2012 – What a year!

So, 2012… how was it for you?

Looking back over the past 12 months, we couldn’t quite believe how much has happened. It’s been a jam-packed year for the iiNet family so we thought we’d take a look at the best bits of 2012.

Happy New Year, everybody!

January – Introducing ‘Learn with iiNet’ workshops

The year got off to a flying start with the launch of our ‘Learn with iiNet’ workshops, an educational program designed to give everyone the basic skills to surf the web, stay safe online and get to grips with social media.

February – Watch out, here comes iiNet’s superfast broadband!

iiNet announced regional network expansion plans, bringing superfast broadband to homes and businesses in Queensland and Darwin.

March – We downsize downtime

Switching to iiNet became easier than ever with our downsized downtime, reducing the transfer period from two weeks to just two hours!

April – Court and cats

The High Court unanimously decided to dismiss the case brought by 34 Hollywood studios against iiNet, claiming iiNet was liable for ‘authorising’ the conduct of customers who breached online copyright laws.

Meanwhile, #kittycam takes off at Cat Haven WA. Cameras + kittys + internet = WIN!

May – TopGeek 2.0 is crowned

We got our geek on for TopGeek 2.0 in a live final that saw gamer geek Steve Wright named TopGeek 2.0, bagging a trip to the E3 Expo.

June – The iiNet website gets a revamp

We thought it was time for a facelift and unveiled our snazzy new website in June.

July – Introducing the iiNet combo

Packed full of superfast broadband, a BoB 2, home phone, an online protection pack and a fetchtv starter pack or mobile SIM for the princely sum of $99 a month, the iiNet combo is like a showbag for grownups!

August – going mobile

August saw the introduction of a snazzy range of Samsung handsets for iiNet customers and we all lust after the amazing Samsung SIII and it’s big shiny screen.

September – NBN rollout

Our very first fixed wireless NBN customer was connected in September, right here in iiNet’s home in WA!

iiNet also hit the market with a new Life Upgraded campaign, because what’s the point of technology unless it upgrades your life?

October – iiStore, Hawthorn Hawks, 4G and Piix!

Senator Conroy joined us for the official opening of iiStore, an experience space below our Hay Street offices in Subiaco, Perth. There were goodie bags, cupcakes and a rousing speech from MM and a good time was had by all!

October was a busy month for us, which saw the launch of iiNet’s 4G plans. We also introduced Piix, our Digital Photo Frame and the latest addition to our product range.

October also saw some exciting sponsorship news, as iiNet was unveiled a sponsorship deal with the Hawthorn Hawks. Watch out for the iiNet logo on the back of the Hawks guernsey when the 2013 AFL season starts!

November – dinosaur, sculpture and a new entertainment venue in Perth

We were so proud to be named a founding sponsor of Perth Arena, which opened its doors in November. Everyone who visits Perth Arena can tell everyone how amazing it is using iiNet’s WiFi!

November also saw us unleash Giigasaurus, a dinosaur made from old iiNet modems saved from landfill, which was unveiled at Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney as part of our Life Upgraded campaign.

December – ASX 200 and Fetch-over-NBN

The year wraps up with iiNet entering the ASX 200! Thanks to our loyal customers, supporters and staff members we’re now one of Australia’s top 200 companies. We couldn’t be prouder.

What’s more, December sees another first as iiNet becomes the first ISP certified to deliver multicast-based Internet Protocol Television (IPTV to you and me) over the NBN.

A year to remember

2012 saw us add some new awards to our trophy cabinet, take part in one of the year’s most epic tech battles and add a range of new products to the iINet family.

It was one to remember for us – we hope it was for you too!

Happy New Year to all our blog readers, customers, staff and friends. Here’s to an even bigger and better 2013!

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    Come on now. Where’s the QA 😛

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Shane

      This is completely my fault, it looks like I copypasta’d the article straight from a word document without turning off the review markup (the blog editor brought this up with me as well).


      • Jack Cola says:

        Adam, now you have to secretly delete the comment so no one will know 😛 Shhh!!!… your secrete is safe.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Congratulations–a year well won!

  3. Loved the comments……keep up the humerous and quirky bits and pieces, makes my laugh one big jelly of laughter.

  4. alan mathews says:

    merry xmas and a happy new year to everone

  5. mary vantarakis says:

    I appriciate the patience of your staff and also the knowledge to explain in plain english, especially for someone that only has a limited knowledge on the computer.

    love you all. have a great new year to all of you all. thank you

  6. alfred offer says:

    Thank you so much!! I coud not be happier you make my computor experience so much easier. when i phone customer support they and i understand each other and for a novice this is most reasureing.
    Happy New Year and every success for 2013!