3FL – An Improved Gamers Resource

3FLby Geoff Searle

Our Freezone has grown in popularity among our customers who are thrilled with its access to quota-free content. As usual we’re always hard at work to make a good thing even better so we’ve dedicated a staff member to improve the content on our 3FL Gaming Network and respond to customer feedback – well done Scott Rose.

Our 3FL Gaming Network is our answer to the amount of quota used up by online gaming. The large size of game demos today and the required patches and updates many games need regularly can quickly chip away at quota limits. We understand the need for fast game servers that won’t chew through quota is a must for gamers of today.

So currently we’ve arrange the site so 3FL includes the following main areas:

Game Servers
We are approaching the 500 mark for a total number of available game servers. As I write this there are 429 players are online out of 5808 slots on 474 active 3FL servers. We have 23 Team Fortress 2 servers, 40 Killing Floor servers, almost 100 BF Bad Company 2 servers with some running the Vietnam expansion and over 375 Left for Dead2 servers. During peak periods we often see averages of 1500 to 2000 Gamers plugging into the 3FL site.

Download Repository
This is the place you can get the latest game demos and patches. If you can’t find something you are looking for – a new game demo, patch or gaming file that you think we should have available – then lodging a request will see a response within 12-24 hours. We are also keeping a lot of Revision 3 content updated as it becomes available for those who follow the Rev3 podcasts like Tekzilla and Totally Rad Show etc.

The place for discussion on anything gaming related, chat with like minded players from the 3FL game servers or get in touch with a forum mod.

News & Articles
On the main page of the 3FL site we keep you updated with regular news and articles relating to the gaming industry, with plans to also make this available through Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Whats Next?
Over the last few months 3FL has seen some great improvements in response times on queries, additions to the download repository and the maintaining of our game servers. We would like to improve it further and want to see more interaction with our gaming community. If you are a gamer, please let us know what you would like to see in improving this resource.

Any queries concerning 3FL can be emailed through to