7 Fetch features you need to try out

Are you a Fetch master?

With the Fetch team working hard to bring new and improved features to your Fetch box, you never know when you may be surprised by a cool new feature, a new app or a quality-of-life upgrade.

Find out about some of the latest Fetch features available on the Mini or Mighty here and see if you missed out on anything while you were binging your favourite shows.

Voice Control with the Fetch Mobi App

The Fetch Mobi App now includes Voice Control functionality, which lets you tell Fetch what to do using your phone. To access this feature, simply follow these steps:

  • Download the Fetch Mobi App from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Pair it with your Fetch box
  • Open the remote control in the app.
  • Press and hold the microphone icon and give Fetch commands.
  • You can then search across Fetch in one go using your voice!

Integrated Universal Search

There are a lot of great shows and movies on Fetch, which may make finding what you want to watch a challenge. Never fear – the Universal Search function is here to help. Simply type in what you’re looking for, whether that be a movie, TV show, cast or crew info, or even a quote like “I’ll be back”, and Universal Search will search across Free-to-Air TV, streaming apps, recordings, the Fetch TV and Movie Stores, and more. If it’s out there, Universal Search will fetch it for you!

Just open the Fetch menu and select the magnifying glass at the top of the screen to start a new search.

Watch this video to see how Universal Search works.

TV Guide and Reverse Mode

If you’re more of a browser than a searcher, you’ll love the Fetch TV Guide. You can manage your favourite channels for easy access, with shortcuts to shows and recording options^. The handy Reverse mode will help make sure you don’t miss any episodes – it lets you go backwards up to 24 hours and catch up on select shows.

Hit the TV Guide button on your Fetch remote to have a look.

Watch this video to learn more about the TV Guide.

^Recording options available for Fetch Mighty boxes only.

Amazon Prime Video

Enjoy Amazon Prime Video on your TV with Fetch* and watch exclusive Amazon Originals and popular movies and TV shows. Amazon Prime Video sets itself apart from other streaming apps with its Prime Video X-Ray feature, which gives you instant access to cast information, featured music and more while you watch. No more wondering ‘What’s the name of that actor?’!

Check it out by selecting Apps > Prime Video on the Fetch menu.

*Amazon Prime Video membership required. If you don’t have a subscription, you can subscribe here.


Calling all lovers of British TV – BritBox is jam-packed with over 3000 hours of quality UK content across all the genres. We’re talking mysteries, histories, comedy, cookery, beloved classics, brand new shows and more! Enjoy hit titles such as Doctor Who, Spitting Image, The Office, Absolutely Fabulous, Appropriate Adult, Vera, Silent Witness, and Cracker & Lewis. New subscribers can even score a 7-day free trial!**

Check it out by selecting Apps > All > BritBox from the Fetch menu.

**BRITBOX subscription required. If you don’t have a subscription, you can subscribe here.

Info Bar

The Info Bar is your view into what you’re watching on Fetch. It gives you easy access to the runtime, classification and Closed Caption details for the show you’re watching, and you can check what’s coming up next by pressing the Info button again on your Fetch remote. You can also hit the blue button on your Fetch remote to see all available Actions, including Watch from Start, Favourite Channel, recording options^ and more.

To access the Info Bar, press the Info button on your Fetch remote.

Watch this video for more information on how to use the Info Bar.

^Recording options available for Fetch Mighty boxes only.

Can’t find these features? You may need to update your service. Simply restart your set top box by unplugging the power from the box and plugging it back in, turning off the power at the power outlet, or pressing the power button then the blue button on your Fetch remote.

Fetch Multiroom

With Multiroom, you can enjoy channels, movies, shows and recordings in up to 3 different rooms at the same time. Start watching a show or movie in the living room and finish it in your bedroom. You can even watch recordings from a Mighty or Gen 2 Fetch box on a Mini that’s connected to your home network.

Learn more about Fetch Multiroom.

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