A new wave of NBN to hit this summer


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As we get closer to a brand new year, it’s nice to freshen things up: a fresh new summer wardrobe, fresh new jams on your iPod, and some fresh new NBN plans with your favourite RSP – iiNet!

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve launched brand new NBN plans in time for the release of new Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) and Fibre to the Node (FTTN) services around Australia. nbnTM has moved closer to their goalpost of 8 million premises connected to the nbn network by 2020, by launching commercial FTTN and FTTB.

What are FTTB and FTTN?

If you’ve not yet seen our awesome explanatory videos on the different connection types, let me give you the lowdown on FTTN and FTTB. These two technology types connect you to the nbn network by taking advantage of the existing copper network.

For FTTN, the nbn fibre terminates at a node in your street, and then connects to the different residences in the area using the copper network. FTTB applies to multi-story buildings; the nbn fibre terminates at the basement of a building, and then connects to each room on each floor using the copper network.

FTTB and FFTN are faster to deploy than Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology, which involves running fibre direct to each residence individually. It’s faster because less equipment requires replacing; FTTP involves the complete removal and replacement of the old copper network. It’s also quick to sign up for FTTB and FTTN with your chosen RSP – like iiNet.

Our new plans

With nbn rolling out to a node or basement near you faster than ever, you’re going to need a great value plan to get you signed up straight away. That’s why we’ve given our residential nbn plans a big shake up so we can get you connected to all that nbn goodness with our best value yet. Click here to view or new and improved nbn plans

To add to the great value, all of our new plans have netphone included and include local and standard national calls.  We’d also like to make you aware that, as with any internet connection, speed for FTTN and FTTB can still be affected by various factors such as: distance from your premises to the node, the quality of the copper to your premises and the number of users on the network. To see a full list of T&Cs for nbn, click here.

With so many hot new plans to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect one for your budget and usage habits in time for the nbn to roll out in your area.

To see where your exact location stands in the NBN rollout process, check out the NBN Coverage Checker. This will let you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built or are in stages of preparation or construction. Make sure to register your interest on the NBN Wait List and check out iinet’s NBN plans to be ready to roll when the NBN hits your neighbourhood.


  1. Ian ROTHNIE says:


  2. Gary Flakheart says:

    Fibre to the node is such a cheap joke, Turnbull should be ashamed of himself. Since I have to wait another 5 years for NBN to get here to Mt Evelyn, I want a fast and clean connection (What LABOR promised me) and not the wet weather ridden, noisy, degenerated service that I have now.

    Recently as 2 months ago, Telstra spent a whole week replacing cables in our street and left. It rained that day and I am right back to the same old crap I’ve had for 8 years.

    If you think I am going to spend hours on the phone that I cannot afford, just to get ‘engineers’ down here to threaten to charge me for incorrect callout fees for what they should have fixed properly just once, then you have another thing coming!

    You have to use a megaphone to be able to hear each other properly. The AC hum deafens you, the words are at most time non-intelligble.

    So, I’m going be stuck with copper am i?? I’ve already got it. That’s not broadband, that’s a sick joke.

  3. jay artz says:

    When will the NBN satellite service be improved?, it is hopeless compared to adsl let alone NBN – rural Australia is being let down.
    Why send “fantastic” NBN news to me?, it is aggravating when you know I will not be able to get it.

  4. When will our area be on nbn?

  5. Alan Harris says:

    Hi to the good guys
    I live in a Human Services home and understand that we have a single Telstra box for all 50 or so homes. It seems a great place for Nbn to the basement as we are withing 800m of the Telstra exchange. Please check the location out as many have crap wifi access. but I am on adsl2+ and download at 1.7Mb/sec. Please let me know

    Alan Harris 6-10 Service st sale.

  6. S. Moloney says:

    Your nbn plans are totally useless for me. I need a lite plan of 10 or 20GB.

  7. John Mason says:

    Why send this email to street addresses that aren’t even on the NBN radar? Are you trying to be cruel? I will just have to make do with my blistering 2.36Mbps ADSL2+ connection for a few more years. NBN yeh right.

  8. Noel Clissold says:

    2 weeks waiting for my void phone number to come over from adsl to nbn
    Still waiting not good enough
    Can’t tell me when l will have y number back
    Not good enough
    Service sucks at the momen

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      If you’ve arranged to keep your existing Home Phone number Noel, the Local Number Porting process can take awhile to complete.

