibre to the HOME. That … is the only SENSIBLE way to achieve any real long term improvement in the telephony system. Once the NBN is live – and the present system is shut down – it will be gone forever – meaning that, when the copper wires pack it in – and they WILL – there will be NOTHING to fall back on, for as long as it takes to get around to FIXING that section of – underground – wiring !!
    Fibre to the NODE might be ok – if all our streets were less than 50 metres long … Let’s take my own street as an example here, I live in a suburb of a major capital city, ALL cabling is underground (no ‘stobie’ poles), and the street is approximately 2KM in length. I live almost at one end of it. Now, if the FTTN is at MY end, no problem, I’ll have pretty good speeds – BUT – if it were at the OTHER end of the road, that means I will be almost TWO KILOMETRES from the CLOSEST node to me – ON MY OWN STREET !!!!! That’s a lotta old copper between me and it, isn’t it … My chances of having ANY improvement with the NBN like that would be almost zero – and, guess what, that is exactly the type of NBN I’ve been lumbered with – all thanks to the Libs … This would never happen if the original plan was put in place, would it ….
    Would you like me to go on here – the problems are SO in your face obvious, that really, I shouldn’t NEED to go on, should I …
    So, don’t blame Labor – for the shortcomings of others less far sighted please …

  20. Lou A says:

    NBN so far is a dissapointment. Too much fluctuation in speed. Can go as low as 10% of plan rate. Really depends on how many users on line so less reiable than pre-NBN.

  21. A.McDonald+ says:


  22. Harry Hunter says:

    Instead of limitless data how about guaranteeing not a maximum but minimum speeds with FTTN – we are about 400m from what I guess is the node? Also I have a security system which at present contacts my mobile phone when activated will this still operate – if not why should I connect to the NBN because my insurance premiums will increase due to not having the alarm.

  23. Joe Potter says:

    My family live in Willetton and we are dead keen to be connected.
    Hopefully that will get our ‘phone cable buried in proper ducting instead of lying on a garden path from the street verge.

  24. R Johnson says:

    Copper from the node, oh how nice more lightning strikes and new phones and computers
    I was hoping to have fibre all the way to my house, but then again this is not Singapore
    is it

  25. David Wilson says:

    If this NBN is so great?! Then why is there so many unhappy customers?
    Scientifically, optical to node is the same as just running internet on just copper alone. As it is now (optical to node) it’s like trying to squeeze a square peg through a round hole.
    The government (Liberals) has shafted everyone just as much as they shafted everybody about the GST.

  26. Kage says:

    Right now I have fast Naked DSL with free Australia-wide phone calls via Voip. Quite frankly I can not see that I will get any benefit from the NBN as my speed is currently good enough but the downside is that the NBN will cost me more & the phone will no longer be free.

  27. David says:

    I’ve heard too many people have problems with really poor NBN speeds due to congestion, particularly in the evening. My ADSL2+ service has served me pretty well for years, and I won’t be in a hurry to move over to NBN when it arrives in our area – not unless the congestion problems are addressed. I don’t particularly want to have to pay out another setup fee and buy a new modem either.

  28. raymond pember says:

    I have the nbn box iinet box and modem (2) one of them a wireless modem so what else do I have to do ?

  29. Graham Davis, Sr. says:

    Got NBN and it’s slow as we have the old copper to fibre, paying for speed but my latest reading is Download 24.16 Up load 4.76 was getting these speeds with the old telstra copper line. Why are our speeds so slow?

  30. Mo Durrant says:

    ok here goes i could not get onto the nbn as i am 77 and do not understand it so i was given a number to call i and also very deaf now when i asked for some one from testra to come and help me they said it would cost $275 now i ask you were in hells name am i going to get that much money on a pension so i asked to put on to some one else and said i have it done for free or i go to the TV papers and my member of parlement i spoke to four different people all of which i could hardly understand as i could not get through to a Australian speaking person i was on the dam phone for over and hour then at last this man in India i take it said right i will cancel this one and we will send a a telstra engineer around to help you and guess what that is right i am still dam well waiting this as you are all saying is one giant debarcel some thing i did now ask for and was FORCED in to having so i will sit here and wait i wounder just how long HUMMM

  31. Doug Meikle says:

    Will the cost of iinet services go up or is there a separate nbn cost?

  32. Scrivener says:

    Does iinet produce an NBN compatible modem router that will do ac wireless as well as the SLOW n and g functions?

  33. Ted Washbrook says:

    At the moment it all appears to be smoke and mirrors with a bit, OK a lot of BS thrown in.I have no doubt that fibre must be the way to go but until I can be assured of the benefits and the COST TO ME, I think I will stick to ADSL.

  34. Sean H says:

    Hi. I am in Canberra, and currently have wired IINet VDSL2 2, thru a Huawei Modem. When NBN is rolled out to our area, will it be faster than VDSL2 or much of a muchness. I don’t want to fork out $ if it’s only likely to be 10-15% faster. Or slower?

  35. eric rawlings says:

    after reading all the comments I am absolutely confused…. is it worth staying on what I have at the moment (ADSL2 )??????
    if I stay , is it going to cost more ??????
    as I say I am confused

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Eric,

      It’s a given eventuality that a switch over to NBN will be needed at one point or another as the existing infrastructure is changed over to the new infrastructure. Depending on the plan and speed range selected from our available plan range will determine how any costs compare between your old and new service.

      If there are any concerns about the change, what’s involved and when it will be available, definitely give our support or sales team a call on 13 22 58 or 13 19 17 respectively so as to have us take a closer look at these factors.

      – Tal

  36. Bill says:

    I see that Louisa M has not replied to those whom have given her the real story. I’m with all who did that. The Liberal party messed up big time and, typically, blamed their mess on Labor. My area isn’t even close to being NBN ready. I’m near Midland WA. The existing copper from nodes to homes is in an embarrassing state of repair. If that isn’t addressed when fibre to nodes gets here (some 5 years away), I have zero incentive to switch. My line is already full of noise and, thankfully, the iinet modem I use has a chipset that is good for filtering that out. Having said that, my landline phone is terrible. It’s got so much noise that I avoid using it. If and when I do, I always hang up, then lift the handset up for a few seconds, then place it back on its cradle. It’s a well known way (for those with tech knowledge) to squelch out much of the spikes. Another thing that should be done at least once every week is power off and on your ADSL modem. That gives the capacitors time to offload spikes. Seeing as I’m 61 years old now, I cannot get serious about expecting decent internet access with the NBN currently being laid out, unless the existing copper from nodes to homes are also replaced by fibre optic cable. The Liberal party has much to answer for here but I can’t expect to get serious about them admitting that they stuffed up Labor’s well planned NBN roll-out.

  37. Terry says:

    When NBN comes into Orbost will it cost me or other westnet/iinet members to change over to NBN from ADSL

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Terry,

      Depending on any work required there may be a one-off setup charge for the connection of an NBN service. Details of the charges and when they may be applicable can be found on our terms page as well as discussed with our staff on 13 2258 during any application or signup once it’s available where we’ll know more about any relevant charges in respect to your area and any existing services.

      – Tal

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