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The morning commute, making dinner, weeding the garden – we all have chunks of time in our week when our eyes are occupied but our mind is on autopilot.

While ‘doing nothing’ is far from a bad thing (in fact, there is even a Dutch practice called ‘Niksen’ which calls upon people to be idle in order to combat burnout) it’s sometimes nice to learn something new as you go about your daily schedule.

If you’re nodding your head to what we’re saying, you’re in luck – we’ve put together a list of 15 podcasts to add to your listening rotation this spring. And don’t forget to share your old faithful listens in the comments section, too!

Australian Favourites

Dr Karl Podcast

Fun fact: when I was younger my mother desperately tried to sway me into scientific journalism by buying me a Dr Karl book each year for Christmas (the tactic almost worked). Join Dr Karl and “Dr” Lucy every Thursday as they solve the mysteries of the world via science.

The Sure thing

The untold story Australia’s biggest insider trading case. Investigative reporter Angus Grigg uncovers how two friends from university, Lukas Kamay and Christopher Hill, hatched an almost-perfect crime that was only undone by the desire for more.


You may already know Wil Anderson from the ABC hit show The Gruen Transfer but, even if you’re new to the whip-smart comedian, we promise you’ll enjoy his antics. Each week, Wil searches for the meaning of life with a special guest from all walks of life, from ex-Prime Ministers to smash-hit singers.

True Events


A podcast about… well, crime. These are stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle – all delivered in the dulcet tones of host Phoebe Judge. Some episodes are lighthearted, some question the deep flaws of the modern justice system, and all are addictive.

WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork

One of those how-did-they-get-away-with-it tales charting the story behind WeWork, a company you may recognise for their hip co-working spaces. This podcast takes you through the events that led the unicorn start-up to a steep rise and even steeper fall, complete with compelling first-hand accounts of life inside the business. Trust us – it’s a wild ride.

The Drop Out

In 2014, Elizabeth Holmes – then CEO of promising MedTech company Theranos – was declared “the next Steve Jobs”. By 2018, the company was defunct and Holmes was facing charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. The bit in between? A tangled web of passion, money, manipulation, and deceit. A gripping limited-series podcast.

Keep Learning

She’s On The Money

Don’t worry fellas, we promise this podcast is not just for women! Financial advisor Victoria Devine equips listeners with relevant and often life-changing advice on all things money – something that should have been taught to us back in high school, really. Learn how to banish debt, manage cash flow, and invest in your future.

What the Flux

Bite-sized business news tailor made for busy humans. Each episode is a 5-minute breakdown of the top three Australian or global business stories of the day, summarised by Brett and Justin Joffe. An easy and efficient way to stay ahead of the market as you grab your first coffee of the day… or second… maybe third. This blog is a judgement free zone (always).

99% Invisible

Denim, kidney shaped pools, Oklahoma, abandoned ships, national flags, brutalist architecture. If you have an insatiable desire to understand how everything works – this is the podcast for you. There’s over 400 well-researched episodes that will expand your mind with every minute (and turn you into a valuable quiz night resource).

Pop Culture

You’re Wrong About

Hosted by two highly articulate and hilarious journalists, this podcast dons a swim cap and dives deep into the events, people, and scandals that shaped modern history. From the Stone Wall Uprising to whether Yoko Ono really did break up The Beatles, they pick apart how these stories were presented (and often misrepresented) to the public by the media.

Everyone has an ex

With a name like Georgia Love, it’s not surprising the host (and ex-Bachelorette star) found herself narrating a romance podcast. This documentary-style series explores all the intricacies of human relationships – good, bad, and hilarious – to prove that every hard period you go through in love and life teaches you something important.  

Modern Love

The OG love podcast is back with another season of stories. Each year, the editors of the famous New York Times ‘Modern Love’ column trawl through thousands of essay submissions to uncover the most compelling, redeeming, poetic, and entertaining tales in the pile. Prepare to be hit squarely in the feels.

Think Deep

Grounded with Louis Theroux

How did you spend the first international lockdown? Everyone’s favourite documentarian, Louis Theroux, decided to use his time stuck at home to seek out the high-profile (yet elusive) people he’d been longing to meet. Now in its second series, the guests are bigger and bolder than ever – including singer Sia, Youtuber KSI, and even his cousin, actor Justin Theroux.

Bill Gates and Rashida Jones ask big questions

Not two people you’d expect to see in the same room – let alone the same podcast – but it somehow joyously works. Each 44-minute conversation tackles a big question floating on our modern-day minds, from whether inequality is inevitable to what the world will look like after COVID-19. Surprisingly, it’s available on Apple Podcasts.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

There are few people as interesting as Jay Shetty – bestselling author, podcast host and former monk. He is an advocate for mastering the mind by practicing gratitude, managing negativity, and overcoming overthinking. He has interviewed a slew of impressive people (from a L’Oréal CEO to Matthew McConaughey) and has a new episode out every Monday and Friday.

What podcast has captured your attention?

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