      We’d recommend getting in touch with our Support (13 22 58) team for an update on your Netphone (VoIP) service. A Customer Service Representative will be able to look up your account and provide the latest update. Don’t hesitate to raise any concerns you have regarding the performance of your connection within your next interaction.

      – Brianna

  9. Bill Manson says:

    When does NBN come to 4218?

  10. rannia says:

    I finally know what all those INITIALS mean !
    Starting with HTTP
    RSP ? R?Service Provider.
    Resident ?
    Respectable ?
    Right-On ?

  11. Cyber Trekker says:

    Australia, as usual, is a substantially disappointing nation of which is pathologically bent on always taking the cheapest option out on anything and everything it develops as a nation.

    Notwithstanding what anyone says, combining two or more radically different technologies like copper wire and optical fibre can never, never impart the fastest, the best or a quality experience. Not only this, why is Australia so inept that as a nation and as decision-makers it can’t be seen or taken into consideration that by so proceeding it only creates problems for the future to be dealt with and becomes the more expensive option in the long-term? Simplistic reasoning and approaches provide simplistic results.

    Insofar as combining two radically different technologies in what is nothing other than a hybrid creation, similar to the hybridisation by the genetic combining of two radically different species of living beings, precipitates something else and in this instance of copper wire and optical fibre the problem will always be with the lowest denominator in the copper wire technology as the transfer is made from traversing the optical fibre.

    Grow up Australia, as your choices are often madness and counterproductive to the end result as well as the experience of the citizenry. Grow some balls Australia. Learn to be different to the rest of the world and to do things differently, not be overly influenced by the rest of the world or to be brainwashed by world bodies and other nations. Don’t lean so much on other nations, learn to do things yourself and to create in your own nation with its services staying in this nation for the benefit of this nation. In other words, learn to develop properly instead of from political and business expediency

  12. phyllis pearce says:

    thankyou but at my age all this seems a little to complacated for me. phyllis

  13. edith says:

    Do you do a pensioner rate all I want is a cheaper system. Also can you explain it so an older person understands

  14. beverly says:

    what does this new network do for people only on wireless connection, we are not connected to any grid, electrical or communications. bev

  15. Dave says:

    Your New Services…. Yes there are Bundles and bundles..From my point of view There is too much information to Digest ( Absorb )or Comprehend ( understand, grasp, figure out, have a handle on or if you like put simply – follow ).. You do not make it easy…Have your support personnel liaised with your marketing people… because you have a rather large and age diverse consumer base..some of whom have a greater understanding of what you are trying to put across…Then again you have customers who …like me ..are totally confused with the layout of your advertising.(..arrangement, design ) Would you consider arranging a forum with a group of aging prospective consumers to ascertain ( make certain ) if that segment of people can actually make any sense of the considerable amount of information you have presented? From my point of view the information is very much similar to a resturants mixed grill

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Great idea, Dave.

      We’ve been attempting to combat confusion by creating our series of NBN FAQ videos, we’d recommend checking them out:
      Our Support (13 22 58) team are also available to explain the process and answer any queries you have.

      We’ll be sure to announce if any forums or seminars are available in future!

      – Brianna

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Great idea, Dave.

      We’ve been attempting to combat confusion by creating our series of NBN FAQ videos, we’d recommend checking them out:
      Our Support (13 22 58) team are also available to explain the process and answer any queries you have.

      We’ll be sure to announce if any forums or seminars are available in future!

      – Brianna

  16. Anastasia Spathis says:

    All I can say and hope for is that with these constant promotions and constant offers that we finally get an acceptable speed for our NBN satellite. The worse connection and speed I have ever experienced.

  17. Eric Billingham says:

    All this technology sounds wonderful, but it goes way over the heads of oldies like me who are still trying to come to terms with mobile phones. How on earth can we be expected to make sense of all that is offered without intense coaching?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We can certainly appreciate the new technology can be quite overwhelming, Eric.
      Consequently, we’ve created a number of videos that should provide some clarity on any grey areas. Take a look at our NBN FAQ series here:

      You can also give our Support (13 22 58) team a buzz and a Customer Service Representative will be able to explain and address any concerns you may have.

