6 eco-friendly apps we recommend for Earth Day 2023

We have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Mother Earth. It’s the planet that is our home, provides water from the skies, oxygen from the trees, and so much more. The least we can do is look after it, for now, and for generations to come. In preparation for Earth Day 2023, we’ve put together 6 eco-friendly apps to help you make greener changes.

Read more below to discover what they are.

Recycle Mate

Throwing rubbish in the bin is easy but knowing what, where, and why can be the hardest part of recycling, and that’s where Recycle Mate can help you out.

Proudly Aussie-owned, it’s our country’s first photo recognition recycling app. All you need to do is scan the barcode or type in the item’s name on your product packaging and find the right bin to put it in specific to your location.

Available for free on iOS and Android.


Want to take ownership of your carbon footprint? carbonTRACK is the app for you. Featuring ways to measure and monitor your environmental impact, this trusty eco app will encourage you to implement small strategies that will make a big difference. It’s simply a must-have energy management solution for your household and/or business to take advantage of.

Free to download on iOS and Android.

Good On You

If you’ve been on the hunt for fashion that makes you, not only look great but feel amazing, Good On You is the app you need. It’s a forward-thinking app that gives users the power to know where their garments come from. It’s all made possible through a certification scheme, allowing users access to true ethical ratings for their favourite Australian and global fashion brands.

Detailed breakdowns of the ethical (or perhaps unethical) practices can make or break a sale. With this app, you gain the peace of mind to do your bit for the world (and look good doing it).

Try it on for size and download it for today. Available for free on iOS and Android.

Eco Life Hacks – green coach

You’ve heard of daily affirmations, perhaps even daily horoscopes. How about a green tip of the day? Eco Life Hacks – green coach delivers fun green tips you can adopt to make the world a better place. These daily tips are simple everyday ideas to go green. Plus, there’s so much more on offer, from eco-friendly meetups, talks and educational resources on zero-waste products. This trusty app will even show you the correct way to dispose of non-biodegradable waste.

So go green(er) and download the app for free today on iOS or Android.

Foody Bag

Don’t be disheartened by food waste as a business owner, find it a second life! With Foody Bag, you can waste food no more. Businesses can log on and register their food surplus. Customers can then see where to buy this surplus for a delicious, big discount. Businesses can feel and do better by reducing their food waste and customers can grab a bargain. With less food ending up in the skip bin, it’s a win-win for all. Except, of course, if you’re a bin chicken.

Available for free on iOS and Android.


Did you know the average person living in a Western society throws away one kilogram of waste per day? If we don’t do better now, CO2 emissions are set to quadruple by 2050.

It’s said that the home is where the heart is. Psst…it’s also where a lot of our waste is kept. Olio is your new best friend in making eco-friendly choices when it comes to waste. Decluttering your home is mission: possible. Olio allows you to connect with neighbours in need. From pasta sauce to surplus baking day treats, unwanted books, toys and more. Sharing is caring!

Available for free on iOS and Android.

We hope these apps will empower you to make sustainable decisions in your everyday life.

Happy Earth Day everybody!

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