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Everything you need to know about 5G, brought to you by Westnet

The future is connected. From self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, to a fridge that can place an online grocery order for you, a slew of awe-inspiring technologies designed to make our lives easier, safer, and healthier are just on the … Continue reading


What is 5G? The new network explained

The iiNet team answer your 5G questions: What is 5G? How is 5G different to other networks? Is it safe? And more. Continue reading

Mesh WiFi

What is Mesh WiFi – and do you need it?

What would we do without WiFi – that awesome, handy way to connect devices to the internet without any pesky wires? In your home, you might find that your WiFi is stronger in some rooms than others. Perhaps you even … Continue reading

Five tips to keep your modem running smoothly, brought to you by Westnet

We tend to forget about our modems once we’ve set them up. Often, the only time they spring to mind is when the WiFi goes down – something which could actually be happening because you haven’t been giving your modem … Continue reading

Five tips to keep your modem running smoothly

Keep your modem in tip-top shape with these helpful hints from our care team. Continue reading