      – Brianna

  18. Bill Artingstall says:

    I am a resident in a rural community. They wont be running cables out to my residence,so how will I be connected to the nbn network.

  19. Terrence La Franchi says:

    All sounds good for the city, but bad news for country users who have SUPER SLOW satellite, even give up waiting for Westnet to load to check my usage, very disappointing.

  20. Lyn says:

    Your new plans are great if you live in a big city – but being on the outskirts of a small rural town on acreage and having to have Satelite NBN because we have no wifi or ADSL – we have had to put up with spasmodic connections – very low speeds (less than dial up in a lot of instances) and exorbitant monthly prices!!!! When are we going to get a good deal????

  21. Paul Brock says:

    Be aware that the statement about the new NBN is faster may relate only to the installation of the hardware and not the actual speed that you pay for.

  22. Ann McCosker says:

    These new plans are not much use to those of us in the country where the only way we get NBN is via satellite. This is just a bit faster than dial-up, but at least we are connected to the world.
    PS Telstra reckoned they could help with NBN without using a satellite – they couldn’t!!

  23. Colleen Sampson says:

    When will the country customers get a better deal. We have two way satellite and only get 20 GB for $49.95 and it is a very slow NBN.
    How about re doing our plans. We cannot even download a movie. It suxs

  24. Stephen Connell says:

    “t’s faster because less equipment requires replacing; FTTP involves the complete removal and replacement of the old copper network”

    BUT.”speed for FTTN and FTTB can still be affected by various factors such as: distance from your premises to the node, the quality of the copper to your premises”

    So,we have a 21st Century tech married with archaic copper wire dating back decades and primarily designed for voice communication not the internet of things.
    Thus would appear to be a recipe for problems and a half baked bad a National Broadband network..

  25. Clarrie Price says:

    I’m in an N B N wireless area, do I have to have a phone through Skype or can I have a line for my computer only as I prefer to use a mobile phone.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      NBN services do not require an active phone service, Clarrie.
      (So you can stick to your mobile phone if you’d prefer)

      We’re currently issuing a Netphone service with each of our NBN plans, should you wish to use it. A Netphone will allow you to make calls via your internet connection, more information on our Netphone service is available here:

      – Brianna

  26. Gilles says:

    Ive been with IInet for 10 years but seing the new NBN plan (expensive 100/40), I certainly change IPS.
    Im in 6vic 09 and should be connected in the coming weeks.

  27. Nicki says:

    I’m rapt with my new NBN Service via my ISP Westnet (whom I have been with for 10+ years for internet/email).

    I live in a rural area. Before, we only had ADSL 1 or Satellite options. It was really slow LOL.

    I decided to change and give Westnet all of my communications business. Cost was a huge factor and Telstra, despite having been with them for 45 years + really peed me off with landline, mobile and call charge increases.

    The NBN man was wonderful. There were some hiccups during the switch over which took 3 weeks and were mainly caused by Telstra. The support staff at Westnet were great. At one stage, I became quite frantic. Their patience/response/instructions were fantastic. The account was a mess but all Credits were organised.

    The plan/speed I am on now suits me. I have heaps of GBs, can make local, national and mobile calls included for half of what I was previously paying. FYI Even in the same town, if your exchange prefix is different, the calls were timed.

    As a pensioner, I became isolated and very cautious with making calls. Now I am talking to people again. My Account shows me how much money I have saved. Skype also works well.

    Some comments above are valid but please learn the difference between NBN and your ISP. Yes, our technology may not be as sophisticated as other Countries but for this old duck, what is happening now is a huge improvement.

    Rock on Westnet and thank you NBN.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We appreciate the shout out, Nicki :)

      Couldn’t be more pleased to hear that you’re satisfied with your NBN service and how it has encouraged you to get back in touch with others.

      – Brianna

  28. Lucky Blue says:

    The current iiNet service meets my needs, at least when it is working. So, the greater speeds offered by NBN have no benefit to me, and I see no plans for NBN in my area anyway.
    My area is suburban Perth, medium density residential. When Telstra technicians come out to (pretend to) fix faults they all say the copper network is in poor condition. Perhaps NBN could be scheduled for areas like mine, or perhaps Telstra could be required to provide the service it charges for.
    As it is when there are disconnections, iiNet require long waits on or by the phone, there is a rigmarole of standard irrelevant questions, and I get asked if I want a technician who will charge if a fault with my equipment is found. Well, when that happened no fault with my equipment was found and I still got a bill. I have even spent a few hundred dollars for contractors to check and certify my equipment and house telecom wiring. Then Telstra techs make several visits before the fault is fixed, temporarily.
    Seems to me that iiNet is weak in facing up to the bully, maybe now iiNet is part of a substantial group this can improve.

  29. Dieter says:

    You realise that continually advertising about future NBN to those that dont have it, but have Telstra cable in the street that will go to 119mbps (theoretical), you are just convincing them that perhaps they should be switching to telsta cable? I wont have NBN in my street for at least the next 5 years, but I can have nearly 120mbps today with Telstra. Are you sure iinet want to keep sprouting about NBN in areas where it is not available?

    Perhaps you should get your customer database organised, and selectively email out tho those areas where they have an iinet connection, and are IN a NBN serviced area

  30. Zig Cioron says:

    FTTN is like giving someone a laxative(NBN), then sticking a cork (copper wire) up their backside.
    And by the time the cables are laid in my area, Richard Branson will have his broadband satellites up and running. I might go with that.

  31. John says:

    I am really tired of all this NBN promotion. I’ve registered to be kept informed and there has been no news. Check on the coverage map and there’s nothing in the pipeline for the Geeveston exchange. However….in the last month an NBN tower has sprung up on the hill next to me (probably less than 200 m). Despite the tower being there nobody seems to be able to tell me when it is likely to go live. At least I have reasonable ADSL coverage at the moment – I feel really sorry for those who have to rely on satellite.

  32. Adrian says:

    You say new NBN plans, but you still haven’t made new plans for NBN Wireless? you should either be more specific, NBN Fibre or upgrade NBN Wireless plans too

  33. Martin Thomson says:

    I live in a Telstra Velocity only area. Waiting for Telstra connection since August. Can I get NBN Wifi, as it is servicing the adjacent area?

  34. Gilles says:

    I should get NBN in a few weeks and will certainely leave iinet.
    These new plans are useless for me.
    I don’t need 1000Gb! What I want is speed 100/40 for a good price and I don’t see anything like that.

  35. Jim says:

    I would think you need to make clear that Netflix no longer in freezone with the new plans. Thanks to CS officer who told me before I switched.

    I was hoping for some better value plans since the TPG acquisition, but no luck… same prices for very similar to the old products… for same money from tpg i would get no quota and mobile + international… will remain for now, but a bit disappointed.

  36. Tim says:

    Your new plans look exactly the same as the old ones. What has changed?

    Also, there is no differentiation between FTTP and FTTN plans. Do you have a differentiation? Are you saying that you expect 100Mbps to be available on FTTN connections?

  37. Patrick Williams says:

    I had heard that fibre optic cable had reached Snug Tasmania 7054 but as never taken to the next stage. As a ADSL+ customer of yours and just missing the tower behind me i am really in need of more speed. As a photographer i need the speed for power hungry editing tools like Photoshop, Lightroom and separate add ons all running at the same time. It is very frustrating for me daily. Patrick Williams

  38. GrumbleBum says:

    I`ll be dead and buried by the time NBN comes to my place,i guess ADSL2+ is better than nothing

  39. Roland says:

    The network is as weak as the weakest link. For NBN, it is the copper network.

  40. Vlad says:

    Today (9 Dec) I received iiNet email advertising new NBN services and plans. The bottom part of the email has trivia style info about “the new Sky Muster being used for NBN Satellite for regional areas”, yet this info appears to be completely out of place? The new plans and iiNet Web have nothing that I could find about NBN Sattelite, my NBN coverage page (no NBN planned) says nothing about any satellite plan alternative. Why include trivia about the satellite as a part of new NBN plans emails? Confusing.

  41. Dee says:

    New summer NBN Plans???
    These are exactly the same plans as before and still no Unimited..
    TPG, your new owners have such better cheaper plans with unlimited.
    I regret signing up on contract. These plans offer me nothing! I get the same speed on my ADSL2 for the same price.. Without having to pay extra for more connection fees..
    Keep your plans they’re a joke..

  42. Noel says:

    Finally got my voip service up and running.
    Only problem had to get a new number because some inept person cancelled it instead of transferring to nbn.
    Had that phone number for 10 years, not anymore. thanks iinet

  43. Paul Rawlings says:

    I don’t know why you keep on sending me these emails about the NBN nothing is new or even exciting. The only people getting NBN connections in our area are the new massive apartment buildings. I expect I will be long dead before it reaches us. Paul

  44. gary says:

    Where are the new plans? The link only goes to the same old ones that iinet has had since nbn was introduced.

  45. Allen Callaghan says:

    I have not noticed any great improvement in our iinet service since the installation of NBN. The service was always good but I find dropouts more frequent. Also, PLEASE enforce that the installers (many of whom I suspect are cowboys) put the NBN box higher up the wall so that older customers don’t have to lie underneath it with a mirror and torch to get at the sockets and that the box is installed ON ITS SIDE so the sockets can be both read and reached…. Allen Callaghan ex powerup ex Ozemail ex AOL now iinet how long before TPG?

  46. Robert says:

    Cheapest NBN plan $60, bye bye iinet.

  47. Dot says:

    Will I be reimbursed if I sign up to a 100Mbps plan, but Turnbull’s copper NBN doesn’t deliver the performance like fibre to the home would have?

    I know the plans say ‘up to,’ but where is the cutoff? If the connection only performs at half the advertised speed, is that considered acceptable?

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Dot,

      While we will always endeavour to deliver the fastest speeds possible on your line, ultimately NBN services are delivered ‘best effort’ and we are unable to make speed assurances. In the situation where the line fails to reach the target plan you’ve signed up to, we would recommend switching to a lower plan reflective of the line’s capabilities.

      Our support team will of course always be around to do everything within their power to maximise your speeds.

      – Christian

  48. Kerri says:

    Thank you iinet !! we are rural – I can’t believe I have NBN that works !! it is soo good after years of crapy satellite – (we had expensive slow… satellite and ADSL is still unavailable) – we don’t even have Mob service at our house! I feel so privileged, good this do eventually come to those who wait !!

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Appreciate the positive feedback, Kerri.
      So glad to hear that you’re satisfied with the performance of your NBN service.

      – Brianna

  49. It seems to me that mentioning something that has been promised in 3 years and is checked in 3 years and it is still 3 years off. Multiple times. And during these 3 year promises you are told you’ll get the gold level, nope, silver level, nope, silver half way, copper the rest of the way and then when your expecting a email saying. It’s just too expensive (the normal Aussie excuse on everything) we are sticking with decade old copper in you area. We get a chipper email from you touting the grandness of NBN. Which we already know means Nothing But Nothing. But you doing that is like poking us with a sharp stick. Then you let us talk about it on an open forum. Well you see what happens when you brag about a project that is steadily crashing and burning. A bunch of pissed off people. It was less agravating before we knew it was all smoke and mirrors.

  50. Vlad says:

    Could you please respond to my inquiry re “the new Sky Muster being used for NBN Satellite for regional areas” from your last mailing? Where is it leading to – I found no follow up of any kind on iiNet Web.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Apologies for any confusion, Vlad.

      NBN currently have a cease sale on all NBN Satellite services. The launch of the new satellites should both assist with the performance of existing services and allow service providers to re-commence sale. The satellites are not live as of yet, however we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any progress in future.

      – Brianna

  51. John Nelson says:

    I am sick and tired of waiting for this so called miracle service they call NBN. We seem to be the last on the line. Not good enough. we have had to put up with snail pace download speeds for the whole time that I have had a computer and been connected to the Internet (since 2001)

  52. Peter Sluyter says:

    Are you now able to provide NBN in 4115 or is your NBN area checker still faulty

  53. Corrinne Hills says:

    Our phone hasn’t worked for months. Says check phone line. .?

  54. Ray Forma says:

    When my POTS telephone line recently failed completely the technician came after 10 days to fix the street cable. When I asked how the copper network was faring in our suburb that is close to the sea, the reply was “Copper network? Around here it’s mainly copper carbonate and copper oxide, but I have managed to find you a line that has some remaining copper. I’m busy fixing 4 joints in that line.”
    Looks like taxpayers were ripped off by Telstra when they sold the ‘copper’ network to NBN for 11 million. Talk about selling a pup! Good for Telstra shareholders.